what has cupid done

people say opposite attrack


29. chapter 28

Misael p.o.v

I just got out the shower and put on my basket ball shorts I was drying my hair when I heard a knock at the door should be alaya she was coming over but why would she knock she knew where the spare key is at ''coming'' I yelled and walked down the stairs I opened the door and froze in my spot ''what he hell are u doing here'' I said ''well nice to see u o bae'' she said with a smirk ''there is nothing nice about seeing u now what the hell do u want''' I said ''damn babe calm down I don't know why u are so rude '' she said walking in a left he door open since she wasn't staying long I hope ''what do u want eduiliz '' I said getting annoyed  ''I came to talk to you '' she said getting closer to me I backed up a little and she smirked ''I don't bite I mean if you want me to I would ''' she said ''what u want to talk about '' I asked pushing her away  ''us Misael don't act stupid I miss us  I miss you''  she said  ''you got some nerve '' I said ''im sorry for everything'' she said getting much more closer ''I have a girl friend and I ;love her every much and im happy wih her she is nothing like you '''I said ''did u forget me '' she said ''yes can u please leave '' I said pushing her away ''I don't believe you'' she said ''your gonna have to '' I said turning around to walk away ''no'' she said pushing me against the wall and crashing her lips on mines catching me off guard I heard someone clapping  and I pushed lizzy off  of me

''good to see you are putting the apartment in to use'' said alaya standing in the door way  ''bae its not what it looks like''  I said  she rolled her eyes and walked outside without saying anything I followed her ''alaya please-'' ''listen i'm not a child you don't have to lie to me to keep me happy we grown tell me what it is , what it ain't and what it's gone be because I deserve someone who actually gives a fuck about me  because I've spent my entire life making other people happy when all they did was fucking hurt me '' she said ''babe listen I love you so much and I wouldn't dare to cheat on you I don't want to lose u what u say in there is not like that at all yes I open the door but I thought it was u and then she wouldn't leave and I tried but she just kissed me I tried pushing her off I swear bae'' I said  

she didn't say anything just stood there looking at me ''look me and her  had a thing a long time back I adored her but she did me dirty and I cant stand her now the only thing we have in common is that we work together '' I said she didn't say anything again all quite ''alaya say something '' I begged  she just looked at me I could see she was hurt ''you know what u are still lying to me ''she said ''what are u talking about'' I asked ''the pictures from when u were in new York that's the girl '' she said and that's when it all came to be me god I really hate Michaela right now that bitch ''no no baby that is a whole different girl lizzy wasn't even in new York '' I said ''its funny how its always the same story u tell me im not dumb Misael it takes 2 lips for a kiss and Im pretty sure she didn't force u to kiss back'' she said

god am I hating my self right now ''ok you right but I will kissed her back to prove that I had no feelings for her'' I said ''you don't make sense first you tell me u tried pushing her off now u tell me u did kiss back and now u are telling you thought u had feeling for her '' she said wow did I say all that ''I didn't mean that '' I said I really didn't know what to say i didn't want her to take it the wrong way she rolled her eyes ''i think is best i leave u so u can work out your feelings '' she said turning around ''are u breaking up with me '' i asked she didn't say nothing and kept walking ''alaya'' i yelled ''when everything has been done and said its best to be left like that '' she said getting on the car and left  did she just break up with me

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