what has cupid done

people say opposite attrack


41. chapter 40

when I woke up all tied up I tired moving but I couldn't  I look around  and it was a small room and it was dark  I saw I door tried shaking  to loosen up the ropes  but nothing the chair didn't even move  soon the door open and I was to scared to look ''well well well look who finally decided to wake up'' heard a voice say from behind me I couldn't talk since they put duct tape on  my mouth  it was that leo guy  he had a smirk on his face as he looked at me ''you know you aren't so ugly '' he said touchin my face I moved back a little which made him mad and he grabbed my face ''you should be proud I took an inters on you or else you would have been dead long time ago'' he said slapping me making tears fall out my eyes  I tried to speak but you couldn't understand anything I was saying  he remove the tape making me yell out in pain which he seem to enjoy

''who are u and why am I here'' I asked ''the less u know the better''' he said ''ok ok but can I use the bathroom please'' I asked her looked at me and finally nodded and started untieing me as soon as I was fress I kicked him in his lower part and started ranning  ''fucking whore'' he yelled falling on the ground and getting  out his gun I ran fast I didn't know where I was ranning every time I turned it was another long hallway with out an exit  I started to panic  what am I going to do ''there she is get her'' yelled leo coming my way with all his guys  I started ranning  but a big guy stopped me and grabbed me putting me over his shoulder ''bring her back to the room'' said leo

''let me go '' I yelled kicking the guy he threw me making me hit my head with the wall ''how dar yoy try and ran' said leo kicking me in my stomach making me groan in pain tears escape my eyes ''what do u want \from me '' I yelled making him bend down and grab  me from my hair ''if you know whats good for you shut the fuck up'' he said   ''can you tell me why the fuck am here'' I said ''if I did then I would have to kill u '' he said with a smirk ''im gonna do it anyways why not'' he said trying to kiss me but I spit in his face makein him mad hitting me with the gun on the head

''you dont know what u got your self into'' he said grabbing my face and kissing me i started crying and tried to push him away  but he was stronger ''boss''  said a guy  ''what cant you see im busy'' said leo getting mad ''im sorry boss but Misael is on the phone'' he said  leo got up and took the phone walking out the room i started crying why was this happening to me ''dont cry little miss'' said the guy coming close to me ''dont touch me '' i said '' im not gonna hurt you'' he said ''why am i here'' i asked him ''your boyfriend stole some stuff from us and my boss wants the money and his boss but your boyfriend wont be helpful so that why you are here'' he said i started crying even harder

i cant believe im here just because Misael is a fucking ugh   he told me he didn't work with that no more  ''help me please'' i said to the guy ''im sorry missy i cant '' he said getting up and moving away from me  just then leo walked in ''your running out of time ''he said before smashing the phone to the ground ''pray that you little boyfriend gives me what i want or else your dead'' he said looking at me i crawled to the corner and started breaking down im never getting out of here


a couples hours pass and i was still sitting in the dark room ''i  brought food'' said the nice guy who was talking to me earlier ''im no hungry ''' i said pushing the food away  ''you have to eat something''  he said ''i just want to go home please help me '' i begged ''im sorry i cant i could get in to trouble'' he said ''listen just leave the door unlock i wont say 9it was you if i get caught '' i said ''im sorry missy '' he said  ''can i at least call my mom'' i said ''no sorry '' he said ''what happen with my things with the car'' i asked ''they are in the junk  place back there '' he said pointing ''you are nice why  you work for him '' i asked moving closer to him ''need money''  he said ''im sorry''  i said ''what '' he said  i hit him with the soda bottle he gave me  knocking him out and running out i walked down the hall and opened one of the doors  and there was the junk yard he was talkin about i found the car and opened it i found my purse

that night i hid my phone under the seat so i looked for it and found it i grabbed everything and started ranning i was in the main street  i tried turning on  my phone but it was dead  damn yo what am i going to do my dress was all ripped i didn't have no shoes i had bruise every where  i looked home less tears came down my eyes as i walked a car pulled  next to me i thought it was leo but it was a police car ''sir i need help sir'' i said crying ''calm down calm down  get in the car'' he said i did as told  and he was driving me home 

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