what has cupid done

people say opposite attrack


35. chapter 34

its been a month that my mom and dad got in a fight and he left the house well he was on tour  and barely could talk to us I really didn't like being in my house lately mom was always in a  bad mood so I sleep over Misael's house his mom is out of town some thing about her job ''you hungry bae'' asked Misael walking out the bathroom his hair  all wet and just a towel around his waist looking mad sexy more then normally ''yes actually I'm hungry '' I said with a smirk ''where u want to go to eat'' he asked ''come here'' I said  getting on my knees  on the bed close to the edge he came up to me and I put my arms around his neck and pulled him into a kiss   he smirked and bit my lower lip pulling away ''where u wanna eat bae'' he asked ''right here ''' I said pulling him in for a  kiss again he smirked finally he getting me and  pushing me on my back  I smirked and bit his lip soon it was a full make out section when there was a knock on the door  Misael groan and ignored it but the knock was louder I pulled away ''who is it'' I asked ''can you tell Misael someone is looking for him down stairs '' said emely Misael rolled his eyes and got off of me angry walking out the door pushing emely out the way making me laugh ''whats wrong with him  '' she asked ''nothing'' I said

I put on one of his shirts  ''who is down there '' I asked '' I don't know haven seen him before '' said  emely I nodded and put my hair in a pony tail walking out the room and down the stairs there I saw  Misael talking with some guy  sitting in the couch ''hello'' I said  making them turn and look at me ''oh jean look  this is my girl alaya ''  said Misael I smiled and ''hey '' he said eyeing me ''have I seen you before ''   I asked looking at him ''no I don't think so I think I would have remember such a beautiful girl '' he said  ''watch it '' said Misael making jean laugh but I was sure I saw him before

''so what you wanted '' asked Misael putting his arm around me ''um so business is slow'' he said  talking slowly and looking at Misael ''oh um bae can you bring me a cup of juice please'' he said he was just trying to get rid of me ''yeah but can I see your phone really quick'' I said he gave me the phone and  I walked to the kitchen  and called brook  but I could still hear them  clearly  'so what's up'' asked  Misael ''listen carlos got locked up and started ratting us out  the gang got scared and broke up so down east is slow we got cops on every corner man they stop every car and check them stop everyone that walks by shit is hot down there  '' said jean ''man that's fuck up so what you need'' asked Misael ''first they put  carlos back out on the streets to get information and go tell them that's his ticket out of jail '' ''man carlos turn in to a snitch'' ''yeah so I need you to talk to your boss man help me out help me  get in the business with yall im good at it and im loyal please '' begged jean  ''man I don't know cuz if you fuck up that shit gonna be on me nigga''  ''Misael please I need the money to help my mom out and sister and if I stay down east they gonna book me and I cant afford that ''  ''man fine I'll talk to him and i'll see what he say '' said Misael

I walked in the living room ''here Is your juice'' I said  ''thanks bae'' he said I nodded and sat next to me '' man thank you '' said jean ''look nigga if you mess this up I will find you myself and cut your fingers off one by one then stick them up your ass '' said Misael making me look at him in horror but jean just laughed ''there is one more thing '' said jean making Misael looking at him ''we need to take care of that rat cant him running around '' said jean talking in code ''oh yeah definitely  we cant have that but give me your number and i'll text you about the meeting'' said Misael I passed him his phone  ''ard say less i'll be waiting '' said jean ''yeah and about the rat situation  don't worry exterminator will get that under control for now make sure you don't go near it '' said Misael ''ard see you around'' he said shaking Misael hand and hugging me ''nice meeting you'' he said I smiled and he walked out  Misael closing the door behind him

''what was that about '' I asked ''no nothing '' he said I nodded ''bae''  ''yes'' I walked up to him putting my arms around his neck getting on my tippy toes and giving him  a quick kiss  on the lips ''remember when you said you will do anything to keep me by your side because you don't wan t to lose me '' I said he looked down at me and nodded ''well I want you to leave the business '' I said making him look surprise ''I cant do that '' he said walkin g away from me ''why'' I asked ''is not that easy alaya'' he said '' look I don't like that world your in at all if all filled with problems and I don't think is a good idea for you to be in stuff like that I don't want you to get hurt bby'' I said  ''im not going to get hurt bby don't worry'' he said  ''I don't want to lose you Misael I feel like everytime you go to do that business Im never going to see you again '' I said

''alaya please we talked about this you didn't care before why now '' ''BECAUSE I LOVE YOU" I said tears coming out '' every time I watch the news neither someone is killed or someone is locked up for the same reason  always  and everytime you walk out that door I feel like is the last time im goin g to see you I don't want to lose you to that world  I don't want to live with that fear '' I said crying  he came closer to me and hugged me ''calm down bby listen '' he said holding my face so I would look at him he cleaned my tears and kissed my lips ''ok I promise you I will leave the business '' he said  I hugged him tightly 








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