what has cupid done

people say opposite attrack


3. chapter 3

3 weeks later

'' it been 3 weeks since school started and me and Misael text every day every second of every hour I feel like if I have known him all my life and I think im starting to fall for him catch feeling for him but im not sure I just might be confuse or something   ''alaya cristal espinal diaz get your behind here now'' yelled my mom I rolled my eyes what did I do know I  I walked down stairs and in to the living room ''u called''i said ''I have a surprise '' she said and from behind her came  my dad I stood still which is not like me I would normally jump on him and kiss him to death ''oh hi'' I said ''honey I know u are upset but I-'' ''save it dad I don't need your explanation I already know what you are going to say '' I said ''honey I prom-'' ''stop it don't make promises u cant keep its always the same thing u promise something and u cant keep it because something always comes up and its just not fair u have time for everyone but your daughters is not fair dad'' I said with tears coming out I walked out the living room ''alaya wait'' he called out after me ''I have to go but great to see u finally have time'' I said cleaning my ears and walking away I needed some air I just cant handle  my life  right now I started crying again I was ta the park I sat on the swing and started crying again harder people that passed stared at  me but I didn't care ''alaya' said a voice from behind me I turned around and it was Misael ''yes'' I said cleaning my tears ''are you ok'' '' yeah-um no not really'' I said ''u wanna talk about it'' he asked I nodded and he helped me up as we walked I have no idea were I told him everything then we came to a stop he open the door and walked in I followed ''mom im home'' he yelled sitting on the couch ''thanks for everything really needed to talk'' I said he nodded and then his mom came out the kitchen ''mom this is alaya alaya my mom'' he said I said hi and she hugged me ''nice to meet u its so exciting Misael never brings girls to meet me '' she said I laughed ''mom'' said Misael ''sorry ill be in the kitchen'' she said and left ''sorry about my mom  '' he said scratching the back of his head I smiled then the cutes puppy ever barking ''aww he is so cute'' I said petting him


'' um no he is not cute bubbles is mean and tough very tough'' said Misael picking him up and bubbles licking him I laughed ''sure he is '' I said ''he is very tough just like me '' he said I started laughing even harder ''if he is tough like u then I guess he is not tough at all''i said laughing ''oh no u didnt'' he said I started laughing and he started tickling me ''oh no stop'' I yelled laughing ''say your sorry and im tough and sexy'' he said ''never''  I said ''your choice'' ''ok ok im sorry are tough and sexy'' I said he stopped and I barely could breath ''idiot'' I said 'what'' I started ranning away but he grapped me making us both fall on the floor him on top of me  we stopped laughing and just stare into eachother eyes we started leaning in our lips were inches away ''honey brought snacks'' said ms.miller ''thanks'' ''ill just leave them here '' she said and left ''umm get off me idiot'' I said ''well no'' he said  I started screaming ''shut up'' he said ''make me '' he moved closer to me and brush his lips against mine god I want him to kiss me ''I know that's what u want'' he whispered in my ear in a low voice he smirked and got up while I was laying on the floor melting away he helped me up ''want me to take u home'' he asked ''that would be lovely'' I said he smiled and walked out side I said by to his mom and walked out behind him

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