what has cupid done

people say opposite attrack


50. chapter 49

''are we going shopping today '' asked Brooklyn we were in Miami  I came back  for a week or so since aunt cristal wanted to see me they are crazy with me well with the baby all their attention is for her  aunt cristal and my mom are helping me pick out names ''no I don't think so I have plans''   I said eating popcorn with  ice cream don't judge me  ''that is nasty and doing what '' she asked ''I have to go see emely and jossy '' I said not so loud so my mom wont hear me ''oh are u going to tell Misael '' she asked  ''no I don't think so'' I said walking away I walked up the stairs to change I put on short tights and a white tshirt that said baby is loading brook got it for me I though it was cute  I put on my sandals and grabbed my phone texting emely letting her know I was on my way ''ill be back If mom ask where I went tell her I need so air or something''  I said grabbing my sun glasses  and closing the door behind me

 I was a little nervous knocking on the door on my god what if Misael was here and he saw me then  I would have to tell him everything  I don't want to tell him I mean he has a right to know but he doesn't deserve to know ''oh my gosh  alaya'' yelled emely hugging me as she open the door making me laugh ''hey hey hey'' I said ''u are huge'' she said looking at me ''yea cuz that's what every pregnant girl wants to hear'' I said laughing ''im sorry '' she said I walked in and sat down ''where is your mom'' I asked ''oh she  went out she should be back soon'' said emely sitting down next to me ''soo what is a girl or a boy tell me everything '' she asked ''well its a little girl and she kicks like crazy especially when my aunt or my dad are rubbing my stomach  I think she likes them '' I said making emely laugh ''she doesn't like brook at all she doesn't move for nothing when brook is touching me'' I said ''I mean u cant blame her'' said em making me laugh

''its been great talking to u I miss u so much when are u going back '' she asked  ''I don't know some time next week but my dad doesn't want me to go back''  I said '''why is that ''  ''something about taking care of me or something nort really sure'' I said ''can I have some water please'' I said  ''sure hold up'' she said walking in the kitchen ''so where is Misael '' I asked ''I don't know he ;eft early this morning haven't heard from him since '' she said ''oh how u been u know we might not be together but he still has a place in my heart and I worry about him '' I said  she handed me  the water ''I know u love him and he Is fine we barely talk'' she said

''why is that '' ''he is barely home '' she said  '' that is why I don't want him to know about the baby'' I said

Misael p.o.v

''jade pass me another beer '' I said we  were all chilling in the apartment with some girls drinking and smoking pot ''sure '' he said  ''i'll be right back'' whispered Amanda in my ear I nodded as she stood up off my lap I slapped her ass making her jump I smirked and watched her as she walked away ''she is hot '' said Jeremy sitting next to me ''I know ;'' I said laughing ''I think she really likes u'' he said making me look at me ''I don't give a fuck u know I just have her here to have fun not because I want something with her because I don't '' I said pushing him off the couch Amanda came back and sat on lap again she started playing with my hair and kissing my neck leaving little light bites ''u need to stop that ''' I said ''what if I dont'' she said I grabbed her face and pressed my lips against hers roughly

my phone rang  it was a text from my mom  I pushed Amanda off of me ''I need to go yo my mom texted me I need to meet her in the house don't want more problems with her I'll talk  to you later'' I said to jade he nodded ''ill call u later'' I said to Amanda  she nodded and I walked out the apartment

I pulled up to my driveway and saw a black bmw  parked infront that's a nice car looked a lot like  alaya's car   I open the front door  and  heard voices coming from the kitchen I walked quietly to be able to hear ''she is beautiful '' said mom 'she is even tho she is huge''  said emely ''honey she is going to get even more huge but it was such a surprise to find her here I miss having her around '' mom said who are they talking about

''me to mom but it complicated  since her dad doesn't stand Misael I mean I would hate him to if my daughter gtot hurt cuz  of him'' said emely alaya she was here they are talkin about alaya ''alaya was here'' I said walking in scaring them they looked at me and didn't say a word ''answer me'' I yelled 

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