Youve changed

A girl named Ella has been traveling around the world years with thier parents and drifted away from her child hood friend calum hood


5. the party

Ella's P.O.V

As the party started to get crowded me and Maya went and got ready I curled my hiar and maya straightens hers her hiar is naturally curly and we done our makeup I had foundation eyeliner mascara and red lipstick and Maya's makeup was pink lipstick blush and mascara we both have different tastes she's girly girl and I don't even know what I am when we were ready we walked down stiars not forgetting to lock me and cals room when we got to the bottom of the stiars the dj was there and the music blasted tiny tempa people were requesting songs I walked into the kitchen to get a drink then found a plastic cup on the table top I drank it and felt my back being tapped I turned around it was a guy with green hiar "um that's my drink". He said oh god this was embarrassing "um god I'm sorry" as I saw calum in the corner of my eye making out with someone I felt a little jelouse I don't even know why we were best friends but damn I'm not gonna lie he has gotten really sexy I turned around to the guy that stood in front of me that I stole his drink I asked him "do you wanna dance with me" he chuckled "I can't dance" he siad "I'll teach you c'mon" I dragged him to the dance floor and grabbed his hand and put it on my wiast and started grinding on him he got the hang of it and shouted through the music "IM MICHAEL BY THE WAY" "IM ELLA" I shouted then I dragged him to the pool and started to get to know him I saw calum coming I grabbed Michael and started kissing him then calum came over he looked pissed " WHAT THE FUCK MICHAEL" I turned around and in a click Michael was on the floor and calum was punching him I quickly grabbed calum of Michael before people would crowd "Calum what the hell man she kissed me"

Luke's P.O.V

I was walking out of the kitchen into the living room and saw a girl she had brown wavy hiar and we were nearly wearing the same clothes but she had a twenty one pilots tee and I had a nirvana tee we both had black jeans on and both had red shirts but different shoes she was swaying to the music in the Chiar I walked over to her and siad "hey what's a pretty girl like you doing doing at a party alone" she giggled damn her giggle was cute "I'm here with my brother we had to spend more time together nod he dragged me here" she siad glaring into my eyes I pulled out a Chiar and sat it in front of her "I'm Luke" I say while putting out her hand to shake "I'm Tia" she siad shaking my hand and giggling "why do you giggle so much" I say chuckling "I don't I'm just looking at something" she says making eye contact with what she was looking at I turned around to see a boy struggling to walk he looked so drunk "that's my brother" she siad "ughhhh" she said while groaning "what's rong" I siad turning around and looking at her "he was my ride" she siad "I can drive I only had one beer" I siad she smiled "would you mind driving me home now" she siad with a hopeful smile I replied grinning "yeah sure you'll have to give me directions tho" she held out her phone "I have a gps it's my brothers it has directions to my house " she siad we walked out carrying her brother and put him in the back seat of the car she put his seat belt on and hopped in the front with me and put her belt on

Skip car ride -------------------

When we got to her house I siad "do you want me to help carry your brother" she grinned "yeah thanks" she siad once we got him in her house I siad "we're is your parents" "they are on a business trip they left after me and my brother went to the party" she siad "oh"was all I could say I couldn't take it any longer I leaned in and kissed her she pulled away to catch her breath "um we only met you can't get me that easily but here's my number" she winked at me before writing down numbers on a white piece of paper I grinned she smiled wow she was flawless

Okay guys suggestions on this chapter and ideas more characters drama what do you guys want peace saoirse out

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