what has cupid done

people say opposite attrack


49. chapter 48

I was  lying down in  the chair/bed thing at the doctor with  my shirt up  the doctor put the jelly thingy on my tummy and rubbed it around ''here it is '' she said pointing at the baby ''aww it so beautiful it looks just like me '' said Brooklyn making me hit her ''well everything seems to be ok and u are in such healthy conditions as for the baby as well but I am going to give u some vitamins u need to take '' said the doctor I nodded ''ready to find out the sex '' asked the doctor  I nodded and smiled "finally" said brook  "congrats you are having a healthy girl " said the doctor making tears come out my eyes oh my I can't believe I'm having a girl "yet another girl for the fame we rule this family " said brook laughing I looked at Tia since she hasn't said anything "Tia u good" I asked "no I don't feel so good" she said getting up    " I feel dizzy " said Tia the doctor looked at her " I feel weird" she said "well lets check u out u are in a hospital after all " said the doctor "ok" she said "I'll be back Alaya   With the picture Of the baby printed and Margaret lets go have a look at you"  said the doctor leaving the room and Tia followed "so have u thought of names " asked brook "not really" I said  grabbing my phone  I texted Emely letting  her know that I found out the sex of the baby "bae since we are leaving today in a couples of hours   To Miami and u staying over there for a while are u going to tell misael" asked  brook "look Brooklyn I'm not sure but most likely I'm not because he is so ugh "  I said "ok ok I'm sorry for bring it up but I think he needs to know "  said brook I rolled my eyes ignoring what she said 

"ok we are back " said the doctor with a huge smile "Tia u good u look  like if u just saw a ghost " said  brook laughing "well no" she said "what's wrong Tia" I asked getting worried "well I just found out that I'm pregnant"   She said " what" me and brook said at the same time  looking at her the same why she was looking at us 



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