what has cupid done

people say opposite attrack


39. chapter 38

 i finished putting on a little bit of lipstick and walked down stairs i loved my dress  it was simple Brooklyn didn't like it at first because she wanted all the attention  but i think it's prefect  is a Column Halter Deep V-neck Crossed Back with Beadings Pleated Chiffon Long dress of course red but it looks better in white like brook i walked down the stairs and there was brook looking exactly like me same hair color same hairstyle same heels same dress i took a deep breath and walked up to her wear mom started taking pictures like crazy  ''lets go we are late ''  i said walking in to the limo   we go to the hall and i swear i jumped out mom was driving me crazy taking pictures  Misael was waiting fo me outside  and carlos was waiting for  brook  also the press was there taking pictures like crazy  Misael took me by the arm and we went inside  where  the music was blasting and all our friends where drinking and dancing  ''THE BIRTHDAY TWINS IN THE HOUSE'' said the dj stopping the music and everyone clapping   then turned it back on again 

''you ok babe'' asked Misael i nodded ''wanna dance'' he asked ''oh my gosh did bryan Misael just asked me to dance'' i said making him smirk and kiss my lips ''shut up and dance with me'' he said i laughed and got up and went to the dance floor   i was \tweaking  when dj switched the song to a slow one i put my arms around his neck and he put is arms around my waist pulling me closer and we moved side to side with the music ''babe come here with me'' said Misael out of no where pulling me outside by my hand  ''whats wrong baby'' i asked  he didn't say anything just looked at me i smiled ''baby whats up'' i asked again  but he didn't say anything just took a deep breath ''Misael baby are you ok you are scaring me please tell me what wrong '' i said

''look alaya this is not easy for me because im not that type of guy but here goes  nothing ....I think about the time before you were a part of my life. I remember  my life was a mess i remember going  from one girl  to another, never getting serious with any of them  just used them and then . Along came you and from that day forth everything changed from the moment i saw you i knew i wanted you for me i wanted you to be mine  You have given me so much that I can never pay you back and I know that I can only spend my lifetime loving you and make you feel safe and secure in my arms you mean the world to me  You are not only my love but also my inspiration. I love the way you love me and you take care of every little things. I never see the tiredness in you even if I know that you are dead tired that sweet smile is always on your lips that smile i love and yes we have had our ups and downs  through all the tough times that life threw at us we managed to make our way and still remain stronger than ever. I know that you are the one who is responsible for it all. You have managed to hold us together and I know that with you love by my side there is nothing that I cannot achieve. Thank you  for being my strength and my guide you are all  I  ever need and ever want out of life.  let me tell you some thing  if someone came up to me 7 months ago and told me i was going to fall in love and be in such stable relationship with you i would have beat them the fuck up but now im glad you came in to my life i love you alaya cristal with all my heart '' he said making tears form in my eyes

''i wanted to say happy birthday baby'' he said taking out a small box from his pocket he opened it and it was a ring shaped like a crown it was beautiful from Pandora i loved that place i gasped  ''i wanna give you this promise ring and with it i promise that i will never hurt you every baby i will always love you and one day we are going to make a beautiful family together'' he said i couldn't help it  i started crying and hugged him ''i love you so much'' i said hugging him crying my eyes out  he smiled and kissed my lips it was a soft  but filled with passion   i pulled away with a smile ''you are the best boyfriend  ever'' i said  kissing his cheek he put the ring on  my finger ''oh my gosh it looks so  beautiful ''  i said he smiled and put his arm me and kissed my head ''we should go inside '' he said i nodded   and walked hand and hand inside

''im  going to get a drink you go sit down'' i nodded and did as told ''honey where in the world have you been'' asked my mom ''outside '' i said ''your dad is here getting ready to sing he wanted you  to join him with his new song he said you were the only person beside him who knew all the lyrics '' my mom said ''oh my gosh really '' i said running back stage where my dad was getting ready ''daddy'' i yelled jumping on him ''happy birthday princess'' he said kissing my cheek ''im ready to sing  with you'' i said excided he smiled and gave me a mic and we went on stage  i was a little nervous but when my dad took my hand and started  singing i followed 

''that was amazing baby'' my dad said hugging me as we walked back to the table where mom and everyone hugged me best birthday ever ''mind if i steal her of a while'' said Misael to my dad pulling me away and in to the dnace floor giving me a red cup ''time to turn up'' he said with a smirk i took the cup and started drinking the liquid it burned my throat  but i didn't mind  


it was the end of the night 2:30 in the morning and we were on our way home  saying and yelling  in  the limo i had so much fun i swear couldn't stop smiling i bet i look like a monster but i didn't mind  Michael was passed out since he was extra drunk   i took so many pictures of him oh my gosh we pulled in to the house drive way and got out the limo and in to the house me waking Michael up by slapping him which made him mad we walked inside and mom and dad made us all sit in the leaving room for presents

''ok so this is from me and your mom '' said dad giving me a bag and also to brook we opened and i couldn't believe what i was looking at the iPhone 6s  i hugged them and thank them so did rook she got the  iPhone 6s plus ''and this if from me and zuriel '' said cristal  ''thank auntie '' i said ''is the same thing for both of you spoiler alert '' said Michael  i rolled my eyes and saw the cutest case ever for my phone and a extra charger Michael said his present would be here tomorrow and with that we all went upstairs  i started transferring everything from my old phone to my new one and texted Misael good night

\i knew this would be a night to remember

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