Youve changed

A girl named Ella has been traveling around the world years with thier parents and drifted away from her child hood friend calum hood


8. babie sitter

Calum's p.o.v

So we have to get a babie sitter until Ella's parents come back .today was the first time were gonna meet him and shit but I'm really pissed of that we have to.Ive been feeling a way like girls don't catch my eyes no I'm not gay it's just I think I have feelings for Ella I need to tell her. I walk into her room opening the door without knocking it looks like she's not in her room she's not there but her TV is on I walk over and sit on her bed I feel like I sat on a body it was Ella she was in her bra nothing else and had messy hair I then realise there is another person there I take a closer look to that person. ASHTON? She quickly shouts "WHAT THE HELL KNOCK BEFORE YOU COME IN" I quietly say "sorry" and ashton looks at me and says "hi" I say to him "umm ash can I speak to you" Ella has a confussed look on her face "you know ashton?" I nod and ask ash "so can I speak to you outsid" he then says "yeah um can I get my clothes on first?" He asks I walk out of the room and wait for him he quietly comes out "yeah" he says " what the hell are you doing are you dating my bestfriend?" I say "well I met her on the first day she came here but she dosn't wanna date and I don't like labelling things so basically were..fuck buddies" he says while walking down stairs "do you have any vegimite" I walk behind him then say "yeah it's in the cupboard" he nods wile getting it "thanks" I walk over to him and say "so this thing that's going on between you it like you can date other people" he takes a bite from his toast and says "well I am she's not" I start to feel mad "you don't own her you know" I say clenching my fists "not according to the rules she agreed to" he says while pulling a sheet of folded paper out of his back pocket I grab it while saying "lemme see that" I unfold the paper and start to read it

Rules you have to obey

1. Not allowed to date or have and sexual actions with anyone else.

2.look pretty always or else I have to stop seeing you.

3.not get jealouse if you see me with anyone else.

4.always call me daddy.

5. Workout and eat healthy.

6. Don't drink at parties

7.never tell anybody about us.

8, don't cuddle or get attached

9. Always agree with what I say

10. Always feel up for sex when I want to!

I couldn't believe what I just read he is using my best friend for a sex slave I can't believe he's my friend. "Get out NOW!" I shout grabbing him by the back of his shirt trailing him out of the kitchen out the door. "And never come back" I shut the door in his face and heard a voice behind me "hey" I turned around to see Ella I held up the sheet "really you following his rules?" She nodded "why?" She shrugged "so I couldn't get lonely and have sex with someone" I looked over to her she was looking at the floor I cupped my hand in her cheeks to lift her head up to look at me "your amazing and you don't need any boy in your life okay your amazing and you've got me..yano apart from that sex thing she nodded and minutes later we were cuddling watching movies then heard a knock at the door I got up to awnser it it was a boy with a brown quiff very pale he looked about 19/20 and had brown eyes he wore a blue top with a grey hoodie a pair of dark blue sweats and a pair of trainers "I'm your new babie sitter" and smiled

Hey guys I updated like I said hope you like this chapter and please like favourite and suggest things in the Simmental all of your comments make me smile ily guys stay prettie - saoirse🍕

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