Youve changed

A girl named Ella has been traveling around the world years with thier parents and drifted away from her child hood friend calum hood


4. getting ready for the party

Ella's P.O.V

I cleared things up about the rumours and stuff so yeah anyways "teegan" Calum shouts I run down stiars and he says "so I was thinking we should have a party it would be perfect since we live Alone which means no parents and your birthday is on Friday tomorrow" "I don't know calum I don't really do parties" I say "please I promise I'll stick by you but not all the time because ya know it's a party" he says with a smirk on his face when he said the last part "okay but we're are we gonna get the drink" I said while taking a seat on the couch Chanel surfing "I have a friend his names ashton he can get us some" Calum says sitting next to me watching me channel surf "okay I'll go get a dress or something later right now I'm a little tired" I say while placing my head on the arm of the chiar and my leg on Calum's lap "and I'll get a dj and shit but make sure to lock our bedroom doors" Calum says while taking out his phone surfing the web "why would we need to do that" I say with a hint of confusion in my voice "oh god you were serious when you said that you aren't a party girl" he says laughing I kick him and get up to get my dress I called my friend maya to come with me to the mall she has a great taste of fashion but never shows it

----------skip to mall-----------

When we got to the mall we passed a few shops we never go to but then maya gasped at some shop and dragged me in then walked to the shoe isle and said "so is there a dress code" "nope" I said "do you know what your looking for"she said looking at the heels "nope I said popping the "p" "this will be so much funn" she squealed and then picked up a pair of wedges and a pair of heels the heels were black but laced leaving a pattern in the middle and the pair of wedges were blue and cotton but had a circle strap at the side then she said "which ones" "don't you think we should look for an outfit first" I said while taking them out of her hands and setting them down "true" she said then grabbed my wrist and dragged me over to the tight knee high dresses and she picked out a red one with a bow in the middle and lace at the side a plian blue one and a black one with diamonds at the top she handed me them and I tried them on but I liked the black one better then I got a black leather jacket and the black heels that maya picked out for me and maya got a hot pink skirt flower top and a denim jacket with red heels when we Piad for our things and went out to the mall I got maya contacts and then we head to the food court and after we ate Maya's brother drove us home maya stayed the night this party might be good after all I thought

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