what has cupid done

people say opposite attrack


37. chapter 36

the last bell rang and everyone started walking out today was a little chilly outside   since it was raining  the wealth matched my mood I wasn't feeling  very good today I was stressing over my grades first quarter ends tomorrow and I wanted all As  but it was hard my classes are so much harder then last year and everything going on at home  Im just stressing so much my car broken down and I had to take the bus home for the first time in so long  I walked to my locker to grab my things   I open my locker and grabbed my notebooks 'hey babe you ready'' asked book  I nodded and  we started walking downstairs ''where is Misael '' she asked  '' I don't know he hasn't bothered me today  since I haven't been In such a great mood or anything''  I said as we walked down the stairs ''why whats wrong baby'' she asked ''well this is junior year Brooklyn we have to do our best this is the year collages look at and I want to go to a good collage  I need my grades to be good  I'm stressing'' I said we walked outside  '' honey you are very smart  you know your grades are good and you do all the extra credit  stop stressing plus you should e happy your birthday Is almost here'' she said  as we made our way to the bus stop  I rolled my eyes ''don't even remind me'' I said making her laugh I don't have good memories from our birthday parties but brook for some reason loves them 

we were  waiting for the dumb bus that was taking forever we were talking about our birthday and what we were gonna do we always do a party  like last year my dad went all out for our sweet 16 and he didn't even show up this year brook wants something big as well since its 17 but I don't want a big party out of no where I  felt a large pair of arms wrapped around me  making me jump a little ''hello sexy''  Misael whispered in my ear sending chills down my back   ''you scared me '' I said without turning around   he kissed my cheek ''im sorry baby i didn't mean to '' he said the bus came and we got on Misael grabbed my hand   and we sat on the back next to the window never letting Misael's hand go i hate public buses all these creeps   i swear ''babe how was your day'' he asked  i put my head on his shoulder and he put his arm around me  ''good bae im sorry for being a total bitch'' i said looking up at him   ''its fine but you should stop stressing your about to be 17 baby in less then a week aren't you happy'' ''actually no im not dad is in the middle of  his tour and i don't want a party''

''then what you want to do'' he asked me i smirked a little and looked at him and crashed my lips against his  biting his lower lip and pulling away making him smirk ''eww no PDA'' yelled brook making me laugh for the first time today




the rest of the day was a  blur   right now im on face time with Misael and watching tv with the fam we were watching dad's concert live Misael was giving me a hard time because i couldn't find my contacts and i had to wear my glasses and i looked like a dork   Brooklyn mute the tv and snached my phone out my hand ''Misael clat'' she said and then hit the end button ''we have to plan our birthday party''  i rolled  my eyes ''we have to big'' said brook clapping her hands ''oh i know we should rent out a big hall  buy a big cake and decorate everything red and white and you should dress in red  and i should dress in white  and we should invite all our friends and people from school and get a dj oh oh and hire some one to make us a buffet '' i said being sarcastic  ''oh my gosh that is perfect oh but like you said one side red on side white and on the red side a large picture of you and on the white side a lager picture of me '' said brook clapping her hands together ''i was playing didn't really mean that'' i said getting up to get an apple

''well the idea was perfect and  i think we should wear the same dress but white and red oh and carlos should wear red and Misael white '' said brook i rolled my eyes and looked at mom ''i think is a good idea '' she said   ''and you should have Israel sing a song''  said cristal making me laugh ''he is not gonna make it he never does '' i said laughing making brook look at me and come and hugged me knowing i was about to break down

and that is why i hate my birthday i love my  father im just a daddy's girl and year after year i got so happy for my birthday and for the presents but most of all to be with my daddy i would get a little princess chair i had and sit in front of the door waiting for my dad everytime the door bell rang i would jump a little and by the end of the night i would end up curled up against the front door waiting for my father who never seem to show up the next day i would wake up with a n ew teddy bear  that every time you would squeeze it my dad voice said sorry couldn't make it promise to make it up to you

i remember brook would have so much fun at the parties dancing and running around with our friends while i wouldn't move from my chair as i remember that tears were streaming down my face just like when i was little and brook held me closed ''shh don't cry bby girl'' she said ''im sorry i didn't know '' said aunt cristal coming to hug me  ''its fine tia  you didn't know '' i said cleaning the tears  my mom's phone started  ringing we all looked at her and she picked up ''honey did you see me '' i heard my dad 's  voice  ''yeah we all did you were great baby''  my mom said with a smile ''where are the girls turn the cam so i can see them'' he said  my mom did as told and soon we heard our dad laugh ''what is so funny'' asked brook

''you girls always dress the same'' he said i looked at brook and up she had on short pants with a white tank, top just like me ''your birthday is right around the corner you girls happy'' he said making me break down again and run up stairs i miss my dad and you know what im happy he is leaving the music for good




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