what has cupid done

people say opposite attrack


47. chapter 46

''thanks for picking me up '' I said sitting down as jonathan pulled the chair back from me ''its fine  '' he said then sittin down next to  me ''how did the appointment go '' he asked as I looked at the menu ''well im good happy soon im gonna find out what it is'' I said ''when are you going to tell your family '' he said I took a deep breath ''I don't know'' ''you cant just keep ignoring them alaya its been 3 months I think is time they know'' he said I rolled my eyes ''don't u think I know that but I have no words to tell them '' I said just then Zoey came up to us ''sorry im late '' she said kissing jon and hugging me ''im so happy you to are a thing cutest couple ever man I swear I should be cupid ''  I said remembering it was thanks to me they started going out Zoey smirked ''what where u guys talking about'' she asked ''oh nothing just he fact she needs to ell her parents '' said jon looking at me ''you know what im not hungry no more I have this homework I have to do and damn I need to go home right  now'' I said he rolled his eyes ''I see u later Zoey '' I said practically running out of there I know I have to tell m y family im just scared I texted emely I had a long time I don't talk to her letting her I was gonna Skype  her

I got home and I saw I was alone I grabbed my computer and ice cream and saw she was already on line I took a deep breath and made the call soon her face appeared in y screen with a huge smile '' BABE;; she yelled making me smile ''hey darling'' I said ''I miss you big head how are you how are things why haven't u been talking to me lately have you replaced  me '' she said making me laugh ''no I been caught up on something but u know I would never ever replace you  and I been good missing everyone over there how about you'' I asked ''well im  good now and Michael and me are great and we all  miss you when u coming to visit''' she asked ''soon I hope I don't know '' I said looking down at my stomach  ''I sure hope so my  mom asked me about u the other day '' she said I smiled ''tell her I said hi and  I will go visit her soon ''' I said she nodded ''so listen I called you because I have to tell u something but u cant tell anyone im trusting u with this'' I said ''what up u know I wont tell a soul''  she said

''look  i know i should have told uj so0oner but i just didn't know how but I'm 3 months pregnant '' i said making her look at me in surprise ''you are lying '' she said i put the cam down so she can see my tummy which made  her start screaming ''oh my god im going o be an aunt have you told him does he know''' she said ''no no and i don't know if m going to tell him yet '' i said ''what you mean u don't know alaya he is the father he has the right to know u don't know if he  wants to be part of the baby's life he should have a choice u cant just decide it for yourself'' she said

'' i know that emely but i don't want my baby to be part of the mess up life Misael, is in i don't what to put it in danger  and i told u because i think u had the right to know that you were gonna be an aunt not fot u to judge my decisions and you cant tell him  im the only one that has the right to and its up to me if i wanna let him know'' i said getting mad ''ok i understand why u don't want him to know but maybe that would  the reason why he would change his life please tell him he deserves to know ''   she said ''no he doesn't and if i find out u told him i swear to god emely u wont be able to be part of the baby's life either '' i said  ''ok ok i wont'' she said  just the i started getting a facetime call form brook i been ignoring her and my mom so i wont have to tell them  the news but i cant hide it any longer

'''listen i have to go i call u soon and ill keep you notify of everything ''  i said before hunging  up and picking up books call ''hello'' i said with a fake smile ''bitch about time u answer my calls i b een trying to get a hold of you for 2 months and you been ignoring me don't act like i don't know cuz i know dad comes back today from his short tour and i had to tell him all this time i talked to you everyday so he wont get worried ''she said  ''oh yes i miss you too i been good how about you '' i said she rolled her eyes ''don't ever ignore my calls again dumb ass hoe anyways how is LA'' she said i laughed ''its great um listen i have to talk to you guys is mom and dad around'' i asked

''yeah i think they just got in hold up let me check''she said i started getting nervous and taking deep breaths ''hey darling we miss you '' said my mom with a huge smile and my dad looked at me ''whats wrong'' he asked ''oh Israel look at her she  looks so beautiful and fat and well not fat but healthy '' my mom said ''but she looks worried whats wrong honey'' my dad asked making me start  tearing up ''i just miss you all a lot'' i said as the tears went down ''aww honey don't cry we miss you too don't worry we will fly you out soon'' said my mom making me dad look at her ''we are not flying her out here are you crazy ''  he said i took a deep breath ''Israel she miss us and i miss her  so much '' my mom said looking at my dad i cleaned my tears ''guy i have to tell u something'' i said making the stop; arguing and look at me ''im pregnant '' i said ''what '' yelled my dad  ''honey don't play like that'' said my mom

''im 3 months pregnant '' ''no wonder '' whispered brook ''how could u be so irresponsible how could u let this happen alaya '' my dad chocked out m y mom hasn't said anything yet but i knew she was upset  i took a deep breath "I know you're really mad," "I know this isn't what you wanted for me,I know I've disappointed you. I know you're upset. I'm really sorry for putting you through this. I'm disappointed in myself, too  I know this isn't what you expected and I'm scared about how I'm going to handle this, what my friends will think, and what it means about school. but if im sure about one thing is that im having this baby  i don't want to kill it because i was old enough to have a sex im gonna have to be old enough and responsible to  rise it'' i said ''i cant believe this  its a big shock for me '' said my mom ''look mom i know and i  know you are going to need time just know i did what i did  but it was my choice i did it because i loved Misael and i didn't mean to for any of this to happen '' i said

''honey i just want you to know that even tho we are mad and upset may be disappointed because we expected more from you but you will always have our love and support and we will support you on everythin u do and we would never ask u to kill that baby because i understand what u are going thru and im not going to turn my back on you when i went thru the same thing''  she said my dad wasn't saying anything ''ill give u time when u feel you are ready to talk  call me i love you  guys'' i said hunging up well that's over  i cant believe they know i cant believe i finally told them i texted Zoey  asking her to come over i really needed her right now i broke down crying


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