Youve changed

A girl named Ella has been traveling around the world years with thier parents and drifted away from her child hood friend calum hood


7. chapter six

Ella's P.O.V

I wake up to passes out bodies all over the place I have a really sore head and feel like I'm going to be sick I got up and threw up in the pool I stepped over all the bodies and walk into the kitchen I opened the cupboard and grabbed some aspirin and fill out a glass of water once I did I threw it in my mouth and swallowed it with water I then heard someone coming up behind me I quickly turned around and saw Calum "what happened last night" he said rubbing his head "well" I began "we had this massive party that's all I could remember" he nodded and said "is that aspirin?" He asked I nodded he came over and took one and swallowed it down his throat "I'm going to get a shower after that we can tidy up" I said running up to my room I tried opening the door but it was locked."shit" I mumbled I heard a chuckle behind me I turned around it was Calum he held the key in front of me smiling sarcastically I playfully punched him on the shoulder and grabbed the key and unlocked my door I started getting undressed and realised calum had just came in he never realised I was naked I then shouted "CALUM" he looked at me and then quickly covered his eyes "shit Ella I'm sorry I just need the key where'd you put it" he says I crouch and take the key out of my leather jacket that lay on the ground I stood up and gave it to calum he walked out quickly covering his eyes I roll my eyes and get out my lazy day outfit I picked out a over sized jumper that said 'thug pug' and some sweats with undies and got a towel and hopped into the shower and washed my hair then conditioned it and then washed my self and then turned of the shower and dried myself of I then Stuck on my clothes and brushed my hair and grabbed my towel and my dirty clothes and walked down stairs I put then into the washing machine and got a call I lifted up my phone and checked the caller if it was my mom I awnserd it with a "hello" she said "honey I need to get you a babie sitter I mean you live by your self and I already got one his name is jack and you can't say no now bye" before I could get a word in she ended the phone call I ran up to my room and dropped on my bed and sighed

A/n I updated yayyyyyyy anyway so how do you like this chapter? I mean I'm really tired this is the only time I can get writing and rn it's 1:19 Am and I'm trying my very best to update but I'm falling asleep so I guess I have to update the rest the morrow night bye and if you havnt already fan me and go check out my other books stay pretty byeeeeee

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