what has cupid done

people say opposite attrack


25. chapter 24

the last bell rang and I started packing up ''don't forget to do your homework'' said the teacher as everyone walked out I walked out finding my self with Misael ''bby I went to class can u stop being mad '' he said putting his arm around me ''your going to fail If u keep skipping Misael and I don't want that for you'' I said walking down the hall way ''baby you look hot today' he said changing the subject I rolled my eyes he smiled and kissed my cheek ''what we gonna do today'' I asked ''well I don't know what you wanna do'' he said as we walked out the school ''well I was thinking homework at y house and then watch movie or something '' I said ''ugh why do we have to do homework'' he groaned ''because im not gonna let you fail '' I said he rolled his eyes ''who drove you to school I don't see ur car'' he asked uh-oh ''Michael he had to use my car so he took it and he is suppose to pick me up''i said not looking at him ''what seen when you buddy buddy with this guy I don't like him around you '' he said getting mad ''u don't like any one around me'' I said laughing he gave me a death stare just then jaid walked up to us ''I talked to the boss and told him u couldn't come u had things and he said he needs to talk to us its important so you have to come and he said he doesn't want me to take the money because he doesnr trust me rude much''said jaid I looked at Misael what is he talking about ''you work ? where? doing what'' I asked ''your so dumb jaid I swear watch him yell at me '' said Misael ignoring me ''hello '' I said still looking at me ''doing stuff baby'' he said kissing me I pulled away ''doing what;'' ''don't worry about it less you know better it is '' he said I just looked at him what could his job be that he cant tell me I don't what the big deal is he should just tell me ''oh ok '' I said ''baby don't get mad please'' he said ''I am not '' I lied ''yes you are'' just then Michael pulled up in front of us ''I have to go '' I said opening the car door ''alaya come on don't be like that '' said Misael blocking the door so I wouldn't get in the car ''move'' i said in a serious voice ''baby i just want you to be safe it just that you have to trust me on this'' he said bring his hand to my face i pulled back ''ok i have to go Misael move'' i said ''you are so suborn '' he said i just stood there waiting for him to move and Michael just looked at us ''ok i'll move i see you later '' he said moving out the way ''what ever'' i said and got in the car he bend down and give me a kiss but i turned my face ''we talk later '' he whispered in my ear and closed the door ' Misael p/o/v as soon as Michael drove away i slapped jaid in the head ''why would you bring it up with alaya right next to me''i said ''im sorry i was use to talking about it like that when you was with edulizi '' he said i rolled my eyes and got on the bike with jaid ''when u gonna let me drive this thing''' he asked ''um try never'' i said making him laugh i loved my bike ididnt let no one drive if it wasn't me no one ever not even lizzy and i was in love with that girl and i wouldn't let her touch it i drove off ''tell boss we here'' i told edulizi she was my girl friend and i fell hard for her we wee together for 2 years heck we started business together but she did me wrong and we broke up now we barely talk i have to see her a lot since she works at the office ''anything for you bae'' she said winking ''sorry lizzy but he got an owner already'' said jaid making me punch him ''oh really '' she said looking at me i rolled my eyes and walked into the boss office ''we here'' i said ''good frist thing is frist my money'' he said i gave him all the money and when he was done counting it e gave me my half and jaid his half ''ok boy sit down we have to talk'' he said sitting down ''as we all know our biggest rival is richy and know it is a very big competition and he would do correction and he is going to do whatever it takes to make us go out of business '' started saying the boss ''so i got new material and i need yall to go sell our material down south '' he said with a smirk ''are you hearing yourself that's their side if we go down their to sell our material that's like asking for a war '' i said ''i know that but we have get the word out that we have new material and way better and plus i got you new babies '' he said giving me and jaid guns ''ard when we get the new shipment ''i asked putting my gun away ''tomorrow afternoon after school i need you to be down south selling it'' he said i nodded ''that's all i will call you''' i nodded and left the room jaid following me ''Misael don't you think its dangerous for us to be down there'' asked jaid ''hell yeah and im scared as shit i don't want any problems but we have to get the word out and its the only way call our ppl down at Lincoln we will give them some ''i said ''leaving so fast'' said lizzy as i passd by her ''fuck off''i groaned and heard her laugh ''they control down there anit no body gonna helps us man'' said jaid ''listen bro just call u never know '' i said ''anit no body want go get on jay's bad sideman '' ''call the boys from Lincoln and the crew to meet me all at my house we have to talk don't worry about anything else i have it undercontroled '' i said we got on the bike an i drove off when we got to my house all the guys where waiting outside i open the front door and we rushed to the basement i locked the door behind me ''ard listen up boss got new material and wants us to start selling it and get the word out'' i said ''sothis is what i though jayden and Jason you got our school mike and lewis you got the down east and Robert and dj you got north make sure you get the money right away since the material is new '' i said they nodded ''ard jon jake since u down at Lincoln you got the school'' i said ''naw bruh u crazy you know jay controls down south and the school there is no way we gonna be able to sell'' said jon ''true plus u knew if we get caught selling in their side its gonna be war'' added jake ''man don't u think i know that but we have to take the risk jaid and me gonna be down there selling to just not in school we need your help '' i said ''i don't know man '' ''listen we all knew what we was getting in to go when we got in to this so we have to do this plus man jay is being get on my nervous since day one and if shit goes down we all have eachother back man and i got jay don't worry about him'' i said ''well ok i guess'' said jon ''so u in'' asked jaid ''yeah '' said jake alaya p.o.v ''wow your level of stupidity doesn't surprise me '' i said laughing at Michael we have spend the day with brook and carlos and dad and zuriel watching movies and joking around i haven't heard from Misael all day but i haven't texted him either and im not going to any time soon ''i was joking '' he said ''lies'' i said ''i mean who does know what an apple is made of '' he said ''you mr stupid'' i said laughing ''call me stupid on more time'' he said ''STUPID'' i said slowly ''oh no she didnt'' he said standing up that was my chance to ran away i was laughing and started running ''you can run but u cant hide'' he ylled behind me i laughed and ran out in the back yard it was dark out after a little i stopped ranning to catch my breath and i left large pair of arms wrap around me i started screaming and yelling ''told u u cant hide'' he said making me laugh and screamed i grabbed the water hose and spread him getting us both wet forcing him to let me go i started raning again but he caught me lifting me up and carring me around the house to go through the front door of course i was screaming the whole time ''PUT ME DOWN BIG STUPID FACE'' i yelled laughing and screaming and yelling at the top of my lungs when we walked in the house i stopped yelling and Michael put me down and i stopped laughing ''hey'' my eyes shot open ''hey i didn't know u was coming'' '''wanted to surprise you'' ''well it worked'' i said moving closer to Misael i could tell he was anger but was controlling it since my dad was in the room ''hone y why u wet'' asked my dad ''well Michael grabbed me by surprise out back and to defend my self i had to wet him with the hose''i said smiling ''hey im not complaining now i don't have to shower'' he said ''nasty boy'' i said making him laugh ''i need to talk to you'' said Misael i nodded and we walked back out side ''i just wanted to check on you i thought you were mad at me '' he said ''no i was being childish don't worry im fine '' i said ''you sure'' ''yes'' ''ok good now what the hell was all that'' ''we are friends Misael he changed he said sorry everyone makes mistakes forgive and forget '' i said he took a deep breath ''ok baby i don't wanna fight im stressed out have so much thing on my mind all i need is a hug'' he said i smiled and hugged him getting him all wet but he didn't seem to care since he didn't pull away ''what wrong'' i asked looking up at him im 5'0 he like 5'6 way taller tan me ''problems baby i just need you by my side more then ever'' he said kissing my head ''im here babe i got you '' i said getting on my tippy toes to gave him a kiss god i loved this boy
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