what has cupid done

people say opposite attrack


27. chapter 26

''come on bae hurry up we are going to be late '' yelled Misael ''im coming'' its been 2 months since the accident in school  and we been trying to keep a low profile plus a lot of things changed around my house mom decided to invite aunt cristal to move in with us  and Michael now goes to my school and we have all the same classes  and emely and him are now dating witch got Misael mad at first but I made him see that is fine and that this proved that he was over me  so he accepted plus they make a cute couple my dad is back on his tour so a lot of things changed tonight Misael and Michael and emely and brook and carlos and me are going out to watch a movie to celebrate that me and Misael are 6 months  it was just suppose to be me and him but Misael said we will do it big our 1 year so I guess its fine ''alaya the movie is going to start hurry up'' yelled Michael I rolled my eyes and walked down stairs ''stop rushing me damn didn't even let me finished putting on my lipstick '' I said ''why u put that on anyways u know its wasting It'' Misael smirked making everyone laugh I rolled my eyes and hit his head ''hey watch the hair''

we walked out side my mom lets us take dad's range rover since is the biggest and we are a lot and how weird would it be to take a limo to the movies Misael was driving cuz he knew better than everyone else and because I wanted to sit in front we all got in the car and started jamming to my father's new single  I started recording on snapchat  ''baby bae bae look'' I said pointing the cam at him he rolled his eyes ''stop recording me'' he said looking away making me laugh Misael parked and we go off he grabbed my hand  ''Misael u gotta keep you  chick on check  look at what she is wearing just to be clear  you are never wearing nothing like that ''said Michael making emely laugh

''funny but the day Misael buys me clothes the day he gets o tell me what to wear and what not to wear'' I said making brook and emely laugh ''plus there is nothing wrong with my crop top and high waist jeans it barely shows stomach'' I said ''yeah the only problem is that those are jegging not jeans'' said carlos ''shut up''  I said making Michael smirked Misael was silent which was weird ''come on lets just get the tickets '' I said making the line ''naw sit down I got the line just wait for me over there '' said Misael I nodded and walked over where they had posters of the movies they had playing I was on my phone when this guy came up to me

''can u tell me why and how a beautiful girl like you is at the movies alone '' he said making me look up at him ''and who told u I was alone'' I said rudely he smirked and that's when I remember who he was  ''don't see anyone with u '' he said  ''listen can u just leave me alone '' I said ''how about you give me you number hot stuff'' he said with a smirked I rolled my eyes I cant believe he didn't recognize me talk about dumb '' u don't know who I am do u '' I said looking at him ''no but we can change that '' he said touching my face making me back up

''can somebody please tell me why the fuck is that guy touching my girl'' said Misael walking up to me the guy turned around ton face Misael ''oh look who it is '' Misael smirked ''she your girlly how u get that'' said jay with a smirk Misael rolled his eyes ''last time didn't kill but this time I will stay away from alaya or I will hurt you in so many ways that u will regret ever talking to alaya''   said Misael pushing jay in o the wall ''what happen not so tough with you ur little gun or friends'' I said Misael smirked  and we walked away

''by the way I can tell u what to wear when ever I want'' he said making me giggle as we sat down to watch the movie


sorry for the lame chapter guys I just have so many ideas but they don't match with the time and I didn't know what to write to match with this time but hey I promise next one will be awesome


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