what has cupid done

people say opposite attrack


45. chapter 44

its been a month since i got to LA  i go to school on line but my dad doesn't know that we talk everyday   i have a couple friends but i'm not really close to any one  but Jonathan he has been A dare with me he became like my best friend  always by my side ''alaya Jonathan is here'' yelled my aunt i grabbed my stuff and walked downstairs i was going shopping with him since i started getting fatter i don't know why i don't eat as much yet i feel so fat  my regular pants size is tight on me i need to buy a bigger size ''ok see u in a little while'' i said to my aunt i grabbed my keys and walked  downstairs ''hey'' i said getting in the car ''im hungry i was hopping we can eat  before shopping because you take for ever in the mall'' he said looking at me with a  straight face which made me laugh ''i don't take forever ok ! and no i'll be quick i promise its just some pants '' i said he rolled his eyes ''if i die of hungry ill make sure they know it was you '' he said i started laughing  ''cry baby '' i said laughing making him stick his tongue out at me childish ass


''4 HOURS LATER'' he complained ''oh my lord if you don't shut the fuck up i will hurt you ''  i said throwing the bags at him ''we are done we can go eat now damn it was only 2 hours '' i said walking to the car ''2 hours that seemed like 4 '' he said i rolled my eyes and we drove to a small mexcian place where they selled amazing good i loved it there we got off the car and walked in  sitting down and having the witress give us the menu ''you are always texting'' he said ''well im talkin to emely today is Michael birthday and they are throwing him a surprise party''  i said ''i bet you want to be there''  he said laughing i rolled my eyes of course i  do i miss all my friends and family but sadly i cant go back at least not now i finally feel like im  getting over Misael ''here is your food'' said the nice lady i smiled but that smied went off my face quick i ranned to the bathroom and  started throwing up everything ''are you ok'' asked Jonathan  ''i- don't -know'' i said trying to stand up but i was feeling dizzy ''help me sit down i don't feel so well'' i said  we walked to our table ''here drink water '' said jonathan giving me a cup  ''i'll be back  stay here ''  he said walking away

''you feeling better'' asked the witress i smiled ''yes thanks for asking'' i said ''i mean i know its not easy since your young but it will get better plus you and your boyfriend look like you really like each other and you are very lucky that he didn't run out on you'' she said i looked at her confused ''what are you talking about'' i asked ''its fine don't worry i wont judge '' she said ''umm what '' i said ''i know that you are pregnant '' she said with a huge smile making me drop my glass of water ''im so sorry '' i said trying to pick up the mess ''its fine i understand you are shock i got it '' she said ''but i am not pregnant and Jonathan  is not my boyfriend '' i said  she sat down ''ok ill believe you about he is not your boyfriend but you are totally pregnant '' she said ''look jonathan is my bestfriend and i know im not pregnant i got my period this month '' i said ''well some pregnant women still get their periods normally the first 2 months '' she said

''i cant be pregnant what i am not'' i said trying to convince myself more then her she smiled ''here take my number Zoey  and text me when you find out i was right '' she said writing her number on my phone '' i will be glad to text you to tell u  you are wrong Zoey '' i said getting up making her laugh i walked outside and started walking to a  ride aid that was close by  i texted Jonathan letting him know i had to do something to drop off my bags at home and  ill see him later i need to know if i was pregnant i walked in and got 3 different pregnancy test  the lady looked at me weird i shook it off and srtuffed the bag in my purse and took a taxi to my aunts apartment   ''Ms. alaya jonathn dropped off a couple bags i had them send to your apartment  since your aunt was home but she left a couple minutes ago she said to inform you that she was going to late '' said the door man i smiled ''thanks'' i said and started walking up the stairs

i locked the door and ran to the bathroom and locked that door as well i did all the test and now  had to wait 5 minutes i left the test on the bathroom and walked to get a cup of water i paced around the kitchen i think i made a hole   longest 5 minutes of my life damn god please don't let me be pregnant i cant be pregnant i walked back to the bath room and picked up the  first test ok so smiley face yes sad face no i looked at it  i picked up the other one 2 lines yes one line no i took a deep breath and picked up the last test 

''this is not it cant be right how in the world no ''   i ran to  get my phone  i called Zoey she picked up on the second ring ''hello'' ''what time you get off work''  ''in about 5 minutes''  ''ok good im gonna pick you up '' i said making her laugh  i grabbed my phone and my aunt's  car keys and ran down the stairs fast as ever i was in shock mode i couldn't be pregnant i drove up to where Zoey works ''get in'' i yelled she did as told ''soo was i right'' she asked  ''Zoey what am i going to do my dad is going to kill me my mom is gonnA hate me  i cant have this kid'' i said tearing up  ''come here'' she said pulling me in to a hug ''my dad hates the dad and he would kill him and this was the last thing i needed right now i was trying to forget him get over him how am i suppose to do that when i have a mini him  in my tummy'' i said crying now ''what are you going to do '' she asked ''i don't know i don't like abortion sol im not gonna do that but im to young to have a kid i cant take care of my self let alone a little baby'' i said

''well talk to your aunt and im sure she will help u out don't worry everything is going to be fine just remember god hangs but he doesn't kill '' she said hugging me

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