Youve changed

A girl named Ella has been traveling around the world years with thier parents and drifted away from her child hood friend calum hood


3. rumours

So it was the end of the day thankfully by tomorrow Calum will have hate ............wait that's not what I want for gods sake I'm meant to be his friend but we're is he I haven't saw him since lunch I heard someone crying in the toilets boys toilets it was Calum wait what's in his hand ...omg it's a razor o my god he's cutting I burst through the door he doesn't know I'm here I run over to him and take it of him and he said "wtf dude give me-" he looks up realising it's me "oh it's you what do you want" I gulp as he gets up pushing past me to the sink and wet a paper towel and wiping the blood of and a normal paper towel and dried it of "Look calum I'm so sorry I just was so angry at you and hate people steeping all over me like they used to" I say to him stepping beside him and leaning my side up against the wall he put his hand on my shoulder and gave me a puzzled look then squishing my face then wiping out something and put them on me it was awkward "um Calum" he looks at me and smiles "oh Ella I'm so sorry I never even realised it was you your hiar is straight you lost the glasses and have gotten taller I'm so glad your back" he said I took of the glasses and handed him them and gulped then said "um how long have you been um....ya know that"I pointed to his arm "oh am" he looked to the ground "since you left look I was going through a tuff time and then changed I hanged out with a group of guys don't get me rong there nice guys they tell me to stop doing it but I don't listen cause I haven't got you here" he said while looking up to me "oh do you have anywhere to live" I said while walking out he followed behind me and mumbled something "what I couldn't hear you" I said while putting I hand behind my ear "no" he says and looks to the ground "why" I asked "because my parents kicked me out for having tattoos and shit" he said looking up to me I smile and say to him while gripping his hand and running out the doors "WERE ARE WE GOING "he shouts "mine your going to stay with me"then I let go and we started walking then it started to rian I got my school bag and put it over my head and said to calum "yano if I get on your back with my school bag we won't get soaked" I smirked at him he then said "ok fine" I jump on his back with one arm around his neck and the other with my school bag over our heads then he starts running "were is your house" he says dropping me then I pouted and said "right here" I said pointing to my house and whipped out my keys unlocked the door "wow it's huge you live here by yourself" he said "yeah my parents are traveling I wanted to come meat you" I said while giving him a soft punch on the shoulder when I said the last part then his phone bleeps he looks at it with sad eyes then I ask "what's rong" then he said "who the hell is big c" I act like i don't know then he showed me the picture of Calum kissing maya "is that maya?" I ask him he nods and says " this must be photo shopped I have never in my life kissed maya"

Calum's P.O.V

What the hell I would never kiss maya and why is Ella acting so strange dose she know about this I feel like not even going to school anyway tomorrow's Friday so I'll just stay of yeah "um Ella I'm not going to school tomorrow and could you get me a towel and show me to my room "yeah sure no problem" she walks up the stairs and the opens a door then leads me into a room that has to doors also it has a kingsized bed there is no closet though it also has a lop top on a desk and a Chair that spins and a plasma TV with a play station three and a guitar then she walks over to a door then points to the right one and says "this one is the bathroom and this one"she says while opening the other door it was a wardrobe a walk in one "it's a wardrobe it's a little girly I know but every single room has one of those" she says while looking at me "it's ok but how did you know I play the bass" I say while walking over to the bass "I never it was just their and ... You play the bass?" Oh shit I never should've said that "well yeah but-" I get interrupted by Ella's phone bleeping she looks at it angry and says "two minutes" she runs out I look around the room it was cool I just need new clothes because I have none I walk over to my bed take my shoes of and my shirt because it was soaking and laid down Ella came back in and looked up and down me it was awkward "uh Ella I need clothes I have no money so I was wondering if I could borrow some" she looked at me and smiled then ran out of the room and came back with a Chiat and some clothes and boxers then said "wear there's for now then we'll do some online shopping and gave me them I smiled at her and she returned it and I walked into the bathroom and started changing into the clothes she gave me

Ella's P.O.V

My phone was ringing it was nial "sorry two minutes" I say while walking out of his room to down stairs then awnserd it and I said "What" he then said "oh just calling did you get the text was it good do you think everybody will hate him by tomorrow" I could feel him smirking through the phone then I said to him "yano what delete that text then say to everyone it was photo shopped and don't blow your cover or tell them It was me" I hanged up and walked up the stiars to Calum's room and he was shirtless I looked up and down his body I could feel the awkwardness then he broke the awkwardness and he broke it by saying "uh Ella I have no clothes and need money so could I borrow some" I smiled while running into my room grabbed a Chiar and some base ball shorts and jersey because I wear guys clothes sometimes it isint weird then I ran back to Calum's room and sat the Chiar beside his beside the computer and then through the clothes at him along with boxers and siad "here put these on for now and we can shop online then he goes before smiling I return it

Guys I don't know is this chapter awkward I don't know but comment 1 if you want them to be more than friends or comment 2 if you just want them to be friends but who ships cella like omg 😂 I need to work on better names till next time saoirse out xx

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