what has cupid done

people say opposite attrack


5. chapter 5

"you didn't tell me you where rich'' said Misael as I got on the back of his bike I laughed ''maybe because im not my parents are not me" I said he laughed "anyways where are we going''i asked ''I cant tell u bae its a surprise'' he said And we drove off we pulled up in front of the public pool ''uh Misael u do know how to read right'' I asked ''yeah why'' he asked helping me down ''the pool is closed honey'' I said following him he jumped the gate ''is it ? is it really'' he said making me giggle I jumped the gate ''hope we don't get caught'' I said ''we wont don't worry about it'' he said taking off this clothes reveling his 6 pack wow his body looked perfect omg he is so sexy I swear I fall harder every day I couldn't keep myself from staring her jumped in ''this water feels amazing jump in'' he said swimming around ''no thanks '' I said sitting on a chair ''oh help help I need help''he cried pretending to drown I quickly took off my top and pants reveling me cheetah printed bras and panties I felt bis stare on me ''here I come'' I yelled jumping in swimming after him I reached him and stood in front of him ''glad u joined me '' he said holding my hand we swam under water to the edge of the pool ''u look so beautiful'' he said bring his hand up to my face ''and your eyes they are beautiful and they drive me crazy '' he said getting closer to me making the butterflies go crazy inside of me making me blush looking down at the water which is very interesting he lifted my head so I would look at him ''every part of u is beautiful '' he said leaning closer to me his lips brushed against mines then crushed against eachother they moved in sync they fit together perfectly like if we were met to be the kiss was not rushed nor forced it was soft with a lot of passion we pulled away breathless and I started shivering '' you cold'' he asked I nodded and he pulled me out ''we should go''' he said I put on my clothes and so did he ''here put this on I don't want you catching a cold since your wet and the air from the bike'' he said giving me his leather jacket which was huge on me since his body is extra large compared to mines he laughed and pulled me closer and kissed me making me melt on the inside I smile and pulled away and gave him a quick kiss on the lips and jumping the gate again he did the same ''where u wanna go now'' he asked I checked the time 9:30 ''how about ice cream'' I said he nodded and we drove to the nearest ice cream shop ''what kind do u want bae'' he said hugging me from behind with his head on my shoulder ''I don't know um strawberry'' I said to the girl she nodded ''oh u like strawberries '' said Misael kissing my cheek I nodded ''your such a princess'' he said making me laugh ''shut up'' I said ''make me '' he said and I smirked ''I know that's what u want me to do'' I said he chuckled ''nice played '' I laughed ''its $3.50'' said the ice cream girl Misael payed and took my hand and the ice cream we sat at a table and he got to spoons ''open your mouth'' he said trying to feed me the ice cream making me start laughing ''give me '' I said trying to take the spoon away from him which made him throw the ice cream on my face ''opps'' he said trying not to laugh I rolled my eyes and cleaned my self off ''u miss a spot'' ''where'' he moved closer to me and kissed my lips ''got it '' he said pulling away with a smirk he made me giggle and blush at the same time ''your so cheesy''i said ''you still like me'' he said I got red as a tomato ''you guys are such a cute couple''said the ice cream girl I smiled and blush again ''thanks '' he said she smiled ''bae lets go we have to go take you home before its to late'' he said giving me a quick kiss and we got on the bike and left this night couldn't have been better

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