what has cupid done

people say opposite attrack


30. chapter 29

~~i got out the shower and straight my hair i looked in my closet and got out my while crop top and sky blue ripped shorts since the shorts weren't high you could see more my stomach but it didn't matter i put on a little bit of foundation and mascara and red lip stick it brought out my eyes out i grabbed my sun glasses and phone put on my white vans and walked down stairs  Michael wanted me to go to the airport with him and emely to pick up his friend manuel that was moving her from philly its funny because manuel dad's is elmi my dad ex bestfriend i mean they are still friends but not as close

right now we were eating and manuel was trying to flirt with some girl and it wasn't going to well i was amused ''you should help him'' said Michael putting his arm around emely i use to help Erick Michael friend back in philly get girls ''naw i don't think so this is every funny'' i said laughing ''how is she going to help him she doesn't know the girl '' said emely looking confused ''well u see bae ms alaya here can tell from looking at a girl what type of boys she like so for example the girls like caring boys she would go up and make him sound so caring she would gave him her number'' said Michael ''watch and learn'' i said getting up and walking up to the girl and manuel  ''how dare you'' i yelled  making them both look at me ''what are u talking about'' asked manuel i slapped him making him look more confused ''im sick and tried for your flirting  with other girls when im siting right over there  you know what im done we are done'' i said making  the girl smirk and look at manuel ''what'' said maunel more confused then ever ''and you can have your bwm back '' i said throwing hims the keys of my car and walking away laughing

''what was that '' asked emely ''just wait for it'' i said with a smirk soon manuel walked up to us with a huge smile ''i have no idea what just happen i just know i got her number '' he said sitting down ''you welcome '' i said with a smile ''that was you way of helping '' he asked ''yup no give me my car keys and sorry for the slap'' i said laughing ''yeah took it a little to far with the whole slap with'' he said rubbing his cheek ''you got her number and that's what u wanted right'' i said drinking some of my soda he smiled ''me and you are going to be real good friends '' i laughed  ''lets take a group selfie ''said emely holding up her cam i smiled and she took the picture  ''guys lets get going i need to get home '' said Michael ' we walked out side and the place was filled with paparazzi had a long time with them following me around i wonder why they are here  ''shit'' said Michael grabbing  emely and walking through manuel grabbed my hand and we started walking ''alaya over here '' ''is that your boyfriend '' ''how do u feel with you dad since he is leaving his music ''  ''is it true he was caught cheating '' ''are your mom and dad splitting up after so long'' ''who are u moving with ''  heyu yelled all at one time i was so confused with everything they were saying ,my dad didn't cheat on my mom ''move out the way'' yelled manuel trying to get pass ''alaya '' they yelled i let go of manuels hand  they kept taking picture blinding me with the flash ''answer a couple question '' asked someone i looked at her ''leave me alone'' i said trying to get through i walked pass them when a van came super fast taking pictures like crazy making the flash hit my eyes turning everything black  i couldn't see anything all i heard were people yelling at me and a loud beep  when i open my eyes a saw a van comin g towards me tried moving but my legs were frozen ''alaya move ''' they yelled but i couldn't and that's when everything turned black  and i was out like a light

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