what has cupid done

people say opposite attrack


51. chapter 50

''alaya'' yelled Brooklyn I rolled my eyes I was annoyed at her because she was making fun of me and how big  my tummy was I mean I am 9 months she cant judge me  but the only reason I was mad  was because I am I look like im about to pop  ''im sorry come on open the door mom and dad    might be home any time and they are going to yell at me if u are still mad '' she complained I put on my long dress and grabbed my  purse and phone opening my room door ''im going out to eat'' I said ''man If I knew u were gonna be such a baby while u were pregnant I wouldn't had convenes u to stay in Miami '' she said I rolled my eyes and walked down the stairs making her start laugh I took a deep breath and  walked to my car  man u don't know the struggle it Is for me to sit down and don't even get me started on standing up  man I cant even see my own feet   I pulled up to a star bucks and walked to the back to sit down

Misael p.o.v

''shut the fuck up'' I said hitting jade on the head ''man get over that  she was here   4 months ago  her dad already send her back w\here she was where she needs to be  far away from you'' said jaid ''man I just wanna see her one last time I don't feel anything for her anymore''  I said ''man go to someone  else with that bullshit'' he said  I rolled my eyes and we walkied in to starbucks ''such got get me a coffee please'' I said he walked  to the counter   I mean I don't still love alaya who am I kidding I walked to the bathroom and saw this girl that looked  like alaya it cant be  I walked up and the closer I got the better I could see and yes it was alaya  oh my god I walked back to my tabole ''jade alaya is back there''i said freaking out  ''dude chill that is not ala- oh that Is  her'' he said looking straight a her ''should I go up to her '' I asked ''no no '' he said Ignored him  and walked up to alaya ''hey ''  I said making her turn around she seemed surprise to  see me   ''what are u doing here'' she asked ''its a public place alaya its good to see u to'' I said sitting next to her ''don't sit here leave me alone ''  she said looking around she had her purse in between the table and her stomach

alaya p.o.v

''I just wanna say hello alaya'' he said   I tried to hide my stomach as much as I could im afraid  he is going to ask question  I don't want him to find out ''Misael please there Is nothing to talk about please just leave me alone'' I said trying to get rid of him ''why the rush ur boyfriend is going to  get mad or something''  he said with a smirk  I rolled my eyes and stood up grabbing my stuff he looked at me and didn't know what to say when he say my stomach ''I got to go'' I said leaving money on the table and walking out ''alaya wait'' he yelled after me  he grabbed my arm '' u told me they didn't rape u alaya ''' he said looking at my stomach ''they didn't this baby is yours Misael '' I said  ''what'' he said letting go of my arm I started walking away but he grabbed me again ''let me go'' I yelled he was hurting my arm

''how  why didn't u tell me sooner'' he yelled he was getting mad his eyes where turning dark ''I was planning on it Misael I don't want u to be in her life she doesn't need u she has me ''  I said ''its a girl ? how can u be so cold and not tell me alaya I have the right to know''  ''u have no right Misael I don't want my bby to be in danger she doesn't need that and if she was in your life she \would be in danger all the time we don't need you just pretend like u don't know anything I can handle everything by my self'' I said

''she is my daughter how can u say that I have the right to choose if I want to be in her life I deserve the right to alaya she is just not ur daughter we both made it and we both  have to take responsibility  and u just cant take that big decision to keep her father out her life is not fair for her or for me '' he said ''let me go Misael ur hurting my arm'' I said it was turning red  ''how could you be so cold hearted '' he said  ''how about u  ?  why u didnt care puting my life in danger to keep doing your little business huh how about u when u chose your stupid boss  over me  huh that's not being cold hearted because I think it is '' I yelled getting mad

''I don't want MY daughter to be part of that life you live and  if its up to me you are never ever going to be in her life Misael because  when u become a mom regardless if your 16 or 30 your priorities change   and maybe before I didn't care what u did and how u earn your  money but now I have to look out not just for me but for this little \person who has been growing 9 months in me now I have to care for her and make sure she is safe because now im more worried what she is going to have for dinner or how im going to provide for her instead of  partying and drinking all night all Misael and maybe u cant see that but Im not the same alaya u dated a fue months back and im not gonna let u and your way of life get in the way of my baby happiness or safety '' I yelled suddenly  I got a huge pain in my lower stomach  and I started getting dizzy

''are u ok'' he asked ''no actually im not and its for fault I need to sit down'' I said he helped me to a bench close by ''um alaya your licking ''  he said looking down 'what '' I said  I started to feel something wet down my leg ''oh my god my water broke you need to take me to the hospital'' I yelled he got scared started panicking ''get my car hurry''' I yelled  giving him the keys  I cant believe it time im  2 weeks early  I started getting a sharp pain again and a let a scream out ''hurry up'' I yelled he parked  where I was and helped me in the back seat '' I started breathing in and out the pain became more every 3 minutes  I took my phone and called m y mom

''mom'' I yelled in to the phone ''yes honey are u ok;'' she asked worried '' mom my water broke and I have pain it really hurts im on my way to the hospital please hurry up'' I said screaming at the end ''oh my god ur early '' she said ''mom why don't u tell that to her oh hey bABY U ARE 2 weeks early  so u cant come out'' I said getting annoyed ''ok ok im sorry see u at the hospital ''she yelled 

 ''we need  help women in labor here '' yelled Misael a nurse came with a wheel chair and  helped me sat down  she got me to a room and help me on the bed ''your doctor was inform u where coming she sh0ould be here any second '' she said I nodded Misael stood next to me looking scared making m e smile ''listen im sorry for everything I said '' I said looking at him ''its fine don't worry u need anything'' he asked ''I need u to hold my hand please and don't leave me alone '' I said he smiled and grabbed my hand kissing it

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