what has cupid done

people say opposite attrack


53. chapter 51

''listen im sorry for everything I said '' I said looking at him ''its fine don't worry u need anything'' he asked ''I need u to hold my hand please and don't leave me alone '' I said he smiled and grabbed my hand kissing it

Misael p.o.v

'' im never gonna leave u alone every again '' I said looking in to her eyes she smiled and let out a huge scream ''u need a drink of water or something'' I asked worried ''no just go check if my dad is here '' she said I nodded tho I didn't like the idea at all I walked out in the hall way and there was a worry looking mr espinal with his wife and other daughter ''mr espinal over here'' I said they walked up to me  looking mad ''what are u doing here where is my daughter '' he said ''she is in  that room over there I was with her when she got in labor ''  I said he pushed me out the way  and ran in to a room  I took a deep breath and ran my hand through my hair ''don't worry my dad is gonna get use to 'everything '' said brook looking at me ''I feel kinda guilty she is here is kinda my fault '' I said ''kinda bruh it is your fault '' she said laughing ''no I mean she was yelling at me well we were arguing and she got mad and over stress and well here we are  now''' I said looking at brook ''calm down she was about to pop any time don't feel guilty '' she said hugging me ''well I better call my mom and sister and inform  them alaya is pregnant with my child and she is in labor wow that is a lot to take in '' I said lauging ''don't worry they just need o know she is in labor they know the rest'' she said patting my back and walking away wait what they knew and they didn't tell me how dare they

alaya p.o.v

''dad'' I yelled holding his hand '' yes yes honey im  here '' he said '' call Misael in here '' I asked he rolled hios eyes but left to do what  I said ''how many centimeters are u '' asked mom ''the doctor said 5 '' I said we are getting  there don't worry bby ''she said I nodded ''im gald u finally decided to tell him I don't care if your father is not happy about it it was a good choice '' my mom said kissing my head ''mom I didn't choose to I kinda had to he found out '' I said ''well still told him and u are letting him be a part of all this and I think is the right thing to do'' she said ''im here alaya '' said Misael running to my side ''we need to talk mom dad can u leave us alone'' I asked they nodded and left

''look I just wanted to  let u know I was wrong for  keeping this from you just know I was trying to do what I thought was  the best for my daughter not noticing  I was taking her father out her life with out giving u chance to decide if u wanted to be part of her life   u can be part other life if u want I wont stand in the way just know she is my everything and I don't even know her and I wont let u or your business hurt her  '' I said looking at him ''I don't blame u and thank u '' he said  giving me a check kiss  getting me off guard just the n I got another contraction ''oh  oh oh oh'' I said making Misael smiled ''nice song'' he said ''I will hurt u '' I said he smiled and hold my hand

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