what has cupid done

people say opposite attrack


42. chapter 41

''mom , dad'' i yelled running and hugging them ''oh honey we were so worry'' said my dad  looking at me ''what happen '' asked my mom ''i asked her and she wouldn't say anything she says she doesn't know that every thing happen so fast'' said the officer ''honey where is Misael '' asked my mother ''mom i haven't taken a shower in 2 days let me clean up please '' i said ''ok go ahead '' she said ''thanks again officer '' i said ''just doing my job'' he said i smiled and walked upstairs

''alaya your home i was so worry '' said brook hugging me as i came out the bathroom ''you are going to make my towel fall'' i said 'im sorry i was just dieing '' she said letting me go ''im fine dont worry at least now i am '' i said charging my phone ''ok explain  to me everything that happen'' said brook i changed and walked down stairs ''now are u ready to explain to us what happen'' said my dad ''look dad i dont know me and Misael were on our way home and some cars started following us and almost made us crash so when we stopped a guy took me out the and force me on to another and Misael was trying to help me but they were telling him they were going to kill me if de moved they had a gun pointed to my face and then they kept me locked up in a room''  i said

i didn't exactly lie just didn't tell the whole truth i answered their questions ''are we done here my im tried i just want to sleep in my bed'' i said she nodded and i went to my room locking the door behind me  and grabbed  my phone and stared at Misael's contact  i texted him letting him know i was fine but thanks for worrying  hint the sarcasm god what was i doing i was so stupid i heard a knock on my balcony's door  i went to check it out and it was Misael ''you have some nerves to show up here'' i said opening the door ''im so sorry baby  i sorry look what they did to you''he said hugging me  ''dont touch me Misael i cant believe you lie to me all this time and look what your lies did '' i said pushing him off me ''  i know im so stupid im sorry'' he said holding my hand

''no sorry is not gonna fix things this time Misael because of your lies my life was in danger that guy hit me and abused me he tried  to rape me wait no he almost raped me and you were no where to be found i told u i didn't want to be  part of anything that has to do with that world and i became part of it'' i said with tears in my eyes ''i know bby i told you  it wasn't easy i was looking for you i was getting backup bby dont worry they are going to pay for what they did ''he said ''no Misael no that is why is hard leaving the business because you are always getting your self deeper in when are you going to stop dont you see every day you put your family and love ones in danger when are you going to leave when your mom is dead? when  you are lock up or even worse dead? if something happens to your family is going to be your fault'' i yelled

just then  there was a knock on the door ''ALAYA CRISTAL ESPINAL HERNANDEZ OPEN THIS DOOR RIGHT NOW''  yelled my dad i froze ''I KNOW MISAEL IS THERE OPEN THE DOOR OR I WILL KNOCK IT DOWN'' he yelled i opened the door and my dad went straight to Misael and punched him straight in the face ''is your fault what happen to my daughter'' he said my mom grabbed my dad and i stood infront of Misael ''dad stop'' i said ''take a good look a her because this is the last time you are ever going to see her im going to send her far far away from  you and all your friends and im gonna make sure you spend the rest of your life in jail'' y dad yelled ''dad stop no Misael was just leaving there is no need for you to ruin his life by sending him to jail please'' i said

''he ruin his life when he decided to sell that shit that is killing kids his own age '' my dad yelled Misael didn't say anything ''dad please he never meant to put me in danger just he will leave and never \speak to me again but let him  go ''  i begged ''ok fine'' my dad said ''i think were we stand was left clear for you Misael im sorry it had to end this way really thought u were different u sure made me think u were but turns out ur just like the rest and im just stupid for falling for you '' i said with tears streaming down like a water fall giving him his  promise ring back ''i knew it was o good to be true'' i said ''look alaya i messed up big time yes i lied yes im jerk everything you are thinking of me but everything i said was true and i meant it everything i promise came from my heart and my intentions was never to hurt you i never though things were gonna get this far i thought i was going to be able to control everything and i was wrong and im so sorry just know i love you and i will always love u'' he said leaving me there holding out the promise ring he walked away making me break down

''start packing your bags you are moving to los Angeles with your aunt Margaret and that is my last word and you are not changing my mind Ashley so dont even try'' my dad said walking out my room my mom followed shit yo ''how are u doing;'' asked brook walking in ''how u think, i just lost the love of my life and im moving all the way to los angeles with out anyone '' i said

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