what has cupid done

people say opposite attrack


31. chapter 30

''man fuck you'' I said to jaid as I took a drink of my beer ''I just think u should at least call her and try to talk to her cuz u making it seem like you don't give a fuck about her man and that's just cold '' he said ''he has a point'' said Jason I rolled my eyes ''she needed space im giving it to her man I do love her with all my heart but I cant talk to her till she calm ''  I said ''what ever just saying when its to late I don't wanna see u crying because is going to be your fault '' said jaid  ''man its been 3 days she had enough space hit her up'' said mike I rolled my eyes and took out my phone ''maybe I should text'' I said typing a message just then my phone rang in my hand  it was emely why is she calling me

what you want nigga

Misael -Misael

why are u crying calm down I don't understand shit

alaya was hit by a car and she is in the hospital

when Emely called me to tell me this my heart I wasn't thinking straight no more I was looking around for my keys couldn find them ''god damn where is are my keys '' I yelled getting mad ''calm down tell me what happen'' asked jaid ''alaya got in a car accident and she is in the hospital I need to go '' I said ''lets take my dad's car lets go'' said jaid rushing up the stairs and getting the keys I followed him I texted emely to texted me he address and I swear we ran ever stop sign ever red light and we speeding ''how could this happen'' I asked  we got to the hospital and I found emely she was sitting with brook who didn't look so good and as well as her mom ''how is she what happen'' I asked making them look at me ''the doctor hasn't said anything yet'' said mrs.espinal ''how could this happen'' I asked ''we were making our way to the car when the paparazzi found us and took pictures of her and wouldn't let her pass blinding her with questions and pictures she crossed the street and a car came'' said Michael making brook start crying I hugged her ''she is going to be alright don't worry'' I said her mom smiled at me ''where is your dad'' I asked brook ''on his way here'' she said I nodded this must be hard on him just then the doctor came and we all stood up ''how is she '' asked brook

''well she had internal bleeding Broken rib, but Most "broken ribs" are actually cracked, or fractured, which is less severe than a complete break which generally heal on their own within 6-8 weeks if you're careful not to aggravate the injury, ~~Whiplash accompanied with concussion which will heal its own in a couple weeks resting of course whiplash is neck pain which I recommend  Dr. G. He is a chiropractor and natural healer that has the ability to heal just about everything that he comes across ''  he said ''but other then that she is fine no severe injuries though it may hurt when she coughs and laughs or even walks with the whole broken ribs situation so I recommend a wheel chair and for her to rest so her ribs heel properly '' ''can we see her'' asked Ashley alaya's mom ''not right now '' he said and with that he walked away ''im so glad she is ok'' I said hugging emely she pulled me to the said

''listen I don't think is a good idea for u to go in and see alaya '' she said ''why'' I asked ''your so stupid  she broke up with you 3 days ago and you haven't called or texted or tried to talk to her  at all so today your going to show up here like nothing happen and everything  is perfect '' she said ''I was just trying to give her space''  I defended my self ''space ? she  wanted you to run after her and tell her you love her '' she yelled at me '' how was a suppose to know that'' I asked she  rolled her eyes ''its like you don't even like her so just stay away from her that shouldn't be a problem for ypu since you are very good at that'' she said walking away

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