what has cupid done

people say opposite attrack


19. chapter 18

''alaya how can you be sleeping at a time like this '' yelled brook slamming my door open waking me up ''what is wrong with you'' i said madly ''wake up its 10 in the morning and tonight is homecoming we need to do so many things '' she said turning on my light i cover my face ''WHAT ! you woke me up at 10 in the  morning when we have no school'' i said ''i don't understand how you are sleeping so calmly '' she yelled ''MOM '' i yelled  ''i see she woke you up'' my mom said walking into the room sitting on my bed ''do something '' i groaned ''brook honey you still have time calm down'' my mom said ''no no we need to go to do our nails and our hair and our toes we have an appointment for the spa '' she yelled ''and i also need to go do my makeup with esther  and pick up my dress at the dry cleaners and i also need to pick up my heels '' she said walking around my room ''Brooklyn breath'' i said  ''how can i breath when you are still in bed and its 10:15 OH MY GOSH i just remember we have to pick up Emely she wants to get ready with us get up right no right now'' she yelled pulling me out of bed dropping me on the floor ''MOMMM'' i yelled she just looked at us amused ''fine fine im up im up '' i yelled walking to the bathroom ''listen you have 10 minutes to get ready '' she yelled

i put on some sweat pants and a tank top grabbed my phone and put on some vans and walked down stairs to the kitchen ''morning nana'' i said kissing her cheek and hugging her ''ALAYA CRISTAL ESPINAL HERNANDEZ YOU GOT 5 SECONDS TO BE IN THE CAR'' yelled brook i took a deep breath and took and apple from the kitchen ''good luck baby '' said my mom i looked at her and ran to the car ''call Ely and tell her we will be there in 5 minutes''

.                                                                    .............................................

it was now 6 and we just got home  from doing our hair and nails and toes homecoming started at 8 we had 2 hours to get ready  i walked to the kitchen and emely followed ''ely what something to eat'' i asked she nodded ''hey girls eat and take a shower that im going to call Esther  so she can come and do our makeup'' we nodded and started stuffing our faces brook wouldn't let us eat she said we had no time for food  ''girls hurry up'' yelled brook me and ely that's our nickname  for her anyways we looked at each other and walked up stairs

''your sister is a pain'' said ely ''telling me about it '' i said laughing  sitting down texting Misael i haven't talked to him all day brook took my phone away she is really bossy when it comes to things like this  esther did emely's  make up nd also brooks then  it was my turn it was 7;30 she takes forever but she makes me look like a Barbie doll and i was sure tonight i was going to look like a Barbie doll ''your all set Barbie '' she said i payed her for me and emely ''can u get me my dress'' i nodded her dress was perfect just perfect she had   Red Open Back dress  it had an opening on the side of her right leg  the dress  showed off her curves she put it on and some black high heels she let her hair out she a messy fish tail on the side which looked perfect she looked perfect

Brooklyn had on a black  V-neck   Short/Mini Beaded Bodice Tulle  dress it came up to her thigh she had a bun on the side with her bangs curled it looked very cute and the same heels as emely ''aww you guys look so cute'' i said they smiled and said thank you at the same time ''come on im dieing to see your dress'' said ely no one has seen my dress i got a red one but since ely was wearing red i went and exchanged it and i wouldn't let no one see it  it took me forever to fine the perfect dress because i wanted something cute but no to much since its homecoming i didn't want to look over dress and the color had to go with my skin color but also in my school homecoming is a pretty big deal its like prom well not as important but the girls sure dress like it was  it was hard as ever but i think i found the perfect one

it was a strapless short in the front long in the back very tight white and pink cocktail dress it showed off my curves and my ass very sexy i put it on and my gold heels  my hair was half up half down and curled small curls i also died it blond at the top brown at the bottom and got bangs that were curled to the side my nails were all pink and i had on a red lipstick i grabbed my gold pocket book and my phone and walked downstairs were the girls and now Misael and carlos and drake where waiting for me i walked down the stairs and everyone's eyes were stuck on me

''wow '' said emely my mom and brook at the same time ''if this is for homecoming i don't even wanna see prom''said my mom laughing i smiled and went up to Misael who was still shocked ''you look wow'' he said looking at me ''you don't look so bad yourself'' i said with a smirk


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