what has cupid done

people say opposite attrack


9. chapter 9

''i cant believe they left'' i said about to cry ''no no baby no tears 3 months go by fast they wil be back before u know it  but we are one whole week in the house alone think of all we can do '' she said ''um no we are going to be responsible adults anyways i have to go cheerleading partice '' i said grabbing my things ''wanna ride'' she asked i nodded but i know she just wanted an excuse to see carlos  he is in the foot ball team and they are particing today as well and off we went  ''you know those tights are why to tight on you'' she said ''they are the way they are don't blame  me '' i said ''mmjum they make your butt look nice tho ''  i started laughing ''eww why u looking at my butt weirdo '' i said hitting her making her laugh ''u go to partice way to sexy girl u gonna make those boys have a heart attack'' Brooklyn said

Misael p.o.v

''boy your lame what happen to '' said jaid making fun of me i rolled my eyes ''dude we have been only been dating for a week '' i said taking a drink of my beer i was like the crew in the hung up drinking and smoking i don't smoke but i drink now and then and right now they were making fun of me because i haven't had sex with alaya yet ''the old Misael didn't need more then a week u just needed a day '' he said i rolled my eyes ''oh no he lost his man card'' said luke looking in m y wallet ''man give me that and stop being stupid'' i said hitting him on the head making the guys laugh ''i heard luis had a party tonight we over there '' said Frankie we all looked at eachother ''hell yeah'' i said and high fived jaid taking a drink of my beer  i checked my phone for the 3 time and still no reply from alaya i texted her an hour and she normally responds right away ''aww what wrong your girlfriend is ignoring you'' said jaid in a teasing tone i rolled my eyes ''can u give me a ride to school man'' he asked i nodded and we walked out side in to my moms car i didn't want to ride my bike today

''remind me again why u in school '' i said pulling up in the drive way ''i have to talk to Rachel '' said jaid ''what'' ''the cheer leader i was hitting on the other day '' he said ''oh the one that cant stand u yeah i remember '' i  said laughing he punched my arm and walked out the car i was about to leave when i saw the guy i punched the other day standing in front of the door that leads to the field should i say sorry nahh  just then i saw alaya walk out from the field and he put his arm around her catching her off guard i pulled up closer to them and rolled down the window

''nice partice today sweetheart'' he said making her giggle ''well thank u you guys were great '' she said with a big smile ''u think we can win '' ''wellll maybe just keep particing'' she told him and he smiled ''you need a ride since brook left with carlos'' he offered oh no he didn't i got off the car and went straight towards him about to unch him butjust manged to push since alaya got in the way ''MISAEL WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM '' she yelled at me holding me back ''listen next time i see u around alaya you are going to be sorry and don't say i didn't warned you stay away from my girl ''' i said kicking him and pulling away in to the car ''what is your problem your hurting me ''she said ''im sorry i just cant stand that guy near you'' i said she rolled her eyes and looked out the window i started the car

i  turned the radio on since we were so slient and my favorite Spanish rapper was on i turned it up and started singing along loudly making alaya  look at me like if i was crazy and she turned it done ''hey that is my jam '' i said making her giggle 'dork' she said ''but im your dork '' i said kissing her but she pulled away ''u don't like Mr.EP'' i asked she rolled her eyes ''i kinda have to '' she said ''what '' ''im also around him and his music so i have to like his music i love him tho'' she said ''what '' ''he is my dad i  have to like his music '' she said ''WHATTTT'' 

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