what has cupid done

people say opposite attrack


32. chapter 31

''you need anything bby'' asked my dad I smiled slightly ''no I'm fine dad you can go home and rest take mom with u I can be alone for a little don't worry '' I said ''are you sure'' he asked I could tell he was tired he has been sleeping  in the chair they have in my room for 2 days straight he needs rest hasn't moved a foot from the hospital I felt bad ''yes im positive '' I said he nodded and kissed my  head  leaving the room  I reached for my phone and went on snapchat  my door opened but I didn't look up from my phone assuming it was my dad '' I thought I told u to go home''' I said he didn't answer so I put my phone down ''what are u doing here'' I asked ''I wanted to check up on you'' ''I been in this dump for2 days and now u decided to check up on me  you need to get the fuck out if u didn't care a week ago how I was and what I was feeling why the fuck would you care now '' I yelled ''would u just let me talk to you would you just listen to me''he said ''NO MISAEL NO I DONT WANT TO I DONT HAVE TO '' I yelled he came closer to me ''calm down its not good for you ''  he said  I rolled my eyes ''get out '' ''can u give me a chance to explain myself'' he begged I rolled my eyes ''I don't wanna  hear your dumb excuses Misael look to tell u the truth I did some research and I found out what you told me in your house was true and that's not why im mad no more'' I said

''then why are you mad'' he asked ''you are  unbelievable'' I said rolling my eyes  ''ok I know I didn't look for you or  call you  but I was trying to give you space  I knew you where and I didn't know what would be right to say  I didn't want you to get even more mad but I love you and I don't want you to doubt that you are the love of my life '' he said coming more closer ''I texted you explaining everything the day of your accident then emely called to let me know what happen and I came but she didn't think I should stay so I left bu I was always checking up on you I was always close to you'' he said  I didn't know if to believe him ''the moment you broke up with me my world turn up side down  I cant  imagine my life with out  I missed kissing you  hugging you being with you baby '' he said holding my hand ''I missed that beautiful smile of yours and when I thought I lost you my hear dropped '' he said I smiled and blush ''so  would u take me back ''

I thought about It and then smiled ''ok because I really miss you'' I said he smiled and pressed his lips against mine I smiled through the kiss then pulled away ''yup I missed that alright'' he said with a smirk making me giggle ''can u pass me my phone'' I said ''why'' ''so I can unblock your number '' I said laughing ''you blocked me '' he said in shock ''well yes I almost deleted you'' I said  ''how dare you'' he said acting offended ''im sorry babe I love you'' I said giving him a quick peck ''oh and one thing before I unblock you'' I said ''whats that'' ''we are going to have this new rule its called the 3 feet rule ''  I said ''whats that '' he asked confused ''so the 3 feet rule is that you  got to stay 3 feet away from any girl that liked you likes you dated you kissed or you liked or you had something to do with '' I said he chuckled ''that leaves your sister my family and the teachers '' he said ''yup glad you understand'' I said he laughed ''do u agree to respect the rule  if you don't I wont un block you '' I said

''your playing right '' he said ''no'' I said ''ok fine '' he said making me laugh and then hit the un block number there was a knock on the door ''come in '' I yelled It was the nurse  she smiled and walked in with food  I rolled my eyes ''not that nasty food '' I complained she laughed ''yup im sorry but your dad insisted that we took good care of you and you need to eat'' she said looking at Misael  she smiled at him and brought the food closer to me ''I don't want that'' I said pushing it away but she was to busy eating Misael with her eyes to notice the water spilled I got annoyed ''you want me to go get you something bae'' said Misael grabbing my hand ''yes please'' I said he nodded and got up ''wait'' I said making him turn around ''yes'' I pulled him down in to a kiss then pulled away ''ok now go bring me a mango smoothie'' I said he chuckled and nodded knowing why I did it ''you dropped something '' I said to the nurse she gave a dirty look and started cleaning the water


''how are you feeling '' asked the doctor ''I wanna go home'' I said he smiled and started writing something down on this note book thingy ''well you was ready to go home 2 days ago but your dad didn't want u to ill you were good but you are getting way better so I think u can go home tonight o early tomorrow morning'' he said I nodded ''bae can u put my phone to charge please'' I asked Misael as the doctor finish checking me ''l see u have people that really care about you your mom and dad didn't leave your side and when they finally did this young man came point is you are never alone'' said the doctor I laughed knowing it was true ''now do you remember everything or still not yet '' he asked ''I don't know everything happen so fast''i said ''can u try'' ''ok  so we came out of the café and there were about 3 black vans parked in front manuel grabbed my hand and we started walking to the car but the paparazzi came and started shouting question at me and taking picture they were confusing me so I started crossing the street and they took a picture and the flash made my vision turn black and I don't remember just that I woke up here '' I said he nodded writing things down and then walked out the room

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