what has cupid done

people say opposite attrack


14. chpater 14

''honey wake up you are going to be late for school'' yelled my mom and she knocked on the door i rolled my eyes and got up i checked the time i got in the shower i really hated school if it wasn't for alaya i would have dropped out  i put on some black jeans and  a white v neck and walked down stairs ''Misael how is your little girlfriend are u still together or her name is on the list'' asked emely making me give her  a dirty look ''she is fine '' i said ''one month is the the longest you been with a girl what is she playing hard to get '' said emely laughing ''shut up you don't know know what your talking about '' i said ''come on don't think im stupid i know and i seen how u leave girls after you get what you want u have no heart '' she said i didn't say a word ''and alaya is going to be another name on the list another heartbroken girl you know for someone who cant stand dad u sure do act like him '' she said ''SHUT THE FUCK UP EMELY YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO BE IN MY BUSSINESS'' i yelled punching the wall she looked scared and backed up  ''you have no right to say no shit like that ever you don't know anything about me '' i kept yelling getting closer to her ''Misael calm down'' she said backing up ''do me a favor and from now on stay the fuck out my life '' i yelled pushing her out the way and walked away

''MISAEL BRYAN CADENA  COME HERE RIGHT NOW '' yelled my mom i rolled my eyes ''you young man have no right to talk to your sister that way'' she yelled ''listen mom no body told her to be up in my business '' i said and walked to the living room i heard my mom yell at her ''i know im sorry mom but you know its just this is the first time he been with a girl for so long and the first time we actually really met her i thought she was just another game i didn't know he would get so mad '' emely said to my mom ''em he had changed a lot lately he is gotten a lot better ad its all thanks to that girl i think you bother is in love for the first time'' said my mom i rolled my eyes and walked outside

i walked straight to class since i was already late and mad with what happen last thing i needed was to see people i sat in my seat in saw Micaela texting and there was  no sight of alaya where is she ? she didn't even text me like every morning ''hey where is als '' i asked ''is sprit week and she is with the girls doing cheers for every class they should be coming to us next '' she said back to me i nodded and turned around sinces mr.brown starting teaching

its been 40 minutes and alaya was still not in class we had 10 minutes left in here just then the door opened and the cheerleaders ran ''i'll take over mr brown '' said alaya she looked so cute with her cheerleader uniform ''hey guys ok so im alaya espinal and this is the cheer group''she said making the rest of the cheerleaders  scream ''after this please report to the auditorium for the start of sprit week '' she said again making the girls scream she smiled and they left

-                                                                                     -----------------------------

i sat in the front with the crew and brook every one was yelling and screaming when alaya walked on stage ''can i have your attention'' she said on the mic everyone stopped talking and looked at her

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