what has cupid done

people say opposite attrack


23. chapter 22

~~ ''dinner is ready'' said alaya's dad standing in the door way looking at us ''i'll go help on the table '' said alaya standing up and walking away leaving me alone with her dad '' I'm a big fan sir I really like your music'' I said he smiled and sat next to me ''thank you and i just wanted to say sorry I wasn't expecting my baby to tell me she had a boy friend'' he said '''its fine but I want you know that I really care for your  daughter i would never do anything to hurt her'' I said  ''well i have to tell you its going to be hard to share my little girl but i'll get use to it '' he said '' I'll take care of her don't worry '' ''i can tell you do love i saw how u treated her you can tell you are going take care of her ''  he said i smiled ''well there is just one more thing i have left to tell - welcome to the family son'' he said shaking my hand  we walked in side where everyone was sitting at the table i made my way to the chair next to alaya and she looked at me i smiled

Alaya p.o.v

its been a while since we finished eating now we were just joking around and talking mainly about when me and brook were babies embarrassing me in front of Misael  i really wanted to die ''mom i forgot to tell you emely is sleeping over'' i said ''yey we gonna have a sleep over'' said mom sounding like an 8 year old girl making me laugh ''mom you sound like a little girl please stop'' said brook ''we have going to have so much fun tonight me cristal alaya brook and now emely a girl's night'' my mom said clapping her hands ''oh my gosh mom that is a great idea and we eat ice cream and watch chick coms and omg'' i said getting excited ''hey hey hey you forgetting us '' said my dad ''no no we are not '' said cristal making me laugh my dad looked offended  ''well we are going out to party right zuriel '' my dad said my mom looked at him ''i mean a party in my bed cuz im going to sleep '' he said my mom smiled and made everyone laugh

i walked to the living room and Misael helped me ''baby listen'' he said sitting down next  to me ''whats up'' ''there is this party and i really want to go and i was going to take you but '' he started saying ''oh don't worry go ahead its fine don't worry about it i trust you '' i said ''good bow remember you said i can go when i tell you the next part'' he said i smiled ''what you mean'' ''its in new York and im staying over there for tomorrow and monday'' he said extra fast ''WHAT'' i yelled  looking at him ''remember when you said you trust me'' he said ''yeah but i didn't know it was all the way in new York for 2 days'' i said looking at him ''don't worry baby i will call you every time i get a chance'' he said i let out a big breath ''fine leave '' i said giving up he kissed my cheek

''when are you suppose to leave anyways ''i asked ''like in 2 hours jaid is picking me up'' he said i rolled my eyes i was super annoyed that is leaving for 2 days with jaid and his dumb friends to get drunk  knowing Michael is here and he can try something  so selfish i swear ''great have fun''  i said ''are you mad'' ''nooooo  what would make you think that im super glad '' i said with sarcasm ''if you don't want me to go just say so baby'' he said ''i don't want you to go'' i said ''great see you in 2 days '' he said i slapped him on the arm annoyed and he started laughing  ''i love you'' ''i hate you ''' i said crossing my arms over my chest ''gimme a kiss'' he said making kissy faces at me making me smile

''your so stupid'' ''but u still love me '' he said ''i do don't i '' i said kissing him on the lips ''hey hey hey no no no '' said my dad getting in between us   ''Israel leave them alone'' said my mom also coming the living room  ''they are too cute'' said auntie cristal walking in holding hands with zuriel   i started to turn red  my mom sat on my dad lap and  zuriel and tia were staying on the love chair  and brook on the other love chair with emely   ''you know who they remind me of'' said aunt cristal with head on zuriel chest ''who'' i asked holding Misael hand ''your mom and dad'' she said with a smile ''oh yes when they were your age couldn't keep their hand off eachother '' said zuriel

i started blushing again and mom and dad started laughing look at each other i guess it was an inside joke or some thing ''and that is exactly why now we have alaya and brook'' said my grandmom my dad's eyes shot open and he was no longer laughing he was no staring Misael and me down which made me laugh cuz now i know what he was thinking ''if they really are like Ashley and Israel then you will be expecting grandkids soon'' said zuriel; laughing ''NONONONO'' yelled my dad pulling away from Misael making everyone laugh ''i think is more likely for me to have a baby sister or brother first'' i said moving closer to Misael again ''well i think is cute that after being together for so long they still have that spark'' said jossy ''when did you guys meet'' asked emely making me throw a pillow at her ''hey '' she said ''why u had to ask that '' groaned brook covering her face my mom and dad love telling the story of how they met and they tell it so much it gets annoying like i know the whole thing  by heart

''so i met Ashley in high school my fresh men year we were both 14 and i would see her  walking down the hall way like if she was all that and i remember my bestfriend telling me she was cute if i wanted her number but i said no that a girl like her would never like me '' my dad started ''yeah and cristal was always sitting at his table so i would go and say hi and i remember she asked me one day infront of him if he was cute and i said yes  all shy '' my mom kept talking ''uncle elmi my dad bestfriend and auntie cristal started dating and decided to play match makers with mom and dad '' i said ''that when mom added dad on facebook and they started talking and getting to know eachother'' said brook ''we officially started dating when we were both 15 when Israel asked me out on cristal birthday we were at her house out back sep.24'' said mom '''aww you guys are so cute '' said emely i rolled my eyes

''you guys have a long long time together '' said jossy ''yeah '' said my mom with a smile hugging my dad ''so when did you get pregnant '' asked emely i threw anyother pillow at her ''stop asking questions that led to stories'' i said ''stop that'' she said grabbing the pillow ''well i was 17 when  i had the girls '' my mom said  ''wow that is young '' said jossy ''tell me about it i wanted to kill her when she told me '' said mama  my mom rolled her eyes ''but my daddy started working and here we are now'' i said  ''yeas a very big and nice family '' said my dad kissing my head 



after story time brook and emely made their way up stairs to my room Michael was with his dad and my dad and grandpop in the screening room jossy was getting ready to leave and so was Misael ''be carefull babe please and call me as soon as u get there '' i said worried ''ard i have to go don't wanna miss the flight'' he said rushing i nodded and kissed him ''should be landing in about 2 hours i will call u then'' he said hugging  me

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