what has cupid done

people say opposite attrack


28. chapter 27

''alaya are u sleeping'' asked brook shaking me ''no I'm just practicing how to die'' I said covering my face with the covers ''oh ok good then u are up and u an help me with something '' she said I groaned and sat up looking at her ''this just better be good its 3 In the morning '' I said annoyed ''im scared and worried and I cant sleep '' she said ''why'' I asked ''well I think im pregnant '' she said making my mouth drop open and my eyes widen ''what  are u sure'' I said ''well I was suppose to get my period last week and still no sign of that and my boobs really hurt and I been getting dizzy lately '' she said ''um we need to buy u a test lets go '' I said getting up I had my care bear long pjs and an over size sweat shirt ''u going like that plus is 3 in the morning nothing is open '' she said ''ride aid is open '' I said grabbing my car keys ''that's all the way down south like 20  minutes away lets just wait till morning'' she said ''no cuz now im wide awake come on'' I said walking out my room and down the stairs she followed me and we got in the car

''we will be back before mom notice '' I said backing out the drive way ''when did u go shopping'' asked brook as she looked at the bags in the back seat ''oh last week with em '' I said she nodded and looked down at her hands ''listen babe I know you scared but I just want you to know that whatever happens im going to be right by your side  every step of the way'' I said ''dad is going to kill me '' she said ''hey don't say that we don't know if u are yet'' I said we walked in to ride aid and sked the lady for a pregnancy test she looked  at me up and down and then brook she gave us  dirty look and then passed us a test ''10.20'' she said In a rude way I payed her and me and brook walked out to the car ''that lady was rude'' said brook making me laugh because I was thinking the same thing ''where can we take It'' she asked I smirked ''I think I have the prefect place'' I said she looked at me and ii checked the time almost 4 in the morning I drove to jaids apartment the one around the school Misael told me that most of the time that place  was empty that they only use it for girls I got mad when he told me this because he took me there and I lost my virginity there but I got over it   and he also told me they always leave an extra key under the welcome mat so I was hoping it was empty

I pulled up in front of the apartment  ''who lives here'' she said looking around ''uh a friend '' I said looking for the key under the mat  and opened the door the house was dark brook walked in I locked the door and turned on the light ''wow nice place '' said brook ''yeah wait here ''  I said going up stairs and checking the rooms  yup it was empty ''brook come up here '' I yelled   she walked up the stairs and  in to the bathroom ''hurry up'' I called ''ok ok'' she said and 2 minutes later she walked  out the bathroom holding the test ''we have to wait 5 minutes'' she said ''more waiting'' I said annoyed she smiled and sat on the bed ''so whos apartment is this'' she asked ''has many owners'' I said laughing she nodded ''how long has it been'' ''2 minutes'' ''ok so when its time just now one line means no two lines means yes'' I said she nodded and took a deep breath ''im scared'' she said ''im right here bae don't worry '' I said hugging her she stood up and started walking back and fourth ''ok its been 5 minutes check'' I said

she closed her eyes ''I cant do it'' she said ''here give me i'll do it'' I said I looked at the test ''so '' said brook looking at me searching my face for a reaction but nope nothing ''alaya say something''she said I screamed and threw the test on the floor making her look as It landed ''am I '' she said with tears I stared laughing ''no baby calm down you are not'' I said and in that moment she broke down and started  crying I pulled her closer to me ''im so happy im not I was  so scared ''she said I smiled and kissed the top of her head ''we should clean up and go home'' I said after she was a little bit calmer she nodded and I picked up the test throwing it out in the trash  we got home around 6 in the morning and got went straight to bed no body notice we were gone thank god


''alaya Misael is here'' yelled nana I walked downstairs ''hey baby'' I said ''hey you ready'' he asked I nodded and we walked outside taking his mom car ''were we going'' I asked ''to the apartment we watching a movie em is going to be theree'' he said I nodded and took out my phone started replying texts I been ignoring ''bae I been meaning to tell u that some weird number texting me lately I have no idea who it is '' I said he looked at me 'ill check It out later'' I nodded we pulled up infront of the apartment  ''we need some us time'' I said he smirked looking at me ''I agree '' I laughed and we walked in side were all the guys were arguing and yelling ''yo whats going on'' asked Misael making everyone quite down ''well one of them brought a girl  here to take a pregnancy test breaking the number one rule like that is bad luck man'' said jaid showing Misael the box I took a deep breath ''it wasn't us'' said mike

''who ever did it just say it come on'' said Misael ''maybe it was alaya '' said Jason making me nervous ''what why would I do that I have my house '' I said getting defense ''it was not alaya she has only been here 3 times with today and 2 of the 3 time yall were here and the 1 first time she was with me and it was long time ago'' said Misael defending me ''yea and who ever it was took it last night and they used the spare key '' said jaid ''how u know'' I asked ''well they left it inside ''said jaid I nodded ''I have to go to the bathroom '''' I said walking up stairs Misael followed ''ard spill it'' he said pulling me into the room and locking the door ''what are u talking about'' I said ''don't play dumb with me I know u know who was it '' he said ''no I don't '' I said again getting defense he looked at me

''ok ok I was here last night with a friend and totally left the trash here im sorry bae'' I said he laughed ''see I know when u are lying '' he said pulling me closer to him '''I know it stinks '' I said making him laugh ''you remember how u said we need us time''he said moving my hair out my face ''yes '' ''maybe I can arrange that 'he said pinning me to the wall making me giggle he started kissing my neck sucking on it slightly making a moan slip out my mouth then he brushed his lips against mines sucking onmy  lower lip  Ipulled him closer and wrapped my legs around him and my arms around his neck crashing my lips against his  he made his way to the bed  and laid me down on my back with out breaking the kiss  soon it became a full on make out section  our tongues fighting for domain

the kiss started getting deeper and deeper there was a knock on the door Misael ignored it and I decided to do the same but there was a knock harder this time which made Misael groaned and then another knock and another getting louder everytime Misael pulled away annoyed and open the door ''what the hell do u want'' he asked annoyed ''just wanted to see if u wanted pizza damn didn't have to be so rude''  said jaid with a smirk ''no now get lost '' said Misael slamming the door in jaids face making me laugh  ''now where were we '' he said coming closer to me ''I believe we were in middle of this'' I said takin g his shirt off and pushing him on bed making him smirk


Misael and me walked down stairs where the guys had 3 boxes of pizza and were watching a movie I notice that brook and emely were also here damn how long were we up stairs for ''well well well if it isn't Misael and alaya yall had fun up there cuz it sure sounded like that''said jaid with a smirking making me blush and Misael hit him ''I think they did I mean alaya u should at least do your hair you got sex hair'' said brook making me brush my hair with my hand ''we were sleeping'' I lied ''yeah it sure sounded like that '' said jaid laughing making every one else start making jokes I rolled my eyes and looked at Misael ''come on bae u walked in to that one''he said laughing ''what ever just give me some juice brook'' I said ''naw bby girl I don't know what u been doing with that mouth'' she said making me slap her and Misael laugh ''give me the damn  cup before I slap some sense into you'' I said  she laughed and passed me the cup I sat on Misael 's lap and we started watching the movie

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