what has cupid done

people say opposite attrack


20. chapter 19

so far the night has been perfect  ''baby come on lets take a break '' said Misael we have been dancing all night but i was tried ''you can go in sit ill just stay here '' i said dancing he nodded and walked over to our table    and i kept dancing  ''hey sexy '' said a drunk Jeremy hugging me i felt un comfortable with him touching me '' hi'' i said moving back ''wanna dance'' he asked ''no im fine'' i said trying to walk away but he grabbed me ''funny it sounded like you said no'' he said grabbing my arm extra hard  ''Jeremy your hurting me'' i said trying to break lose he had an evil look idk how to explain but he was scaring me ''come on dance with me '' he said ''let me go i don't want to dance with you'' i said he tighten his grip on my arm making me gasp   ''let her go'' said Misael coming from behind me  ''you don't tell me what to do '' smirked Jeremy letting go of my arm jaid looked at Misael and then grabbed Jeremy taking him outside i followed and so did emely  brook carlos and drake  jaid let him go and Misael punched him ''Misael no stop'' i said getting in between  ''alaya get out the way Misael turns in to a whole different person when he is mad i don't want him to hurt you'' said jaid  holding me back Misael and Jeremy where now throwing punches at each other ''no stop '' i yelled with tears   getting out of jaids grip and running up Misael i grabbed his face with both my hands his eyes were dark

but seem to soften once he saw me he had a bloody nose and his lower lip was also bleeding  ''baby calm down'' i said ''im sorry'' he said   hugging me ''come on lets get you cleaned up '' i said     walking over to my car and opening the door he sat down and i got a tissue and cleaned his mouth and nose ''im sorry'' he said again as i cleaned his lip ''its fine baby'' i said kissing him ''did he hurt you'' he asked me ''no'' i said hiding my arm i had his finger marks on my arm ''the night was ruin'' he said ''how about we ditch ''  i said ''really'' he said i nodded and he moved to the drivers seat


we were in some apartment not far from the school ''who lives here'' i asked ''jaid'' he said i nodded and sat on the couch he took off his shirt  and sat on the couch turning on the tv ''come on don't be shy this is my second hoouse'' he said i sat next to him and he put his arm around and kissed my cheek i smiled ''what was that for '' i asked looking at him  ''do i need a reason to kiss you'' he asked i laughed ''no babe'' i said kissing him  he smiled into the kiss i was now laying on my back and  he was on top of me the kiss started to get deeper his tongue asked for entrance and i granted it he sucked on my lower lip making me moan  he picked me up carrying me to a room with out breaking the kiss he opened the bed room door and laid me on my back he pulled away breath less   but i pulled him again i pushed him on the bed and i was the one on top this time he smirked and i bite his lip  i started to take off his shirt and he smiled he un zipped my dress and started taking it off

was i ready for this ? there is no reason to be scared he loves me  he wont hurt me  i trust him right /? i was tensed again ''you sure you wanna do this '' he asked ''yes '' i said ''are you sure you are ready'' he asked again  i nodded ''i love you'' he said kissing me again my dress  felled on the floor and so did his clothes

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