what has cupid done

people say opposite attrack


1. chpater 1

"baeee" yelled my twin sister Brooklyn '' no go away im mad at you'' I said Brooklyn was my twin  but wee are not identical twins plus she made it her job to not look like me she cut her hair and dyied it black mines is long and brownish blond my eyes are hazel just like my moms and brooks are light brown just like daddy which is funny since im daddy's girl and brook mommy's girl we both have caramel skin color " I said Im sorry so many times already '' she begged ''I was mad at her cuz she skipped twin  day to go out with her boyfriend how dare her what ever happen to sister before misters or how ever u say it ''u don't get it do u ? twin day Is our day the only thing we do together that  we both enjoy the only thing we don't fight about the only thing that keeps us together " I said ''well im sorry I didn't know it meant that much to you'' she said I rolled my eyes ''your unbelievable '' I said walking out the room and leaving her alone ''nana '' I yelled  she came right away '' where is mom'' ''she left hon'' I rolled my eyes why do I even try she is never around   and don't even get me started with dad I know he is the famous Israel ep Spanish rapper but come on cant u make a little time for your own kids would it killed you  ''honey your mom said to be ready for the new years party tonight'' said nana I nodded and walked to my room annoyed at everything right now 

walked downstairs only to find everyone but my father he promised he would be here I cant believe him how dare he lie to me again  he has broken so many promises If I put them all together it would cover up all this block and all the houses are huge you get the idea ''honey great you are ready '' said my mom I looked at Brooklyn  ''we have to stop doing this'' I said she nodded and laughed  we had the same dress on just different color ''mom where is dad'' I asked annoyed ''hon he couldn't make  it'' she said '' he never can'' I said and sat down

at the party

I was sitting on a couch on my phone while the party was going on I really hate these parties these rich people think they are better than anyone I rolled my eye and kept using my phone when I felt someone sit next to me I looked uo and saw the cuttes boy ever omg ''hey'' he said ''hey '' ''im misael'' ''im alaya nice to meet you '' I said and we started talking   before i knew it we were taking pictures and jokeing around  I had his number and he had mines and he was just fine  god

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