what has cupid done

people say opposite attrack


40. chapter 39

time goes by so fast   it feels like if it was just yesterday that i met Misael and we started dating  and today is our one year anniversary  i let the towel covering my body fall on the floor as i walked in to the closet  he said he had something special but it was a surprise so i had to dress elegant  but no to out there so that's my mission find the prefect  dress i found it a Backless Long High Neck open on  one side  Dress before putting on my dress i decided to put on my make up first so i started  applying concealer  making sure  to avoid having discolored marks around my face then i put on  a coat of foundation  and then i put a little powder and added a little blush i didn't like it that much and i filled in my eye brows and added an eye shadow gold  then the hardest pat for is my eyeliner but i did it  i finished off with mascara i put on lip liner and then lastly my red lip stick i pin my hair to  the side it was wavy i put on my dress damn i looked so hot ''alaya Misael is here '' yelled my  mom i smiled put on my heels grabbed my purse and walked down stairs  ''im ready'' i said with a smile  ''wow you look  beautiful ''  he said i smiled ''thanks ''

we been driving for hours but we finally pulled up to a nice place like a beach house  the sun was down and the moon was out she light of the moon reflected beautifully on the water I opened my door and got out he hold my hand and guided me to a Kiosk  that looked beautiful  there was a table with candles and flowers and champagne took my breath away I sat down and he sat across from me ''you like it '' he asked ''I love it'' I said he smiled and we started eating  and talking about random stuff the night seem to be going perfect I couldn't take the smile off my face  my cheeks hurt already I swear  

''how about we go down to the water'' he said as we sat looking at the moon I nodded and took off  my heels and walked on the sand it felt funny  we stood in the end of the beach and the he hugged me from behind placing his head on my shoulder ''I want to marry you right here in this spot'' he said making  me blush I turned around his arms stll around me and he crashed my lips on his  it was a soft not rushed kissed I pulled away I splashed water on his face and started running away laugh he smiled and started chasing me ''how dare you'' he yelled right before he caught me bride style making me scream and laugh ''I should throw you in the water'' he said pretending to throw me in making me scream 'no no think about my dress it will get ruin'' I said covering my face ''we can dry it '' he said ''please don't '' I begged '' im really liking the idea of throwing you right now '' he said laughing I warped my arms around his neck and crashed my lips on his   he started putting me down on my back on the sand  not breaking the kiss  I pulled away once again and  ranned in the house I didn't know where I was going just ranned up the stairs to the very last floor it was a long hall away and at the end there was a shut door I stood still ''you almost ruin my surprise '' said Misael catching up with me he took my hand and guided me down the hall and opened the door


there was a huge bed with a heart made of flowers in the middle of the bed and a trial of flowers starting at the door and ending on the bed the lights were off but there was candles every where ''wow'' was all I could say he smiled ''u like '' ''I love you '' I said kissing him  I wrapped my arms around his neck and let him carry me to the bed he unzipped my dress and it felled on the floor  never breaking the kiss



 I put my dress on as Misael was washing up in the bathroom this night has been prefect wonder full I turned my phone back on it was 11 I text  my mom seeing I had 5 missed calls and 3 from my dad and 7 from brook I rolled my eyes god cant leave me alone  ''you still look beautiful '' he said standing there with out no shirt looking sexy ''I think we should go before m y family had the whole FBI looking for me '' I said making him laugh he nodded I grabbed my heels and phone and started walking down the stairs ''damn  I ranned up all these stairs'' I said there where so many  once I reached the bottom I was out of breath I cant believe I ran up all these stairs

we were on the road ''you alright bae'' I asked Misael he looked a little off ''yeah im fine'' he said holding my hand and kissing it  ''you sure bae ''' I asked he nodded  I responded brooks text saying I was on my way home Misael started going faster ''um bae dont you think you are going to fast '' I askd he ignored me and went even faster turning down a weird street I looked back there was 2 cars following us ''Misael we are being followed'' I said getting scared he looked at me and his face scared me even more his eyes were no longer the soft light brown they were dark and he looked mad  he didn't say nothing just went faster

'' BE CAREFUL'' I yelled as we almost hit another car he pushed the break down makin g the car make a funny sound I hit my face with the window making me cut my forehead and started bleeding the car came to a stop  just in time  Misael took out a gun he had under his seat and the 2 cars following us came to a stop ''whats going on '' I asked ''stay here'' he said getting off the car I looked the door and he was out there 4 guys got off one car and four more got off the other  they were arguing with Misael  one guys pulled up a gun on Misael I watched and then \some one bang on the window of the car ''open up'' he said I got scared up didn't open ''have it your way'' he said and hit the window with the gun breaking the glass and un locking the door making me scream he   grabbed me by an arm and pulled me out putting the gun on my back to force me to walk ''let her go '' yelled Misael ''where is he '' yelled the guy pointing the gun at Misael  ''she has nothing to do with this let her go'' he yelled

''if you dont tell me ill kill her myself '' he said coming closer to me pointing the gun to  my head  tears started forming in my eyes ''leo let her go take me'' Misael begged the leo gun  smirked ''I see you care for her I mean I would to she is fine'' he said tracing my face with the gun ''sure would be sad to kill her'' he said I let the tears fall down ''Misael look at her '' he said laughing ''let her go'' Misael said pulling out his gun and shooting the guys stand next to him  leo grabbed me and stood behind me ''one more step and I swear I will blow her head up'' he said Misael stood still ''drop the gun'' he yelled Misael did as told ''rico grab the girl take her in the car'' leo said to the guy who  broke the window he grabbed me making me scream ''nooo let me go '' I yelled ''shut up'' he said I started screaming ''I said shut it'' he said slapping me and throwing me in the car  I started crying  ''you have 3 hours bring him to me or the girl is gone '' yelled leo  getting on  the car  sitting next to me and the car drove off leaving Misael there

I started crying ''shhh everything will be alright'' said leo putting his hand on my thigh ''dont touch me'' I said he smirked ''if I were you I would be a good girl  or I could hurt you '' he said  I moved away a little 



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