what has cupid done

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26. chpater 25

''Misael i think everything was going great these pass days but we have a problem '' said jaid as we walked in school ''what up '' ''there is a snitch'' i stopped walking and look at him ''someone told jay we were doing business down there and i heard he coming to 'talk' to us and set things straight '' said jaid ''any second something can go down and we have to be ready tell the guys to have their little toys ready and if anything let me know '' i said he nodded and i walked in to the classroom expecting to find alaya but she wasn't there and it was late ''brook where als at '' i asked ''i don't know she left the house early today with Michael '' she said i took a deep breath ''yo when i was up in new York some one send some pictures to her you know who'' i asked sitting next to her ''of course it had to be that dumb as hoe '' she said ''who'' ''that Micaela bitch she been trying to get closer to alaya again'' said brook ''of course '' i said thinking about it did see someone that looked like her i guess it was her that little bitch she lucky i don't hit girls

''Ok lets get started Mr.Miller last time i checked that is not where u belong'' said mr brown i rolled my eyes and went back to my seat in front of Micaela ''cheater'' she said i rolled my eyes and ignored her '' Ms.espinal your late'' said mr brown and he finished writing down the do now ''im sorry just got to school'' she said and made her way to her seat turning around and looking at me ''hey baby''she said kissing my cheek ''hi didn't text me this morning missed the text'' i said ''sorry i was rushing i had to do something with michael'' ''so now he more importent''  ''no i didn't mean it like that'' ''finish your do now and open you text book to page 39 do problems 1-8 i will be walking around to check things''


Mr brown finished checking the work and walked up to the front of the class ''we have a been project coming up'' he started my phone started going off in my pocket and i turned it off right away it was jaid i got nervous mr brown kept talking about the project just when his door flew open and jaid came in ''man its going down right now'' he said raning outside everyone was confused and i ran out the class room ''Mr Miller you cant just walk out'' yelled mr brown after me but i didn't care i looked  back at him ''if u leave i will call the office'' ''man do what u gotta do'' i said walking out

Alaya p.o.v

Misael ran out leaving every one confused ''brook grab my bag and misaels'' i said standing up ''Alaya where are you going '' asked brook i walked out the class and followed Misael ''Misael '' i yelled after him he walked down the stairs and the whole crew and 2 other boys that didn't go to our school where there ''whats the situation '' asked Misael ''man they just let us know they saw them down the block '' said jaid i walked up to them ''whats going on why u walked out'' i asked making everyone look at me ''what are u doing here go back to class'' Misael said coldly just then there were gun shots and everyone got down ''the party is starting'' said jayden with a smirk the lod speaker came on and the school was on lock down ''lets go '' said Misael walking towards the front door ''im coming with you'' i said ''alaya go to class now'' he yelled the gun shot started again and Misael grabbed me getting down on the floor with me ''lets do this'' said jaid  they opened the front door and walked out Misael got in front of me and walked out me following him ''stay back'' he told me getting in front of all the guys and taking out a gun what is going on

''long time no see miller '' said some guy coming out of no where with 8 guys behind him all with guns ''what brings you up here'' said Misael ''well i was told u where messing around down south u trying to put me out of business '' said the boy shooting at the school cams with a smirk ''listen i just came to warn you next time i hear u around my bloke it aint gonna be pretty for you miller '' he said pointing his gun up at Misael i started breathing faster jaid and the crew lifted up their guns and so did the other boys it was like action movie  each side pointing at each other ''am i suppose to be scared of you '' said Misael moving closer to the guy ''up to you i warned you'' he said moving closet to Misael ''why don't handle this the old fashion way '' Misael said throwing his gun at jaid the guy smirked and threw his gun at a boy soon Misael and the gun started throwing punches at each other

Misael was on the floor the guy kept hitting him  and then he grabbed the gun and with a bloody lip he pointed the gun to  Misael ''any last words'' he said with a smirk i didn't know what to  do but i didn't think either i ran up gun pushing him making him miss the shot and his the school front door instead he was on the floor  jaid grabbed me Misael got up and started hitting him  over and over again after that everything was happening so fast all u heard where gun shots everywhere ''alaya get down '' yelled jaid as he kept shooting  ''jay we out the police coming '' said a boy all of them got in a black jeep ''this not over miller watch your back '' ''i'll be waiting jay '' said Misael cleaning his mouth and watching them drive off  i was so confused right now tears came down and i started crying

Misael hugged me ''man we out lets go'' said jaid getting in a car Misael got in and grabbed me sitting me onhis lap and we drove off ''mike go to the apartment man we have to call boss '' said Misael mike nodded and kept driving and Misael took out his phone calling someone ''u good''  asked jaid looking back at me i nodded and he smiled at me ''everything gonna be ok don't worry Misael will explain'' he said  we pulled up to the apartment Misael brought me homecoming night and everyone got off the car and walked inside Misael pulled me in the apartment

''jaid talk to the guys and fix thing i will be right back'' he said pulling me up the stairs with him we walked in to the main room and he locked the door behind him ''ok i know you confused and scared and im sorry bae i really am and i ill answer any question you have for me '' he said i sat down in the bed ''whats going on Misael whats all that about why that guy wanted to kill u '' i said looking at him ''look bae i been doing fucked up things when my dad left us my family was low on cash so i thought id get a job jaid told me about the business selling drugs and told me it left good money i thought i would do it for a couple months till thing in my house where better but i didn't stop like i plan once i saw all the money i didn't want to stop those guys are the second most powerful drug dealers we the frist and they been trying to take our business over but couple weeks back we started selling our material in their ~~territory to make business better and someone told him '' he said i was in shock

''i didn't want to lose you babe that's why i didn't tell u i didn't want to hurt you i didn't want you to get involved '' he said  stood quite and thought about what i was going to say ''look Misael im shocked right now i have mix emotions right now but one thing i know for sure is that i love you with all my heart and  i wouldn't leave you for nothing when i thought i was about to lose u back there i went crazy and i felt horrible' i said he came closer and hugged me ''im so sorry i involved u in this baby'' he said ''im not going to judge you baby and i just want you to know that starting today we in this together we ride together we die together im going to be your best friend your girlfriend  all together your girl is one of the realest nigga u will ever have bby and im staying right by your side '' i said  he smiled and crashed his lips against mines ''i love you i love you so much''he said in to the kiss

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