what has cupid done

people say opposite attrack


24. chapter 23

'''come one we gonna be late'' said brook walking in to my room ''i'll be right down let me finish getting ready'' I said putting on my light blue high waist jeans and my black off the shoulders crop top I straight my hair and curled my bangs to the side  I put on Red wine color lipstick put on my black flats I grabbed my Michael Kors bag and my phone head phones and charger and walked downstairs ''morning everyone ''I said ''you look pretty to pretty I would say for school'' said my aunt cristal ''that's a regular day u should see her n Fridays is like she going to a party'' said brook eating an apple I rolled my eyes ''honey Michael is taking you to school because he needs a car to move around to get to know  Miami ''said mom I took a deep breath I wasn't in the mood ''ard lets go I cant be late '' I said in a rude tone an walked out to the car  Im glad I could finally walk with my crutches I put on my headphones and started listening to music

''you know I just want to talk to you'' said Michael  pulling my head phones off ''what do u want im not in the fucking mood for your bullshit is to damn early'' I snapping at him ''you see this is why I snap at you I didn't disrespect you and you have to disrespect me '' he said looking at me ''im sorry '' I said knowing he was right ''look I know I did you wrong and I fucked up big time but I changed I got help and I understand hurted you and I just wanted to say sorry and Im chill I don't want problems I just want to be friends if that is cool with you I know that you happy with this guy and he treats you way better then  I ever did I can tell you feel something special and I don't wanna get in the way of that'' he said leaving me in shock ''wait wait did Michael rodriguez campos said sorry'' I said mocking him he smiled ''shut up'' he said turning on the school block ''well I respect you for that and of course we can be friends but u know I scared you and that is why you said everything u said'' I  said laughing ''I am not scared of you you like 4'9 and you are no where near intimidating'' he said laughing ''bitch I will cut you '' I said making him laugh harder ''and fyi im 5'0 '' I said proudly ''still short im 5'5 '' he said ''shut up I will still cut you '' I said laughing


The bell rang and I walked out the class I sat next to door away from Misael he texted me like 12 times and I ignored it I was rushing down the hall but he caught me ''wanna tell me what I miss'' he said  ''let me go '' I said he did as told ''you are an asshole you went to new York for 4 days barely talked to me and where with some girl '' I said angrily ''what are you talking about'' he said ''DONT TELL ME YOU DIDNT HAVE A RED HEADED HOE SITTING ON YOUR FUCKING LAP AND PLAYING WITH YOUR FUCKING HAIR '' I yelled getting attention from people ''how told u that'' ''I saw you'' I said showing him the pictures ''listen bby I know it looks wrong but hear me out'' he said pulling me closer ''5 seconds'' ''ok I was the guys in the party and she came and started playing my hair I told her   to fuck off but she didn't listen she sat on my lap but I pushed her off '' he said ''why should I believe you''

''because why would I cheat on you why would  risk to loss you bby for a only a dumb ass nigga would lose his down ass chick fucking with a clown ass bitch and im not dumb everything I look for in a girl I found it on you '' he said ''ok but im still mad '' I said he put his arm around me and we started walking down stairs ''you know you my princess right'' he said kissing my cheek ''yeah I know'' I said blushing ''who send you those pictures baby'' he asked ''why u worrying about it '' I said ''oh u getting smart with me '' he asked ''maybe '' I said with a smirk he stopped walking and pushed me against the lockers and crashed his lips on mines making me laugh I pushed him off  and the late bell rang ''see you made me late for class'' I said punching him he smiled and we kept walking ''so u gonna tell me '' he asked ''that's for me to know and for you to find out'' I said with a smirk ''you have me on the watch damn''  he said ''worse then the fbi baby but if you don't got nothing to hide shouldn't worry about it'' I said kissing his lips he bit my lip 'I see you later'' I said he nodded I turned around and open the classroom door and before I could walk in Misael grabbed my ass and started laughing ''get to class'' I said ''ajam count on it''he said laughing

Misael p.o.v

walked down the hallway finding myself with jaid ''why u not in class mr im afraid im going to have to take you to in '' I said ''really so funny why u not in class'' he asked ''class is overrated '' I said he started laughing ''wanna ditch im down for it '' he said ''naw man if I don't pick up    alaya after class she would get mad and she already mad cuz some one send her pics of me and edulizi in York '' I said ''who'' ''man I don't fucking know I just know that he was mad as hell had to lie to her and shit '' i said ''man don't worry about it she just a girl there are pleny more '' said jaid laughing ''naw bruh not like alaya i do like her  i feel something different for her '' i said ''oh no is it keila all over again'' he said ''man i think is worse '' i said he looked at me ''im fr fr  and i swear if anyone tries to get in between that i will have  no mercy '' ''then we have to find out who the fuck send those pictures'' man i know that already but lets go to try in sneak in to lunch before they catch us in a hall swipe '' i said he nodded

the lunch bell rang letting out all the lunch students i walked upstairs to wait for alaya ''man don't forget we have to go down and see the boss'' said jaid standing infront the classroom door with me ''i know but i don't feel like going down there today'' i said ''why '' ''man  i haven't been with alaya for 4 days i think she would get mad if i ditch her again today'' ''well tell her is work things'' i slapped him in the head ''she would ask me what is my job and i cant tell her '' ''oh yeah well what u gonna do '' asked jaid just then normal bell rang and students started walking   out the classroom ''hey babygirl'' i said as alaya walked out the class putting my arm around her ''hey you here early today'' she said ''hey alaya girl'' said jaid acting gay making me laugh ''hey '' she said ''m i think ur girl don't like me'' said jaid ''well that is so true she cant stand you cuz u always making me drink and smoke and cute class heck u made me fly all the way to new York for you'' i said laughing ''naw bruh don't put all this on me you do it cuz u want to''he said laughing ''did you cut class '' asked alaya ''naw baby '' i said laughing ''Misael fuck you''she said walking away making me laugh ''baby im playing ''i said ranning after her ''cry baby'' yelled jaid making me laugh harder

''come on baby don't be like that ok i skipped class but i was already late''i said catching up  ''i don't care '' she said ''baby im sorry gimme a kiss'' i said making kissy face ''go tell jaid to kiss you'' she said making me laugh ''ouch'' i said she rolled her eyes and kept walking ''if u don't go to class don't bother talking to me today'' she said ''ok ok'' ''and trust me i will find out if u didn't go '' she said  ''damn she got your ass on check''said jaid coming from no where ''shut up and lets go to class'' ''naw you have to i don't '' ''to bad if i have to go you have to go come on baby boy'' i said grabbing his ass ''gay'' he said laughing ''only for you'' i said making kissey faces at him


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