what has cupid done

people say opposite attrack


22. chapter 21

I was laying on my bed when I heard a knock on my window I hopped over and opened it ''hey baby'' said Misael smiling holding flowers and advil pills ''hey there '' I said laughing he came in ''what happen to your ankle''  ''nothing'' he looked at me ''sure cuz that looks like nothing'' he said sitting next to me ''there are things more important right now'' I said looking at me ''what's that '' ''oh I don't know maybe that my abusive ex boyfriend that my dad didn't know I dated is coming over and he is staying in my house one room down from mines  for 2 weeks and oh yeah my new boyfriend who Is over protective and my dad doesn't know I date is here to meet my family and oh yeah he is gonna meet my ex''  I said freaking out he chuckled ''calm down baby everything is going t be fine'' he said ''NO no is not how can you say that'' I said  still freaking out I cant believe he is so calm about all this  he pulled me on to his lap and kissed me

I smiled in to the kiss and pulled away ''thank you I needed that'' I said ''feel better'' ''well I don't know maybe you should kiss me again '' I smirked he smiled and crushed his lips on mine ''I love you'' ''I love you more '' there was a knock on my door ''who'' I asked ''brook'' I grabbed my crutches and walked over to unlock the door and opened it slightly ''aunt and mama should be here in 5 minutes ''  she said I closed the door and groaned ''come here'' said Misael patting the bed I walked over and sat down ''everything is going to be ok baby don't worry '' he said kissing my head I took a deep breath ''ok'' I said ''ok well I see you in a little bit I have to pick up  mom and em '' he said getting up ''noo don't go dot leave me alone here'' I said he smiled kissing me and then walking out the window

I heard my mama and dad  fighting and I knew they where all here already I took a deep breath and made  my way downstairs  ''there is m y baby'' said mama helping walk down the stairs I smiled and hugged her and then cristal and zuriel and lastly Michael i felt so comfortable ''ok guys tonight is going to be a fun family night and alaya has new for yall''said my mom i smiled knowing she was talking about Misael ''well when diner is ready call us we will be watching the game in the screening room'' said my dad zuriel and papa followed him  Michael started at me i could feel it i tried to ignored it ''cristal i have to show you something''  my mom walking to the balcony with aunt cristal ''brook honey how is your boyfriend'' asked my grandmom sitting next to brook 

i walked to the kitchen to get a drink of water and felt arms warp around me ''long time no see baby doll '' whispered Michael in my ear  ''get away from me '' i said shaking ''shhh'' he said kissing my cheek i turned around and was now looking at him face to face '''i told you i would find you sooner or later'' he said with a smirk i rolled my eyes '' do me a favor and stay away from me '' i said trying to walk away but he grabbed me making me drop mu crutches ''listen here honey you think you can get rid of me that easy boy are u wrong'' he said with a tight grip on my arm ''let me go you don't own me im not you property ''' i said struggling to get out his grip ''oh but your wrong your mine and if i cant have you no one else will ever '' he said with a smirk ''your mental what is wrong with you '' i said pushing him

The door bell rang ''im only gonna tell you this once Michael i am not the same little scared girl that i was before i am not the same one you just to -push around and hurt all the time so if i were you i would stay the fuck away from me if you know whats good for you'' i said i cant believe i just said all that shit i don't even believe it myself he smirked ''what are you going to do'' he said ''i warned you fuck of  '' i said picking up my crutches ''should i be scared'' ''listen i don't care if you are or not just stay out of my way last  thing i need is an asshole like you trying to fuck up my life again '' i said ''ALAYA'' yelled my mom i walked out the kitchen followed my Michael and saw emely and jossy and Misael where here Misael shot me a look and i ignored it

''hey em jossy'' i said hugging both of them ''sweet heart what happen'' asked jossy ''oh me being a big dummy '' i said walking over to Misael ''why was he in the kitchen with you'' he whispered ''mom can you call the boys so i can introduce everyone '' i said ignoring Misael getting him mad soon my dad and they rest came saying hi to Misael and his family ''guys this is jossy and emely '' i said she smiled and waved ''and this is Misael ..... my boyfriend'' i said ''oh nice wait did you say your boyfriend'' my dad yelled ''daddy listen'' ''Israel ''  ''nice meeting you sir '' said Misael   i looked at my dad and he looked at Misael ''nice to meet you '' my dad finally said i let out a big breath and finished introducing everyone


i walked out to the balcony and Misael followed ''i didn't like the fact you ignored me '' he said ''what are you talking about''' i said sitting down ''alaya'' ''baby calm down its fine'' i said my hand going through his hair ''im worry about you'' ''i know baby i know''' i said kissing his cheek ''you know i love you'' ''yes i know '' ''and you gonna tell me if he tries anything with you right'' he said rubbing my thigh  '''yeas baby '' he sat next to me and put his head on my chest i started playing with his hair ''do you think you dad likes me '' he asked i smiled ''nope'' i said he looked at me and i started laughing ''oh you think is funny''' he asked i nodded still laughing at his face and he started tickling me making me laugh harder ''ok ok i was playing '' i said still laughing he stopped and gave me a quick kiss on the lips ''you look cute tonight''' ''yeah right my ankle is fucked up '' ''i love you anyways '' ''even if i had short hair '' ''yes '' ''and glasses '' ''yes'' ''and i smelled '' yes '' ''oh ok i see how about if i was fat with pimples and had glasses and short super short hair'' i said  trying not to laugh ''well oh see then you would be pretty ugly and hard to see'' he said ''hey'' i said hitting his arm and he started laughing ''well i see how u feel '' i said pushing him off me ''baby i was playing'' he said  i looked away ''i was playing of course i would love you baby you are beautiful no matter how you look for me '' he said ''good cause i wouldn't love you if you were like that'' i said laughing ''oh i see'' he said  tickling me again making me start laughing extra hard  ''i love you princess '' he said and kissed me

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