what has cupid done

people say opposite attrack


38. chapter 37

''why do the teachers hate alaya why tell me '' said brook which mad me laugh today was our birthday and the day they give us our report card i finished getting ready and walked downstairs in to he kitchen with brook following me making everyone scream HAPPY DOUBLE BIRTHDAY TWINS  i smiled and hugged everyone and then the door bell rang  ''i'll get it'' i said they all followed me and i opened  the door where there was a big teddy bear like huge almost my sizes and behind the teddy bear was my dumb boy friend with flower and chocolates   i smiled  ''happy birthday '' he said  making me jump on him i swear  best boy friend ever  ''i love you'' i said taking the flowers away from him brook helped me bring in the teddy bear ''aww isn't he then cutest '' said my aunt cristal to my  mom holding her coffee mug

''they are cute'' my mom said   sitting on the couch Misael kissed my cheek and hugged me from behind ''best boy friend ever'' said  brook looking at the big teddy bear ''the next part is for later'' whispered Misael in my ear next part ? there is more god i love this boy i nodded and kissed him ''ok lets go we are going to be late ''  said brook pulling Misael  by his shirt and out side i followed closing the door behind us  we got in brook's car and made our way to school

''ready for the party'' asked Misael ''well mom  and aunt cristal are going to get the hall ready while we in school and a French chef is making a buffet so yeah Michael is getting the DJ and we just to get hair and nails done after school and pick up the dresses in the dry cleaners but we have time since it starts at 7 '' said brook ''yeah did you get your suit '' i asked looking at him ''babe you know i don't do suits i got white jeans and a white shirt  with white shoes '' he said ''close enough '' i said   we pulled in the school drive way ''so remember you should be there by 6;30'' said brook Misael nodded and we made our way to class to get the report cards i was so nervous omg  

 ''OMG NOOOO'' I yelled as i looked at my report card making the class look at me ''are you ok ms espinal '' asked me Mr brown ''NO I AM NOT OK OK I AM NOT OK'' i yelled making him laugh ''Mr you are cut off no i don't like yu no more how dare you''' i yelled he looked at me and smiled ''you earn that grade '' he said ''no mr no don't talk to me you cut'' i said  walking out the class as the bell rang   '' this is bull shit im done i give up on school'' i heard brook yelling  i walked up2 to her ''i have horrible grades mom is going to kill me'' she said ''what are they tell me'' i asked

'' D,D,B,C,D,A'' oh my god girl you are so dead'' i said laughing she gave me a dirty look  and slammed her locker shut walking away from me i followed and ran into Misael ''hey bby'' he said ''hi how are your grades''  i asked ''D,D,A,A,B,F'' he said ''oh my gosh baby im  so proud of you your grades are better than brook's ''i said hugging him ''shut up'' she yelled making me laugh  ''i mean who wouldn't with you as a girl friend '' said jaid making Misael slapped him  ''lets see your grades '' said brook coming in my face ''im so mad they are horrible mr brown ruin everything '' i said  getting annoyed again ''lets here them'' said jaid amused

''A,A,A,A,A,B'' i said ''that's bad'' asked Misael laughing ''YES HE GAVE ME A 89 WHO DOES THAT'' i yelled getting angry again making them laugh at me  i rolled my eyes ''anyways lets go  we have to go to the salon  ''  said brook ''you wanna ditch the rest of the day  with your grades you cant afford that'' i said  she rolled her eyes ''Misael can u control your nerd and tell her we have to get everything ready'' said brook ignoring me

''Look alaya my grades are horrible but mom  cant find out because im scared she will cancel he pary so please don't say anything till after the party'' asked brook as we got in the  car Misael convince me of leaving and now i see why i deserve that 89  ''i think it to late for that i texted her saying  my grades are horrible and im up set she said we will talk when i get home'' i said brook rolled her eyes and Misael chuckled and grabbed my hand kissing it ''babe a B is not a bad grade'' he said  '' do you think i should die my hair '' i asked    ''what color '' asked Misael ''red'' i said he gave me a look ''no hell no'' he said i started laughing ''like re die it blond and brown '' i asked ''oh then yeah'' he said i smiled and gave him a quick kiss

we walked in to the salon  and it was empty ''maria darling im back'' i said  i  didn't let anyone else do my hair ''so i was thinking cutting the end and dying it full blond at the bottom and leave my hair color at the top '' i said she nodded and started to wash my hair  soon i was in the hair dryer  texting on my phone Misael left to sleep a little before the party and do something with jaid  


'oh my gosh thanks i love it'' i said looking at my hair she has the hands of an angle i swear   ''how i look '' asked brook my mouth dropped open she died her hair like mines and it didn't look bad but we already looked alike now we look even more ''pretty '' i said ''im sorry i wanted to surprise you'' she said i smiled ''its fine '' we walked out ''now lets get the dress and heels and go home'' she said  


''your hair girls amazing'' my mom said ''thanks'' we said at the same time ''mom look at my report card '' i said showing it to her ''wow honey im so proud of you your grades are amazing'' she said hugging me ''your dad would be so proud '' she said i smiled ''he called me might come tonight '' she said ''i guess it would be cool but im not gonna wait around for him this year ''' i said walking away ''start getting ready bae'' brook yelled i nodded and walked up stairs i have a feeling this is going to be a night to remember

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