what has cupid done

people say opposite attrack


2. chapter 2

''Brooklyn and alaya hurry up you are going to be late'' yelled mom I walked downstairs and into the kitchen to get an apple ''honey your dad called he said to call him back he talked to brook but didn't get a chance to talk to u he had to go'' said mom I rolled my eyes ''I don't want to hear his excuses I already know what he is going to say ''I said in a rude tone ''watch it'' I rolled my eyes and walked out side into my car and drove away incoming call from daddy said the voice of my car I decline the call and turned on the radio I don't need his lame excuses  I started singing along with the song true love and before I knew it I was in the school parking lot I parked and got off the car locking and activing the alarm I saw  a cool  black Yamaha motorcycle I love them but Im scared to ride them I kept walking and went straight to home room ''Micaela '' I yelled as I saw my bestfriend we ran and started screaming and jumping around

Misael p.o.v

''yo bro we were waiting'' yelled jaid I rolled my eyes ''I hate being new'' tho I may be knew to the school the school is that new to me I know my way around this dump like if was my own house u see my crew goes here and they use to help me sneak in to sell drugs to the students jaid Is my partner we have known each other every since kinder garden and we have been working partners for 2 years when I started the business thanks to him  and our boss they helped  me out when I had money problems when I most needed they helped out ''your homeroom is down the hall '' said jaid ''aright see u lunch time court yard to do business '' I said walking away  I walked in to the  classroom and sat all the way in the back next to a girl  who look really familiar ''hey didn't expect to see u here'' I said she turned and looked at me ''do I know u '' she said ''uh yeah we met at the party remember'' i said ''um no but are u new'' I nodded ''im Brooklyn welcome to north east hope u like it here'' she said and started doing her makeup again

alaya p.o.v

the bell rang and everyone started out I got up and walked to the front bumping in to someone when I turned around I was shock ''you'' we both said at the same time making  me giggle ''didn't know u came to this school'' I said surprised ''first day actually'' he said with his hands in his pockets ''great then ill show u around'' I said ''not really needed I know my way around already '' he said and walked away huh he wasn't that rude at the party people change I guess 

Misael p.o.v

the end of the day couldn't have came sooner business was slow today I was waiting for the crew and jaid in the school parking lot had to tell them what the boss said  but they just don't seem to hurry up just then alaya walked pass me ''hey princess '' I called she turned around and came up to me ''don't call me that'' she said I smirked ''why princess'' she rolled her eyes ''how was your day'' ''good I guess'' ''good see u around I have to go'' she said unlocking a bmw that was park next to me and left she is so beautiful she is wow and her eyes are so beautiful ''dude were u just talking to alaya espinal'' asked jaid walking up to me with the crew behind him ''yup'' ''stay away from her'' 'why'' ''she is not your type'' he said I got annoyed ''and why is that '' I said ''she is a goodie goodie a spoiled princess she is not for us just stay way from her '' he said I rolled my eyes and told them what the boss told me to say when I was done I texted alaya

to: alaya beauty queen

hey princess how u doing :) ;)

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