what has cupid done

people say opposite attrack


44. chapter 43

''buckle your seat belt Ms we are about to land'' I nodded as the lady walked away ''at this time you  may turn off or put in airplane mode all electronic devices '' said the pilot my phone was off anyways so I just ignored that I cant believe im about to land and I have to live with my aunt don't get me wrong I love auntie Margaret but I feel she is to young and she acts my age  her life is party after party my dad really didn't think this through she is 24 and she has a boyfriend but she doesn't want to get married they have been together 6 years  she lives in Beverly hills CA far from Miami  far from Misael ''ladies and gentlemen walk to Los Angeles California '' said the pilot i took off my seat belt grabbed my bag and got out before the huge crowd started forming i picked up my other 3 suitcases and looked for my i aunt as soon as she saw me she ran and hugged me ''look at you oh my god you are so big'' she said  kissing me i smiled ''look at you u never get old'' i said making her laugh she helped me with  my bags and we made our way to her car ''how was the flight'' ''well fine i guess i just hate being all those hours there but other then that good'' i said 

we were catching up when her phone rang ''its your dad'' she said picking up that remind me to turn on my phone and yea 5 missed calls from dad ''yeah don't worry big bro '' she said before hunging up ''are you hungry what you wanna do im guessing u just don't want to go home and be all alone'' she said ''i don't mind i know u have to work '' i said  ''you can come with me so i can show u off'' she said with a huge smile i laughed and nodded she pulled up to  big office she was a fashion model her body was perfect i swear ''don't worry honey i know is a big change from one day to another but u will get use to it'' she said ''its fine i understand'' seems that lightly that's all i  have been saying ''you know im just not your aunt im your friend and im going to take you out and we are going to have a lot of fun '' she said i smiled


''oh look Jonathan this is my niece Alaya alaya he is my brother in law'' she said i smiled ''hi nice to meet you '' he said ''nice to meet you too'' i said 'i came to tell u that my brother said he had a surprise for you to go to his office'' he said sitting down ''oh great alaya can you wa-'' ''yea'' i said cutting her off ''you seem a like her sister not her niece'' he said ''are you calling me old'' i said looking at him ''no no not at all '' he said i laughed ''it fine i mean i am a little old the big 17 '' i said ''that's not the old but how u liking the city '' he said   ''well so far i have seen the air port and this so umm i guess you can say that'' i said laughing ''well we cant that how about i take you  to see the city'' he said ''i don't if i could trust u i mean i just met you what if u are trying to kidnap me or worse asking me out '' i said laughing making him laugh

''you are funny i like that but im not asking you out i mean un less to friends out site seeing is called a date'' he said standing up ''well''  ''well come on''he said pulling me up ''what if auntie gets mad '' ''she wont your with me'' he said making me laugh ''oh and who are you exactly '' I asked  laughing  ''come don't worry about it '' said jonathan ''no lets go to my aunt first i don't want her to get mad '' i said he rolled his eyes ''ugh fine '' he said i stood up and followed  

''Margaret can i take  alaya site seeing '' he said ''no im sorry no'' she said  ''why not'' ''she just go here she is tired '' she said ''i think they should go bae  plus you don't want her to be ALL those hours alone cuz we have to go out tonight'' said richy Margaret's boyfriend ''well i don't know  bby fine you can go but don't be long'' she said

''is fine auntie i don't wanna go i just to unpack and i need to get that done but you could help me unpack jonathan '' i said he rolled his eyes ''fine '' he said walking out making me follow and laughing

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