what has cupid done

people say opposite attrack


6. chapter 6

i finished getting ready and walked down stairs where everybody was sitting at the table for a family breakfast ''good morning everyone'' i said with a huge smile i couldn't stop smiling ever since yesterday  im just so happy ''isn't today a beautiful, day '' i said again kissing my mom on the cheek ''what is wrong with u '' said brook laughing ''nothing im perfectly normall'' i said taking an apple ''honey we really need to talk '' said my dad ''when ever u want'' i said then took a bite of my apple just then my phone beeped i jumped a little and a smile grew i was hoping it was Misael

from Micaela bffa

baeeee cme to school asap we need to tlk

my smile went away ''well i have to go to school bye mom and dad '' i said ''wait i need a ride my car broke down'' said brook finishing stuffing her mouth with food i smiled and walked out side and got in the car turn on the radio my favorite song was on and i started singing loudly making brook laughed we pulled into the school parking lot

i walked down the whole hall straight to my locker ''bestieeee'' yelled Micaela ''hey bae '' i said hugging her ''ok i have gossip fresh from the blog'' she said i nodded for her to keep talking ''word on the streets is that jay is going to ask u to homecoming'' she said fangirling why is she hype about this ''um no its like 2 months away'' i said rolling my eyes i mean jay knows i just like him as a friend nothing more and i wont go to no homecoming with him we have been friends since 8 th grade u would think he knows better i shut my locker ''i don't like jay like that i wont say yes any ways im hoping for someone else to ask me'' i said ''who spill' she said i started telling her how i thought i had a crush on Misael but is not a crush is that i like him ''you guys are perfect '' she said and  i smiled we walked down the hall way and i saw Misael with a girl  they were holding hands and she was giggling if i wasn't mistaken he was flirting with her my heart broke in a millon pieces i felt a tear coming down but i stopped my self ''bae im sorry'' said Micaela ''sorry for what we are just friends after all'' i said  the bell rang and he kiss the girl on the cheek she gave him a piece of paper and left  i waited for him to walk in to class

Misael p.o.v

i put Emma's number in my pocket and sat in  my seat the late bell rang and Micaela and alaya walked in i smiled at her but she ignored me that's weird i poked her and she ignored me ok whats going on how can she treat me like this after last night i mean it was perfect at least that's what i thought im he type of guy who does fall for girls is just for fun i don't take them out on dates and stuff like that and i did that with alaya and that's when i notice i was falling hard and quick for this girl i mean who wouldn't she is beautiful her eyes drive me crazy she has a perfect body her hair is amazing she is super nice and lovely she is so special  ''alaya '' i whispered and poked her at the same time ''leave me alone'' she said without turning around ''whats wrong are u mad'' i whispered ''nothing just leave me alone'' she said i poked her again ''MR MILLER AND ESPINAL WOULD U LIKE TO SHARE YOUR CONVERSATION WITH THE CLASS SINCE ITS SO IMPROTENT THAT YOU CANT TILL AFTER CLASS TO TALK'' yelled Mr.brown ''sorry'' we said i have to found out why she is mad at me  i didn't do anything minutes later the bell rang and she rushed out the door i rushed after her i pulled her by her arm turning her to face me ''what is your problem '' i asked she struggled to get out of my grip ''leave me alone''she said ''why are u mad'' ''your such a ughhhh'' ''English i don't speak girl'' i said trying to be funny ''well learn'' she said pushing me away ''you are so complicated ''  ''why don't u go tell emma that'' she said walking away ohhh so that's what this  is about ''alay-'' ''i saw u flirting with her but then again who am i to say something to u im just a friend right'' she snapped tears about to fall out her eyes ''well--''

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