what has cupid done

people say opposite attrack


33. chapter 32

today is the day I get to go home  I was so happy and tired of being here in this dumb ass hospital ''are you sure you don't need the wheel chair bby'' asked my dad for the fifth time I rolled my eyes ''dad  no im fine I think your milling this way to much and frfr im the one that was suppose to do that '' I said he laughed and kissed my forhead he gave me so clothes so I can change I put on the leggings and the sweatshirt then I put my hair in a high pony tail ''im ready'' I said to my dad ''ok then lets go'' he said grabbing my arm we started walking out side  just to find ourselves with the paparazzi  they started taking pictures and asking questions my dad was getting mad

''go away didn't you guys already do enough its your fault alaya had the accident leave us alone'' my dad yelled pushing one of then making him fall more pictures where flash and my dad helped me get in the car then went around to get in the drivers seat I took out my phone and texted Misael letting him know I was on my way home ''how you feeling'' dad asked ''im ok just remember something'' I said when I had my accident the press kept asking the same question whats going to happen with my mom and dad after my dad cheated I didn't know what they were talking about I didn't even know if its true ut I was going to find out ''alaya '' said  my dad ike if it was the tenth time he said my name ''im sorry '' I said blushing and looking at him ''I asked you what was it '' ''oh nothing important'' I lied he nodded and pulled up in the house driver way  when he turned off the car I ran inside and got caught by  surprise when everyone yelled welcome home ''awww thank you guys'' I said hugging them one by one Misael and his mom and emely are here cristal manuel zuriel everyone ''how u feeling'' asked jossy Misael's mom  ''oh much better now that im home actually '' I said she smiled and nodded

 I was now sitting on the couch with brook and Misael  everyone else was off doing their own thing Misael had his arm around me and  I had my head lying down on his chest ''brook I need your help '' I said  she looked at me confused so I explained what the press had told me ''now that you mention that they have been acting weird around each other '' she said we lower our voices ''we have to find out whats going on'' I said ''what you guys talking about'' asked my mom walking in ''nothing'' we said at the same time Misael chuckled amused ''well diners will be ready soon'' mom said leaving ''ill be right back'' said brook getting up and walking outside

''bae'' said Misael I looked up ''yes'' I said looking in his amazing light brown eyes ''you know I love you right'' he said ''yes'' I said he smiled and kissed me softly catching me by surprise but I kissed back  I pulled away ''whats wrong'' I asked ''I just don't want ever lose you'' he said making my heart feel warm ''that's no going to happen don't worry'' I said kissing him  once again ''well well well what do we have here'' said my dad scaring us ''dad' I said turning red ''well I was going to come and see if you were ok but I can see u are'' he said I covered my face making Misael laugh ''you guys are so cute re mind me of me and Ashley when we were young '' my dad said sitting down  ''I don't know but she always knew exactly what to say and when to say it I remember I use to look in to her light brown eyes and get lost in  them Brooklyn has Ashley's eyes I remember I use to carry Brooklyn and I would see Ashley I could look at brook for hours and never get tired '' my  dad said with a smile ''ok dad we get it'' I said jealous he laughed ''but when I looked at alaya I would fall in love with her everytime she is my weak point I remember  when she was 4 she wanted a Barbie play house and Ashley said no and she looked at m e with them big hazel eyes of hers and begged me and I couldn't say no '' he said making me smile and blush ''now she just takes advantage of that'' my dad said making Misael laugh ''see I told u you are a spoiled princess'' Misael said making my dad laugh ''no im not shut up'' I said ''food is ready'' my mom said walking in ''we will be there In a minute '' my dad said they didn't even look at each other ''are you mad with her dad''i asked he smiled ''no honey'' and with that he left

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