what has cupid done

people say opposite attrack


46. chapter 45

i got out the shower and walked to my room i heard the front door closed and my heart dropped knowing my aunt was home and I had to tell her i went to the hospital with Zoey and her mother to check it out because some times those tests are exact and  yeas i was a month and 2 week pregnant the doctor said that everything looked fine and she could be my doctor in the pregnancy process  i put on my hoodie and sweat pants and walked to the living room where my aunt was taking off here boots ''hey how was your day'' i asked sitting down next to her ''stressful '' she said ''oh that to bad'' i said trying to stall ''so i saw your message what is it that u need to talk about'' she said ''no its fine you had a hard day it can wait'' i said ''no im ok come on tell me are you ok whats wrong '' she asked looking at me i took a deep breath and looked at her making her smile ''well'' she said with a smile ''well i don't know how to say this '' i started

''alaya  im getting scared whats going on '' she said looking at me waiting for me to talk ok here i go ''im pregnant ''i said she looked at me shocked it was silent ''are you sure'' she choked out ''yes im sure I did 3 different test and they were all positive'' I said looking at her ''well those things aren't 100% right most of the time'' she said ''I went to the doctor and I am '' I said  she looked at me but didn't say anything she stood up and walked to the kitchen she didn't say anything at all she took a drink of water and just looked at me ''well say something anything please'' I said  ''well what you want me to say  did u tell your  mom or dad '' she asked ''no I just found out today''  ''how long are you'' ''im a month and about 3 weeks''i said ''well u have to tell them '' she said ''titi how  do u want  me to tell them they are going to kill me what am I suppose to say anyway hey mom and dad how are you how was your day oh by the way you are going to be grandparents'' I said making her smile ''well honey you cant hide that for long and  they are going to get eve more mad if you wait to till them when you are in the hospital imagine oh hey mom and dad im in the hospital because im in labor oh I forgot to tell u you are going to be grandparents ''she said

''well no but I have to find the perfect time '' I said ''girl its never gona be a good time your telling them your pregnant not that Israel won an Oscar '' she said making me smile ''thanks tia that helps me '' I said rolling my eyes ''honey just know Im gonna support you all the way im going to be here for you but please stay in school'' she said ''thanks'' I said hugging her ''oh my god I cant believe it this like when your mom told me I was gonna be an aunt I was hype as shit '' she said rubbing my tummy  I smiled ''what you think it is ? what do u want it to be ?'' she asked sitting down next to me  ''well I don't know im fine with either oh my god imagine its a boy and it looks just like his dad '' I said with a huge smile making her smirk at me ''I knew u still love him'' she said hitting me with a pillow  this is why  love her she  understands me and well she acts like a child sometimes I ranned after her with the other pillow  

soon it was a full on pillow fight and I couldn't hold in my laughter so I lost  we were both laughing ''anyways  I just wanted to know that im no one to judge you u are young and you make mistakes and just know your parents may be hard with you at first because they are going o be mad but they will come around because at the end of the day you are human and you do make mistakes tho you were very irresponsible having sex with out protection  but I understand I was young once too believe it or not and I made dumb choices too and my mom and your dad were hard on me and sometimes curl but it was just because they wanted the best from me they didn't want  me to ruin my life and im not saying you ruin  your life Im saying now you have a loy of thinking and growing up to do because you are no longer just gonna take care of you now u have a little bby to care for another human being '' she said

''I know tia and I know im just a kid and im goin to take care of another kid but I  don't want to abort and if I have to rise him or her all by myself I will because Im not killing It I wasn't responsible and now I have to deal with the results I know its going to be hard but I can do it '' I said she looked at me and smile  ''well its been a long long day for both of us how about we got to bed and think how we are going to tell your dad with out causing him a heart attack'' she said making me laugh ''ok goodnight'' I said hugging her and walking to my room 

I was in my bed with my hand in my belly ''don't worry baby I wont kill you and I know that im just a child but im gonna take good care of you  I don t know how is possible but I don't even know you  but I already love you and I will never ever let anything or anyone hurt you''  I said talking to my belly it was weird maybe a little  

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