Youve changed

A girl named Ella has been traveling around the world years with thier parents and drifted away from her child hood friend calum hood


2. meeting calum

So today is the day I meet calum I run down the stairs in my mansion in Sydney it's just me no one else my mum is traveling with my dad and I'm the only child so anyways I ran down stairs and get a pop tart and walk to school as I was eating my poptart I came across a cat it looked Sick and hungry so I broke a edge of my poptart and it gulped it down then I started walking to school I finally got there bursted through the door and everybody looked at me then i walked into the office and some old lady with glasses said to me "are you lost" I replied "uh yeah I'm ugh Ella Jonson I'm new" then she handed me my locker combination and schedule " thank you" I said while walking out it was empty all I heard was crying I followed the noise it was a guy beating up another guy I ran over to them and pushed the guy of the other a shouted "WHAT THE FUCK" then I turned to the guy that was beating up the other the face was familiar it was Calum o my god "calum?" He looked at me confused "do I know you?" He said to me "it's Ella" I hugged him but he pushed me of him and said getting up in my face "look I don't know who you are and why your hugging me but the next time you do" he laughed then said "you won't wanna know" I gulped and watched him as he walked away I couldn't believe what has gotten into him he has tattoos and bullies people o my god. I walked up to my locker and put the combination in it and grabbed my books and headed to my first class science I was late I walked in while the teacher was talking and sat down beside a blonde dude and said "hi did I miss anything" he ducked so the teacher wouldn't spot us talking then he whispered " nah he just saying something about his wife cheated on him" then I chuckled and the teacher said "who was that" I gulped then looked around then another guy with blonde hair said "ah yeah it was me someone farted so I laughed" he sounded Irish then the teacher looked away and started talking and then the guy that covered for me whispered "I got ya" I then slightly smiled then the bell rang I got up then looked down to the floor and started walking and bumped into someone and looked up it was Calum he then said "look-" before he could say anything I said "if your gonna ignore me I suggest you don't know me I'm Ella Jonson your worst fucking nightmare"I said to him smiled then pushed him outta the way and started heading towards my locker I was so angry at calum we've been friends since birth and now he starts to ignore me now I was walking really fast to my locker and never seen the wall and I start to see my friend I always used to hang with before I started traveling maya she had long ginger hiar some freckles glasses and jeans and a shirt on I walked over to her her locker was right beside mine then I said "maya I've missed you so much" I ran up and hugged her "Ella is that you" she said she looked up at me because she was pretty short "yeah how've ya been girl" I said then she frowned and said "we'll I'm good now that your here please promise to never leave me and did you get lenses you suit them" she said I then smiled at her and unlocked my locker and said to her "what class do you have next I have let me check ummm history" she then looked at her paper and said "history we can sit next to each other" I then shut my locker and saw the blonde Irish guy walk up the hall and stop and said to me "hey Remember me wait I never caught your name again "it's ella" I say while putting out my hand for him to shake it and he did and said "I'm nail and I saw you were having trouble with Calum I can help you if you want" he said "oh yeah could you spread a rummer about him like text everyone in this school and put your name as like I don't know something like big c"I said and stared at him and he said "sure but what rummer" I then said to him "can you photo shop" he stared at me and chuckled "of course I can" great I walked away from him and head to class with maya

A/n guys tell me what you think I really don't know ideas in the comments luv y'all till next time saoirse out xx

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