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48. chapter 47

''that's all for today thank you'' said richy  I smiled and walked to then changing room where aunt Margaret is waiting for me ''I still don't understand why you need this job'' she said as she watched me change ''I already told u I don't want to depend on my dad for everything I want to be able to provide for my child even if dad is not giving me money and how I see it that's exactly how is going to happen he hasn't talked to me ever since I told him I was pregnant and that is almost 2 months ago in like a week or so'' I said ''he needs time baby its a lot to taken in'' she said ''I know I know but it kills me that he doesn't want to talk me and he is my world ''  I said  ''don't worry he will come around he loves you '' she said '' lets just hope'' I said ''when is your next appointment I want to go with you'' she asked as we walked outside '''Friday I think or next Tuesday not sure  I have to check and ill let you know'' I said ''as soon  as we know the sex of the baby we are going shopping and im going to buy so many clothes and you cant stop me'' she said  making me laugh ''you are more excited then me '' I said ''well I really love babies and shopping for baby clothes '' she said making ,me laugh   ''no tia u like other people babies but u don't want none of your own''  ''that's right but im gonna have to get in the game my niece beat me to it '' she said making me laugh  we pulled up in the driver way and she parked the car ''im so tried i didn't get any sleep because this is little kick ball player was having a game last night'' I said rubbing my stomach  making my aunt laugh ''be thankful that you haven't had  morning sickness yet ''she said laughing  trying to touch my stomach but I slapped her hand away ''no because every time u rub my tummy it starts having a party in there '' I said making her laugh but it was true every time tia put her hand on m y stomach it started kicking like crazy and moving around

''want anything to eat'' she yelled I was in my room changing in to more comfortable clothes ''I want pizza'' I yelled back I put on shorts and a tight tank top I did a messy bun  and walked in to the living room ''turn on the tv put Netflix '' said my aunt she she walked to the bathroom I grabbed the ice cream bowl  and a spoon and turn on the tv putting on the wedding ringer  which made me laugh a lot I settle in the couch and just when I was getting comfortable the door bell rang I rolled my eyes it rang again and again  ''oh my lord im coming'' I yelled but they kept ringing it   I rolled my eyes ''what who is it '' I asked annoyed ''your father ''  I stood frozen  but opened the door there stood my dad my mom and Brooklyn ''alaya I missed you so much'' said Brooklyn hugging me I was sh0cked that they were here ''oh honey look at you'' said my mother hugging me I smiled and hugged her tight as ever ''I miss u mom'' I said tearing up ''oh I miss you a lot around the house as well ''' she said ''dad'' ''alaya ''  I took a deep breath ''come in tia is in the bathroom just sit down we were getting ready for our lazy day '' I said laughing

''isn't everyday a lazy day for you I mean you go to online school'' said brook sitting down taking my ice cream ''well no because every time I have a quiz or test I have to go to the center so every Friday and  Tuesday and I work eveyr other day '' I said siting across from mom and dad ''you work where honey you are  not suppose to work '' my mom said looking at me ''I know I just don't want to depend on you guys forever and I work with richy as a model for pregnancy clothe '' I said '' oh that's nice of him '' she said with a smile '' I don't think u having a job is necessary you need to worry about your school and finishing it '' my dad said coldly ''I know but I am on top of my stuff dad I have all As and just one B its an 89 and I tried doing community service so it looks good on my collage application since I cant do any sports ''  I said

''listen alaya this was a lot to take In I was hurt I felt so dumb for giving u my trust to go out with that guy and this is how u pay me but im also proud that you to all the responsibility and accepted you messed up and u didn't take the easy way out listen I was young and stupid once and I know what you are going through I also had to tell my parents at the age of 17  I got a girl pregnant only difference I had 2 years and 3 months with your mother already and I know I messed up and I knew I had to take care of the baby and clean up the mess I made  and I don't judge you I don't I just didn't want that for you'' my dad said '' yeah we are not mad just disappointed  but that doesn't mean we are going to leave u all alone with this I want you to understand having a baby at a young age is a lot of work because you are not just thinking for your self now you have a whole different human to think of know that you will have to put your baby first 99% of the time  that you have a little human being depending on you '' my mom said

''and everything u do affects not just you but the bby as well  I want you to know party nights staying out all night shopping with out limit all that is over you will have no life the first 5 months of the baby's life u will have no life everything u do will  affect the baby I mean u cant even take a long shower because no body likes taking care of a little crying baby who need everything to be done for him and now I ask you are u willing to leave everything behind everything that you are use to and get started with dirty clothes the bottles the changing diapers the staying up all night with the crying baby  ''  my dad said ''look mom and dad when I found out I was pregnant all that passed my mind everything u just told me I know I  had the option of abortion my doctor would do it but I didn't want that why should this little innocent human being pay with his or her life my mistakes is just not fair plus from the moment I knew I was pregnant I already was loving it I might have been a little confused at first but I knew I loved it and there was no way In hell I was killing it and  I thank the lord for having u support me ''' I said hugging them


''aww so sweet but do u know what is it '' asked brook I laughed ''no actually I got an appointment soon I think Friday actually ''' I said ''oh great can I go with u '' she asked ''how long you staying '' I asked ''we were hopping for 2 weeks and well I was thinking u could come back with us '' said my dad ''no dad I  don't want to live over there im fine here I don't wanna see Misael '' I said ''well u have to talk to him any ways u have to tell him he is going to be a father he needs to know '' my mom said ''no mom he doesn't deserve to know anything im not going to tell him'' I said getting mad ''honey th-''  ''Ashley is her decision and I honestly think is for the babies best he doesn't tell him   because the kind of life that kid lives is not a type  rise a child '' my dad said I smile at least he understood me

''fine but at least come back for 2 weeks or so  cristal wants to see you she miss you as well as zuriel and Michael ''  my mother said ''ok ill see mom '' I said I secretly wanted to go to see emely and her mother I miss them but I didn't want to see Misael  ''so can I go '' asked brook again  looked at her forgetting what she had asked ''no im going with her '' said  dad oh yeah I remember now ''welll actually I can only take 2 people and tia asked me today and I think dad is not going to let u go because he wants to go but hey u can go shopping with mom '' I said ;'' or we can all go to the hospital and wait for u outside while  Israel and Margaret are in there with u '' said mom 

''no no dad cant go he has that meetin with that guy and its Friday at 3 '' said brook I laughed ''let me check the time '' I said getting up and walking to my room  I cant believe  they are fighting because they all wanted to go I pictured Friday many ways but this was not one way im so happy I finally have their support ''ok so my appointment is at 1 because at 2:30 I have a  test so I have to make it to the center '' I said '' a test at that time honey '' asked mom ''well it was suppose to be earlier but I couldn't make it because I have some things to do at work from 9-11 and I have to get ready and be on my way for the appointment that is at one and my teacher since she understood let me take it after everyone was done at 2'30 cuz I couldn't walk in  in middle of the test '' I explained 




''are u sure u wanna go to a hotel I can go over richy's house and u and Ashley can stay in my room, and brook can stay with alaya in her room or well I can stay in the couch I don't mind '' said tia ''well we don't want to be a bother '' mom said with a shy smile ''oh its nothing mom she was gonna leave anyways '' I said making tia hit me with a pillow ''come on stay I don't want u wasting your money on hotels or whatever '' tia said ''ok fine '' my dad said sitting back down ''yey sleep over'' called out brook jumping next to me and hugging me extra tight ''Brooklyn stop you cant be horse playing with your sister that is bad for the baby'' my mom yelled making brook rolled her eyes ''I wanna feel It does it move'' asked dad ''well yeah a lot actually when tia touches me '' I said looking at her with a smirk my dad started rubbing my tummy but the baby didn't move ''how come it doesn't move '' he said looking sad I smiled brook then tried and nothing ''listen little kid I am your aunt and u have to do what I say and now move'' she yelled making me start laughing ''watch i'll make  it move'' said tia coming next to me

''hey baby hii'' she said rubbing my belly and there was the famous kick ball player ''dad I think it doesn't like u'' said brook laughing which made me laugh ''well lets get some sleep so we can go out tomorrow site seeing'' I said ''yeah its been a long day '' said my mom

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