what has cupid done

people say opposite attrack


8. chapter 8

''im not the type of boy who gets feeling for a girl i don't take girls on dates i don't do any of that dumb cheesy stuff but then i met u and i was attracted to you since i first saw u at the party and i don't know if it was destiny or what but we went to the same school and i knew it was my chance with you i started feeling things for u that i have never felt before when i kissed you i felt things i never had felt in a kiss before and i honestly can tell u  that u drive me crazy when u look at me with those beautiful eyes when u talk  that sexy voice when u hug me when u be around me im crazy for u your beautiful with that perfect body your prefect but that is not what matter what matters is that when i see u my heart beats faster i feel my stomach turn upside down i get nervous when i see another guy around you talking to you or looking at you i get so anger because i feel like i will lose you to them and just thinking that gets me scared i don't know what love feels like but im pretty sure this is it and that is why i want to make u mine i want to be able to say that youre mine and only mines so alaya cristal espinal would u be my girlfriend'' he said i felt the tears coming down he pulled me closer and hugged me ''whats wrong '' he asked concerned ''yyyes '' i said still crying he lifted my head up so i would look at him he wiped my tears and then kissed me he pulled away and smiled ''look what u have me doing im speaking my heart out for you '' he said making me giggle ''but i would do it a million times if it meant not losing you princess''he said hugging me again ''sorry'' i said ''for what '' ''i got tears all over your tshirt'' i said laughing and cleaning my tears he laughed we just stood there him holding me close ''Misael '' i said making him look down at me

''all this you didn't tell me why were u flirting with emma'' i said ''because i was stupid '' he said kissing my head ''yes u are'' i said he chuckled and his phone beeped he checked it and his face changed ''everything ok'' i asked confused ''yeah but i have to go its jaid something about work '' he said i nodded ''i see u later yeah?'' i nodded and got on my tip toes to gave him a quick kiss i stood back and watched him drive away and smiled to myself and started dancing and jumping around after i let that out i walked back inside to find Jeremy with ice on his eye uh oh i forgot about that ''im so sorry Jeremy i didn't mean for this to happen'' i said he smiled ''its nothing don't worry about it sweetheart'' he said ''J we should get going its getting late''said carlos Jeremy nodded ''i see u in school'' he said to me i nodded he kissed my cheek and left ''we should go to dad is calling'' said brook ''is carlos mad '' i asked ''no honey he knows it wasn't your fault''said brook ''he sured seem mad '' i said she laughed ''its that his mom got him mad''she said nodded not believing her at all ''what did he say''she said walking out i followed and told her everything quote by quote what Misael said and she started fangirling ''i knew he liked u i told u so''she said hugging me i smiled ''im so happy for you''she said


''mom we are home''yelled brook as we walked inside ''oh i forgot to tell u that thanks to your amazing show the meal was free''she said ''whos amazing show'' asked dad ''alaya's she sang today at bots and it was amazing''said brook showing my dad a video he smiled ''seems like you enjoy being up there'' he said i smiled ''yes i loved it it was so amazing it felt great '' i said he smiled and i keep telling him how i felt up there ''you do have an amazing voice u took after me of course''he said making mom smack him ''its true'' he said making me laugh ''so dad when do u leave for tour'' i asked  my phone beeped it was a text from Misael

hey bae wanna talk on Skype of course u do call me :);)

''next week'' ''uh yeah that sound fun i see u later'' i said running up stairs totally ignoring my dad and call Misael


''hey bae '' ''hey you solve the thing u had with jaid'' 'i asked ''yea it was something stupid'' i laughed ''what you doing'' he asked ''well im at this awesome party right now '' i said ''haha very funny but i guess it was a dumb question'' he said i nodded ''how is your mom '' i asked he looked surprise at my question ''she is fine'' he said ''tell her i said hi'' ''what will i get if i tell her'' he said with a smirk ''a kiss'' i said ''where'' he asked making me giggle ''on you eye'' i said and he gave me a death stare ''really my eye '' he said annoyed making me laugh ''stupid'' he said my mouth dropped open and i pretended to be offended ''u just called me stupid'' i said in a sad voice ''im sorry bae'' he said '' no now im sad u hurt my feeling '' i said trying not to laugh ''will a kiss make u feel better'' he said i nodded and he put his lips closer in the camera making them, look so hug making me laugh and then he started making weird faces making me laugh harder ''baby stop'' i said laughing ''oh my josh  you just called me baby it sounded so cute'' he said making me blush

''hey hey hey'' said brook walking in to my room ''whatch doing''  ''just ended a call on Skype with misael'' i said ''cool soo can i sleep with you tonight'' she asked i nodded ''great so why u hung up'' she asked getting under the covers with me and laying her head on my shoulder ''he had to do something but he will call me later'' i said ''oh ok'' she said kissing my cheek out of no where ''what was that'' i said smiling ''i love you twin and i feel like we are not as close'' she said ''i love you too babe'' i said just then my dad walked in ''aww isn't this cute'' he said coming in between us and laying under the cover with us like when we where little brook on one side and me on the other i took my  phone and took a selfie one with all of us smiling and the other of making the duck face dad looked very funny and the last weird faces we laughed as we looked through the pictures ''dad'' i said ''yes baby'' ''i just wanted to say sorry for everything i said the other day i understand everything u do is for us so we can have a good life''i said he smiled and kissed my head ''its alright honey i understand you need me '' he said just then my phone beep a text from 'babe' aka Misael i changed his name ''who is that ''' asked my dad ''Micaela '' i said quickly he nodded and i open the text

princess just wanted to say goodnight

sleep tight and i see u tomorrow in school

love you babygirl xoxoxox

i smiled at the screen but didn't answer since my dad is right there he would be reading what i text back and i don't want to tell him about Misael just yet it to early for him to know ''well go to sleep girls its late '' he said ''ok night daddy love you''we said at the same time we kissed is cheeks and he smiled ''i love you 2 more'' he said walking away turning off the light and closing the door ''night brook'' i said ''night'' she said hugging me from behind and falling asleep

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