what has cupid done

people say opposite attrack


21. chapter 20

a phone was ringing i groaned ''Misael get it '' i said  the ringing didn't stop ''Misael make it stop'' i said angrily this time the ringing didn't stop and i opened my eyes and turned  off the phone and look to my side only to find a sleeping Misael i got mad that he ignored me and hit him with my pillow  over and over again ''what '' he said  i looked at him and the phone started ringing again i picked it up  it as brook why was she calling on Misael's phone

hey brook

there u are get home now you are so dead

whats wrong

hello mom is home and dad made a surprise show up at the dance last night so he is here to

oh no did they notice i wasn't home

no i covered i got home late and told them you were tried and already in my bed

omfg thanks

yeah hurry up and get here i haven't left my room its still locked and im hungry

ok ok im on my way

''we have to get me home now'' i said waking Misael up again ''why the rush'' he said turning around to look at me  ''my mom is home remember and brook just said my dad is 2 '' i said putting on my bra ''wait your dad is home'' he said siting up '''yeah he was at the dancee last night'' i said he got  up and put on his pants i got up but i got pain ''omg'' i said falling on my knees ''baby what wrong''  ''i got pain'' i said  he looked worried  ''i'll be fine just pass me my dress'' i said trying to get up but the pain was to much why did it hurt so much am i getting my period but its not time i stood up taking a deep breath  and walked slowly towards Misael ''you sure you good'' he said ''yeah it just hurts'' i said i put on my dress and grabbed my phone it was dead great

we walked downstairs me walking slowly he laughed at me ''shut up this is your fault '' i said madly  jaid was asleep on the couch i felt bad that we took his bed ''come on hurry up''  said Misael as he got in the car i rushed and got in


brook helped me go in through the window  ''ok so mom knows you let Misael take your car last night and she thinks we still asleep '' said Brooklyn  i sat on the bed  I took a deep breath ''whats wrong bby don't worry  I had you cover the whole time no one noticed'' she said I took of my dress and put on some of brooks pjs I took off my make up and did a messy bun ''I got pain'' I said ''cramps '' she asked I looked at her and she gasped ''no'' ''yes'' she let out a big scream and hugged me ''about time''she yelled ''shh shut up'' I said laying down  ''you know what got me worry tho'' I said looking at her ''whats that babe''she said ''well I didn't bleed '' I said then there was knock on the door


''whats going on here''' said my dad walking in we looked at each other and then at dad ''what you mean '' we said at the same time ''thing are changing and I don't like that '' he said I swear I froze ''why are you acting so weird last night didn't come back stage after my performance and today didn't go to my bed and say goodmorning '' he said  sitting next to me ''im sorry dad im just not feeling good '' I said ''whats wrong baby girl '' he asked sitting next to me  ''oh u know  girl problems '' I said ''oh you need any thing '' he asked ''just a hug I missed you so much daddy'' I said he hugged me and I smiled  ''you liked my show last night'' he asked ''uh yeah''' I said ''I sang that song special for you'' he said kissing my head    ''aww I love you daddy'' I said kissing his cheek ''GIRLS'' yelled my mom sounding  mad   me and brook looked at each other and ran downstairs but since the pain was to much I tripped and twisted my ankle making me scream out in pain dad helped me down the stairs and on to the couch ''call mr. Feldman '' said my mom to nana she nodded and left to do that ''I was callin g you to let you know that cristal and zuriel just landed they should be here any minute so shower and get ready '' my mom said


''so its sprained alright'' said mr fledman '' no duh if knowing that makes you a doctor they im a doctor too''said brook making me laugh she didn't get along with the doctor since he was the one that told mom and dad she was no virgin ''Rest the ankle, using it as little as possible and walking on crutches  Ice the ankle for up to 20 minutes, several times a day, for at least the first 48 hours  Place a tight wrap around the ankle using an elastic brace or an Ace bandage and lastly Elevate the ankle higher than the heart as often as possible during the first 48 hours after the twist.'' he said ignoring brook I nodded and he handed my dad a pair of crutches ''Over-the-counter medicines, such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen, manage the pain and swelling'' he said  ''thanks for coming doctor '' said my dad 

my mom helped me put on the  elastic brace  and then walk up the stairs ''bae need help taking a shower''asked brook as she walke in to my room with  my crutches ''yes please''


''this is just great '' I said annoyed ''what wrong'' she asked as she texted ''well frist my ankle hurts and I have to walk around with dumb crutches and now Michael is coming and im scared'' I said trying to get up and walk with the crutches ''don't worry bb everything will turn out just great ''said brook looking at me struggle ''I hope so''



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