what has cupid done

people say opposite attrack


4. chapter 4

I haven't stopped thinking about what happen yesterday with Misael I had confirmed that I do have feeling for him Im falling for him and hard oh god I just hope he is there to catch me or else I will get hurt so bad . the last bell rang and I hurried to the gym I was already late

Misael p.o.v

I was about to leave just when I saw there where girls on the football field so I went to take a look and I was surprise to who u saw the cheerleader doing their thing but one of them caught me eye  ''ok girls that was awesome we just need to get it perfect  by Friday I mean we have 3 days don't worry just meet her tomorrow at the same time'' she said all the girls left and she was packing up her stuff I walked up behind her and whispered in her ear ''hey sexy'' she turned around and smiled ''hey you'' she said kiss my cheek '' didn't know you where a cheerleader '' I said ''yup this is my second year but first as captain '' said alaya I nodded ''u know u look hot '' I said she had on tights in a tank top she was super skinny and her but was huge I mean she is wearing tights I couldn't help but notice ''thanks'' she said I smirked ''who u waiting for'' I asked ''my sister she should be here soon'' ''ohh your twiin I would love to meet her '' I said she smiled ''well today is your lucky day''she said and just then a grey bmw  pulled up and the drivers window rolled down ''hey brook this is my friend misael'' ''no wonder I met her the frist day and I thought u were her'' I said ''that happens a lot''they said at the same time ''stop that'' they said again ''ugh your so annoying'' they said again making me laugh ''well bae I text u later I have to go '' she nodded and I kissed her on the cheek and left

alaya p.o.v

''what was that '' asked brook with a huge smile ''he is just a friend '' ''he called  bae '' ''just a friend '' ''but do u like him'' she asked looking at me ''no no I dont'' she stared at me straight In the eyes ''ok maybe'' she kept staring at me ''ok yes es I do a lot'' she started fangirling I hate when she did that with her eyes I felt like she was reading my soul 'but I don't think he likes me'' I said ''I know he likes you didn't u see the way he looked at u ''she said as we pulled up infront of the house ''he might like me but I don't think it will work I mean he hungs out with jaid and his crew I mean those people are just bad news and they walk around the school thinking they own it '' I said walking upstairs ''yes but let me tell u one thing sister jaid and his crew are the hottest boys in school'' she said I nodded agreeing with her ''but he doesn't seem like a boy who would take a relationship serious u I know what I mean'' I said she nodded  I jumped on my bed just then my phone beeped it was a text

from Misael sexy beast

hey sexy what u doing tonight

nothing why

well now u have plans pick u up at 8

I smiled at myself and started taking a shower I watched a movie and eat something and before I knew it was 7:30 I put on some skinny jeans and my mikey mouse white shirt and black vans and walk down stairs ''mom im leaving '' I yelled ''be home by 10'' she yelled back ''ok'' I said closing the door behind me








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