Peter and Brian in 'Rabbitbusters'

In this Seth Macfarlane cartoon adaption of 'The Cruse Of The Were-Rabbit', Wallace (Peter Griffin) and Gromit (Brian Griffin) are busier than ever with the many loose rabbits roaming around the town with the town's Vegetable Competition. But things get even messier when a giant were-rabbit appear.
Can Wallace and Gromit find the beast and sovle the mystery? Or will everything have to fall into the hands of hunter Victor Quartermaine (Carter Pewterschmidt)?


3. C-C-C-Changes

Gromit was busy, preparing breakfast for the rabbits he and Wallace had caught in the last couple of years. He would give them cabbage, lettuce and broccoli.
   When he had finished, Gromit was about to put the kettle on, but a rabbit with glasses called Steve popped out and escaped! “I just wanted a change from vegetables!” he cried.
   Then Gromit turned around and see what was making the noise in the bread bin. It was three rabbits called Snot, Toshi and Barry. They threw bread at Gromit before he could pick them up and went to the fridge.
   An angry Gromit caught a net and opened the fridge to find... no food and no rabbits. Then he turned to the door and everything fell on him, mostly dozen of rabbits. Luckily, Gromit caught all of them.
   "It's boring down there!" explained Snot.
   "Especially with Barry's farts," Toshi moaned in Japanese.
   "We haven't had so much fun since you locked us up!" joined in a rabbit called Jeff.
   Gromit threw the rabbits back down the chute. "Well, you've had your fun. Now stay there! Where the hell are those rabbit toys I've ordered?"
   Then he got a call from his screen. He pressed a button on the tea pot lid. "Hi, Jasmit.”
   "Hello, Gromit," smiled his gay cousin Jasmit. "I'm just calling about those toys you've ordered. They’re still three weeks behind. There's nothing I can do about it. You're better off buying the cheap toys from the pet shop."
   Gromit sighed. "All right, cancel it. I'm going to do what you suggested. Thank you, Jasmit. Bye."
   He switched the screen off and the breakfast menu rang from Wallace from his bedroom.
   "Hope you've got me a good breakfast after that long night, Gromit?" he called.
   "I sure have," Gromit called back, as he pulled down the lever.
   Wallace came down through the whole... Well, his feet were hanging from the ceiling. Gromit knew what he had to do now – pull the assistant lever Wallace invented to slam a hammer on Wallace's head and make him land on his chair. The dresser robots arrived to dress him up.
   "Boy, how is that hole getting smaller?" Wallace asked.
   "Maybe because your tummy is getting bigger," the Dresser Robot Mark 1 chuckled.
   "Piss off, you bolt brains!" ordered a hurt Wallace. "How are the inmates, Gromit? Must be getting a bit full down there."
   "And a little bored," sighed Gromit, hearing his master's stomach rumbling.
   "Now for a big plate of... vegetables and a glass of water," Wallace said. "Got me again, Gromit... on the diet."
   "Yep," Gromit said, proud of himself.
   Wallace was about to taste his first spring onion, when – "Say, Gromit, how's your prize marrow coming on? It's been almost a year since you grown it."
   Wallace had never asked that before so Gromit knew he was being suspicious, but he went out anyway. Wallace smiled at his selfish gain.

Like Wallace said, Gromit had been growing his marrow for almost a year. It had grown so big that he was sure to win the Giant Vegetable Completion this year. He had tried before with a giant carrot, a giant cauliflower and a giant pumpkin, but he always came in second.
   Well, this year he was sure to be first. As he tended to his marrow, he heard Wallace screaming. He knew what that meant – Wallace had discovered the secret cabinet where he hid the beer and curry he was trying to hide from Wallace.
   Gromit slowly finished his marrow so it up-to-date and he helped Wallace released his hand from the foothold trap from the curry pot.
   "You caught me red-handed, Officer," chuckled Wallace.
   Gromit was not happy. "I guess you're smarter than I thought.”
   "I'm sorry, Gromit," sighed Wallace. "I know you're doing this for my own good but I just can't live without curry and beer. Beer's been a part of me ever since the first day I was born; it's not like prehistoric times when beers weren't invented."
   "So is global warming and climate change when I was born, but I still recycle and save energy trying to make it like the world healthier like it used to be!" protested Gromit.
   "Look, if I have to change, at least let me do it my way: With technology!" Wallace pressed a button on the table and out from the ceiling came down a glass helmet. He put it on his head.
   "This is my latest invention – the Mind Manipulation-O-Matic!" he told Gromit. "This will be my first test and what better way to test than on the actual inventor himself? This will end my beer habit."
   "Er, Wallace, I'm not sure – "
   "What part of ‘let me change my ways myself’ did you not understand?" warned Wallace.
   "Fine," a defeated Gromit sighed. 
   But before he could even start, the phone rang. "Anti-Pesto here. Be quick because we're very busy."
   "Ah, yes, this is Lady Tottingham of Tottingham Hall," said a posh female voice. "I have a little a major infestation at my mansion. You have to do something."
   "Certainly, Ma'am," smiled Wallace. "Just stay where you are, Your Ladyship, and we will be with you in an – aaaaaaaaaahhhh!" He screamed as he pressed the button to return the Mind Manipulation-O-Matic back to the ceiling and him with it.
   "In an hour?" the Lady asked on the phone. "I can't wait in an hour. I have a waxing appointment in an hour."

Wallace and Gromit went to their bedrooms and entered through their walls down a chute. They were spanned around while their hats were put on. Then they went further down and they grabbed their cups of tea. They were flipped over in to the air – Wallace finally slipped into his uniform – and then they landed into the car seats. They toast their cups of teas and drank them, while the seats were being pushed up into the Anti-Pesto van. The garage doors opened and the duo set off for Tottingham Hall.
   It wasn't far from their home to Tottingham Hall. Wallace was impressed by the look of their mansion. "Very classy!" he exclaimed. "Just the sort of client we should have, don't you think, lad?"
   "Well, our other clients are paying good money," said Gromit. "Just because she's rich doesn't mean we should be classist."
   "Oh, no, I don't mean that," said Wallace. "I meant we should get her on our client list and – Oh, you know. Forget it."
   Gromit parked the van outside the mansion and he and Wallace saw something they have never seen in all of their careers – a whole garden of wild rabbits.
   "They must be breeding like, well, the most populated countries!" exclaimed Wallace.
   "So what are you going to do about it?" asked a rabbit called Stan. "Get rid of us? Like that Lady's bastard boyfriend!"
   "No, something much worse than that!" yelled Gromit. He and Wallace went to the van and the van unleashed a brand new invention – a giant glass dome with a long pipe that goes into the ground.
   "Say hello to my new invention – the Bun-Vac 6000!" Wallace told the rabbits.
   "What happened to the other 5999 versions?" asked a rabbit called Francine.
   "They couldn’t catch enough rabbits," a rabbit called Sanders chuckled.
   Wallace inserted the pipe in the ground and he started the invention. The rabbits felt like they were going to get stuck already.
   "Let's go!" ordered the leader called Bullock. So they did, but not very far. They were all snuck into their rabbit holes, through the long and dark tunnels and they were hovering in the air.
   "Are we in heaven?" asked Dick.
   "I hate to ruin it, but we're in the machine," Hayley said. And she was right. The rabbits were in the Bun-Vac 6000.
   More rabbits kept coming and coming, when a very large one was coming under the surface off the grass and leaving a large tunnel behind it. It got stuck in the nozzle. "I should've used a bigger nozzle," thought Wallace to himself.
   "Ah, Anti-Pesto, you're here and working already," greeted a posh voice. Wallace turned around and saw the lovely and beautiful Lady Tottingham who just came from the back garden. She came forward and Wallace got ready for a kiss, but she went to the rabbits. "You're safe, my darlings!"
   "The Bun-Vac 6000!" explained Wallace. "The machine that catches rabbits and not beat the crap out of them. It's capable 125 rpm; that's rabbits per minutes."
   "Are you nearly finished, Mr – "
   "Wallace and yes, we're nearly finished. Hoist this one up, Gromit!"
   Gromit hoisted the pipe up and saw that under the nozzle wasn't the body of a rabbit, but the body of a human being, wearing posh muddy clothes. Gromit realised him and the man fell down with his handsome face with a black moustache and a bald head.
   "Victor! Stop prating about in the mud and look at the bloody marvellous work Anti-Pesto has done," said Lady Tottingham.
   "You call this machine marvellous?" Victor Quartermaine yelled. "I just came to shoot these fluffy bastards to Bunny Hell and I get suffocated by this stupid contraption! Besides, you caught them, but it doesn't stop there. How are you going to finish them off? Poison them? Drown them? Bash them on the head? Got any chloroform?"
   "Hey, just a minute, male version of Cruella De Vil!" exclaimed Gromit. "We don't work like that."
   "Well, then, your company isn't doing so well as mine – Quartermaine's Pest Free World. No pests, no diseases. Just happiness for people." He showed Anti-Pesto his business card with a picture of himself with hair.
   "You're not the owner, are you?" Wallace and Gromit chuckled at this joke.
   "Enough of this. I want..." Victor saw Lady Tottingham, who gave him a "be nice" look. "Toupee please."
   "Sure, that'll be £500, please," smiled Wallace.
   "No, toupee, you arsehead!" yelled Victor. "My hair is in your machine."
   "Then maybe you should keep him in the cage and not let him escape," suggested Wallace.  
   "Allow me!" shouted Victor, pushing Wallace out of the way. He found something black and put it on his head. "I'm sorry, Companula, but I can't take any more of this shit from these idiots. I bid you good day. Come on, Philip!"
   "Yes, sir, Victor, sir," reported his Miniature Bull Terrier called Philip, who was holding the gun in his mouth.
   Wallace tried to point that Victor had actually put a bat on his bald head, but he and Philip walked away.
   Anti-Pesto packed up everything and was getting ready to leave.
   "Thanks for clearing my mansion of rabbits, Mr. Wallace," praised Lady Tottingham. "What will you do with them?"
   "It's a business secret, but they won't come to any harm," promised Wallace.
  "Well, I'd let them run around if it weren't for the completion," smiled Lady Tottingham. "But they do love their vegetables and you can't kick that out of their systems, can you?"
   "No," agreed Wallace. Then he had an idea. "Or can something else do that for you, if not yourself?" Gromit didn't answered and Anti-Pesto drove off.

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