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36. chapter 35

''alaya cristal espinal paulino '' my mom yelled I just got out of the shower and this lady is screaming damn ''what'' I yelled back before the door open and she walked in mad as ever ''about time you decided to come home  missy its been 2 weeks '' she yelled at me ''mom give me a break I been busy with the cheer thing and I been helping emely around the house '' I said she rolled her eyes ''get ready we go on the  elen show today and we have to be there in 30 minutes '' she said walking out and shutting the door behind her  I rolled my eyes and started to look for something to wear  and I had no idea what I was getting mad nothing looked good  I put on a white plain blouse and dark blue skinny ripped jeans they were ripped all the way from the top to the bottom I put a little bit of make up on straighten my hair perfect I looked for my cream color wedges  there I was ready I grabbed my phone and purse and walked downstairs

''is everyone  ready we have to leave ''yelled mom and by everyone she meant me and Brooklyn  I got in the car back sit and so did Brooklyn ''why don't u sit in the front with mom'' I asked she looked at me like if I was crazy making me laugh  no one liked being around her when she is mad not even brook and she is a mommy's girl ''ok girls lets go'' mom said getting on the car and looking back at us ''why you left me up here all alone;'' she asked  and started the car ''yeah brook why'' I said making brook hit me and I started laugh my  mom turn the radio on and brook started recording videos for snapchat I called Misael on facetime instead

''when  I was young we didn't have non of that facetiming  like what is interesting looking at eachother faces on the phone '' my mom said making me laugh  ''and don't get me started on that snapchat all you do is take picture and and record dumb 10 sec videos '' she said Misael was laughing ''these phones are making yall brain dumb  now a days there is an app for everything you guys don't think for your selfs '' she said ''you got that  mrs.espinal'' said Misael but she couldn't hear him since I had my headphones on ''shut up'' I told him making him laugh ''when I was young we had the flip phones I miss those flip phones days hung up on your ass quick bitch what you say clat '' she  said making me and brook start cracking up

''Im serious you had to think twice before saying something especially with me my mood use to go from 0 to 100 real quick that shit said clat '' she said ''oh my god mom please stop'' I said laughing  brook record her and posted it on snapchat  ''please send me that'' I said laughing ''babe I have to go my phone is dieing '' I told Misael but he ignored me playing xbox I rolled my eyes ''Misael '' I yelled ''yeah'' he said ''CLAT''  I said and hunged up making brook brust out laughing  ''mom can u put my phone to charge '' I said passing her my phone it started ringing facetime babe it said I started blushing and my mom answered ''real funny'' said Misael not looking at the phone ''she will call u back '' my mom said scaring Misael he looked at the phone and sat down straight ''ok mrs espinal'' he said and hung up

 we pulled up in the drive way and got off and started walking inside ''Ashley darling'' said elen walking my mom's way my mom smiled and hugged her ''we are getting ready for you to go on you just made it Israel is almost finish singing '' she said my mom nodded and looked at us ''ok let me and your dad do all the talking remember if you say or do anything the whole world is going to find out so watch what you say and do '' she said we nodded and heard elen introduce us and walked up on stage

I haven't been on  here since I was 7  I was a little nervous ''so happy to have the twins and you here Ashley again'' said elen ''happy to be here '' my  mom said  ''last time all four of you were here was 10 years ago when Israel was just starting and look how   big he has become every since then'' said elen said ''yes and we are very proud of him '' my mom said ''Barbie brook how you girls been you gotten so big'' she said turning her attention to us ''good I see you still calling me Barbie'' I said with a smile making her laugh she started calling me Barbie 10 years ago because she asked me was I happy to be on the show and I said  no because I was missing my Barbie show I was 7 for the love of god I got over that ''are you missing your Barbie show'' she asked making my mom and dad laugh


she asked so many questions and the crowd asked many questions as well ''ok so we are running out of time but we have time for 2 more questions and I have them right here lets clear the rumors shall we '' asked elen we all nodded ''Ashley is it true you and Israel are getting divorce because he got caught cheating '' she asked me and brook looked at them this was it the moment of truth ''to be honest that is just a rumor of course not I love him with all my heart but that picture was just a big misunderstanding  you see I actually believed the picture I got super mad and kicked him out and everything things were said many things and didn't let him explain but couple weeks passed and he talked to me and explain everything and I believe him because I trust him so no we are not getting divorce we are very happy together'' she said lies I thought they haven't talked ever since dad went on tour elen smiled ''that is such great news because now a days you don't see people so in love like you 2 '' said elen mom and dad smiled and locked hands together ''now last question Israel. is it true you are thinking of leaving the music business ''  said elen I was in shock and looked straight at my dad

''well yes its true im thinking about It  its been 11 long years in this and im proud of what I have accomplish this is my dream this had been my dream  and I have lived it to he fullest but I think its time for me to say good bye I mean I love doing this but at the same time is keeping me away from the people I love is keeping me from seeing my little girls grow up from being there for special events with them celebrate their accomplishments they need me and if im not on tour im in the music studio point is im never there for them when they need me and I made a lot of promises I didn't keep because I been so busy  I love my fans all of them and I thank hem for supporting me from the very start but I know they will understand '' my dad said ''wow when are you planning to retire completely '' asked elen ''well not so soon I want to finish my tour and im working on my new/last album and I want to make a short 4 months tour for that and I have to start/ finish filming my movie so your going to have me around for a little longer ''' my dad said ''such great new but im afraid we run out of time I would love to keep talking but we have no time it was a pleasure having you all here thak you'' she said ''the pleasure was ours thank you for having us '' my dad said ''that's was all for today ladys and gentlemen  tomorrow we will have with us Justin Bieber  dot forget to watch'' said elen ''and we are clear'' said some guy everyone clapped

''promise me before  you say your last good bye all four of you are coming back on the show for the last time'' said elen to my dad I walked away and brook followed ''wow that was big news'' she said I nodded ''I feel bad'' I said she hugged me ''why bae'' ''well because I feel like dad Is giving up his dream for me because of me and Its not fair '' I said remembering every thing I said when I was mad at him ''its not your fault honey don't say that I mean its been 11 years I think he is tired don't you think'' she said ''brook you just don't get tired of doing what you love he has been doing this ever since he was In middle school don't you remember and  when I had the fight with him I said he was never there for us and  he always makes promises he can keep and then my accident  I  just feel he is doing this for me for us '' I said she hugged me and didn't say anything ''girls there you are come on lets say good bye to your dad he has to leave '' my mom said we nodded and followed

''bye daddy goodluck on your tour love you so much and see you soon '' said brook hugging him '' I love you too pumpink ''said my dad he calls her pumpink because when brook was little she didn't know how to say pumpkin so she would try and say pumpink  I smiled and walked up to them hugging them ''and you alala im going to miss you so much princess take care i'll see you soon''  he said kissing my head ''ok dad I love you 2 and don't call me that we got over that '' I said   he laughed and I hugged him he calls me alala because  brook use to say my name like that trying to alaya   so they kept that as  my nick name for all these years but dad had a while he didn't call me that  I hated Brooklyn for it she got that ugly nick name   my mom joined the huge and kissed my dad goodbye just like old times

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