what has cupid done

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43. chapter 42

Misael's p.o.v

its been 2 weeks since  I last saw alaya she blocked my number she doesn't go to school brook doesn't even look at me ''Misael mom needs your help '' said emely coming in my room I rolled my eyes ''eww you need to clean this place up it stinks here nigga'' she said kicking some beer bottles that where on the floor ''get out emely I want to be alone'' I said  annoyed ''look I know you mis brook but this is no one to deal with it'' she said ''look you are no one to tell how to run my life I do what ever I want ''I said she rolled her eyes ''have it your way I was just trying to help u and since your being such an asshole  im not gonna tell what I found out about alaya'' she said walking out

''wait no eme come back im sorry tell me '' I said walking after her she smirked ''why should I u were being a complete asshole to me ''  she said ''im begging you please'' I said ''fine I don't know much she doesn't talk to me like that no more  but I know she is moving away '' she said ''when why where '' I asked ''well Michael told me that her dad was upset with everything that happen with you so he is sending her to live with her aunt to LA and she is leaving early morning tomorrow'' she said ''is she coming back'' ''for no her dad is not planning on it '' ''emely I need to see her please text her o help to eat with you be fore she goes please'' I begged ''I don't know Misael is not a good idea''  she said ''please Ill anything for you please just text her '' I begged

Alaya's p.o.v

''did you pack every thing'' my dad asked I nodded ''honey don't you think u are over reacting'' said my mom ''no I want the  best for my daughter and if sending her away from us is the best then that what we have to do even if it kills us ''  he said ''there is no need to fight I understand and yes dad everything Is ready for tomorrow I just need to go buy one last suit case '' I said ''ok don't be long'' my dad said I nodded it was just an excuse to meet emely she said she wanted to say goodbye and I could go now that Misael want home and to be honest I was glad she texted me  I need to see her before I go

 I pulled up to her house and yup Misael's bike was no where to be seen I parked and walked to the front door quickly and knocked she open the door and I hugged her tight ''I cant believe your leaving to morrow '' she said ''I know '' I said siting down ''but when are you coming back are you going to forget about me '' she said I laughed ''well im not gonna forget about you I will keep in touch and I just wanted to say sorry I don't talk to u like before what happens between me and  Misael has  nothing to do with u and me I was just so hurt and u re mind me of him and im sorry I love you '' I said

''don't worry about it honey  Im just gonna miss you so much u better call me everyday''  she said hugging me just then the door open and Misael walked in ''were u able to ta- alaya ''   I froze in my spot  '' your here'' he said coming closer to me ''stay away from me Misael I was just leaving '' I said grabbing my purse ''no please don't go I wanna talk to you please''  he said grabbing my hand making me feel butter flies im so stupid why did I still butterflies  I snapped out of It '' look we talked already there is nothing else to say '' I said holding m y hand back

''yes there is alaya and you know there was a lot of things left unsaid ''  he said  ''I already know what you are going to say and guess what I don't wanna hear Misael  and u know what  the truth is that I care way to much and you didn't care enough '' I said '''don't u dare say that u know I cared I care very much  yes I made mistakes but im not perfect alaya I made some bad choices in my life bu-'' ''I never said you were prefect and I never judge you I know I was always right by your side but I gave u a chance to fix them bad choices you made and you lied to me I never asked for you to be perfect because I loved you with all your flaws '' I said cutting him off

by now I was pretty sure my eyes were filled with tears ''you wanted to talk ok no hear me out I got a lot to say love is a verb love is doing saying showing don't ever thing that saying you love someone is enough  because is n-'' ''you think I didn't show I loved you ? I did show it every day and you know it I told u many time this was the first time I have ever felt that way for a girl and t was hard ffor me to express my feeling but I did that for you and yes I lied yes but you don't understand im in all the way I cant just say fuck It I quit they would kill me I lied cuz I cared for you alaya I didn't wanna lose you  I lied to protect you ''  he said

''to protect me ?  how did that work out for you Misael because last time I checked I got kidnapped because your lies '' I said  pushing him ''I know that alaya and it kills me that they hurt you because of me  it kills me everyday but I love you alaya and it kills me more that I lost you  you are the love of my life with u I have felt things I have never felt with no one else and it scares ne to think that  wont wake up next to you one day and say that I love you I wont have the beautiful family I wanted with you  I need you back in my life I want you back into my life '' he said  ''don't you understand your my half that makes me whole''  ''Misael stop you broke my heart and you can put the pieces back together yes but once is make together is not the same as before it had fallen and im not ready to get it broken again and maybe  this is what the stories meant when they called somebody heartsick. Your heart and your stomach and your whole insides felt empty and hollow and aching'' I said

''alaya please '' he said his voice cracking at the end ''Stab the body and it heals, but injure the heart and the wound lasts a lifetime ''I said  with tears in my eyes ''im sorry but we are done for good and it kills me to say It yes I love you but I cant be with u no more when you are putting yourself and your love ones in danger every day '' I said walking away ''alaya'' he yelled as I walked away ''goodbye Misael '' I said running out the house with the tears streaming down



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