what has cupid done

people say opposite attrack


7. chapter 7

''I knew it '' I said to him cleaning my tears and walking away I cant believe him how can he be so ugh I ran to the bathroom and broke down crying why did I let him get in my heart I knew I was falling way to fast for him I knew he wasn't going to catch me hot could Ive been so stupid

3 weeks  later

''alaya come on u cant be this way '' said brook sitting down next to me ''im fine '' I said ''really because you didn't go to school for 2 weeks and just did your class on line and you hate that and this week u went one day and it was because the internet was down''she said taking the covers off of me I rolled my eyes ''im fine'' I said ''come with me and carlos to bots '' she offered bot is a restaurant where teens go more like a chill spot u can sing and or they bring people to sing ''uh ok fine'' I said getting up and walking to the bathroom I washed my face and took off my pjs I curled my hair and walked to my closet I put on some light blue high whisted shorts and my black crop top I put on my black flats and put on a little bit of lip gloss ''yey your putting effort in to it''said brook I laughed and grabbed my phone and purse ''ok lets go ''I said and she grabbed my hand and we walked down stairs I really needed to get out and stop thinking about Misael he hasn't stopped texting me but I keep ignoring him,

brook was laughing none stop with carlos jokes and I just chuckled I mean he wasn't that funny we have been at bots for a while now and it was just people singing and our food was taking forever ''alaya u should sing since you think u have a good voice'' said cralos making me laugh ''oh honey I don't think ,  I know ''  I said making him laugh and brook smirk ''I highly doubt that '' he said I have him the dirty eye ''i'll prove it '' I said ''ok'' ''hope u brought your books cuz im about to school u homie'' I said making him laugh ok im not good at trash talk not judge I walked up to the dj I told him to play if only he gave me a mic and I got up on stage looked at the crowed wow there sure is a lot of people today I was getting a little bit nervous but I brushed it off

~~"A million thoughts in my head  Should I let my heart keep listening 'Cause up 'til now I've walked the line
 Nothing lost but something missing '' I started  ''I can't decide What's wrong, what's right  Which way should I go? If only I knew what my heart was telling me Don't know what I'm feeling  Is this just a dream? Ah oh, yeah'' before I knew I was dancing around on the stage I didn't know I felt so comfortable up her I really liked it I sang with all the enjoy in my heart no one has ever heard me sing  I mean besides brook and Micaela ''If only I could read the signs in front of me I could find the way to who I'm meant to be  Ah oh...If only, yeah'' I finished everyone stood up and started clapping I smiled that felt great

I walked up to the table ''well that was awesome'' said carlos I smirked ''bae that was great '' said brook hugging me ''I know it felt great '' I said with a huge smile ''lets take a picture''said brook holding up her phone for a selfie I smiled and carlos did a funny face while brook did the duck face

Misael p.o.v

I was sitting on my bed listeing to music and going down my time line in the gram when I I saw a picture brook posted '' at bots with my baby and sissy having a good time ''   i smiled when i saw alaya's cute face  she has been ignoring me and its been killing she doesn't even go to school and it hurts me she didn't let me explain and this time that i haven't talked to her i have been dieing inside i miss her so much she is like a part of me i like her a lot and im falling harder for her every day and i need her to be mines i want her to be mines i got up grabbed my keys and helmet an drove to bots i have to talk to her

i walked in and saw her table she was laughing and sitting with her were brook and her boyfriend and someother guy he put his arm around alaya and took a picture with her kissing her cheek the anger built up inside of me i trying controlling my self i have anger issues and i get so aggressive  he was talking to her  and she was just laughing i walked up to them trying to calm down ''alaya can we talk'' i said her expression changed when she saw me ''no'' ''alaya i really need to talk to u '' i said ''we have nothing to talk about'' she said ''alaya'' ''no'' i took a deep breath ''i need to talk to u now'' i said ''dude she said no leave'' said the guy ''who is going to make me '' i said he stood up ''go or ill have to make u''  i chuckled to myself turn  around and then punched him right in his face knocking him out ''JEREMY '' yelled alaya ''im going to tell u again i need to talk to u now either u come with me or u come with '' i said to her she looked at me with fear and stood up and walked with me outside

''listen i just want to say sorry i didn't want things to go this far but u wouldn't come with me'' i said she looked down at the ground ''alaya im sorry for hurting you but you never gave me a chance to explain ''i started saying ''i don't care misael no more don't worry '' she said not evening looking at me it broke  my heart ''hear me out '' ''fine''


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